Some years ago I read an article by an online friend of mine
who’s one of the most successful Internet marketers ever. His
name is Terry Dean and you’ve probably heard about him.

Terry Dean has launched some of the most successful Internet
campaigns I’ve ever seen. One of them is his famous membership
site, which he recently – so far
as I know – sold to another famous Internet marketer, Kirt

How did Terry Dean become so successful?

There may be several explanations.

But it certainly wasn’t his long education.

So far as I know he didn’t have any.

It wasn’t a lot of money either.

The job he had, just before he began his Internet venture, was to
deliver pizzas.

But you know, when I read that article by Terry Dean I suddenly
understood that there was one principle that Terry adhered to.
And this principle is probably to a large degree responsible for
much of his success.

Here it is:

Go Out And Make Some More Mistakes!

The reason for the importance of this principle is that you need
to fail to succeed on the Internet.

If you never fail, it’s probably because you’re just dreaming.
And as you know, in beautiful dreams there are no mistakes or

Unless you’re perfect, I can almost promise you that you’ll make
a lot of mistakes. But if you’re so afraid of making mistakes
that you don’t take action and don’t do anything to promote your
business, you’ll not celebrates any successes either.

Ask yourself: Why don’t I succeed?

Maybe it’s because you don’t take action.

But why don’t you take action?

Well, ask yourself if you’re too afraid to fail and make

Now, the point is of course not that you should deliberately make
some mistakes.

Of course not!

But the point is that you have to have the courage to take
persistent action – even if you run the danger of failing.

For example, when I sent you the last issue of my newsletter, I
made a mistake and put the subject headline all in capitals. And
as you know, this is a no-no on the net. It’s just like
screaming. And it annoys some people.

Should this keep me from ever sending out any more newsletters?

No way! I know that I’ll make such unfortunate mistakes from time
to time. But I’ve chosen to be persistent and not be scared.

Most of the emails I get from subscribers to my newsletter are
very positive. But sometimes I get some nasty ones. Again, should
I let this stop me? Of course not!


Because as an Internet marketer you have to be willing to fail –
at least sometimes.

The more you fail – while trying to succeed – the more successes
you’ll celebrate. And the sooner you’ll reach your goal.

So, don’t be afraid. Ask yourself: Am I so afraid of failing that
I don’t take action? Do I need to (be willing to) make more

If you can answer ‘yes’ to the last question, you’ll soon
discover that your victories and successes far outnumber your

Klaus Dahl is the publisher of The Direct Marketing Review: