Why You’re Better Off Creating a Free E-mail Workshop than a Free E-book

So many advantages to gain by offering e-mail workshops instead of free e-books — save money (on ebook software and bandwith) while gaining credibility AND traffic!

Today, free e-books are a dime a dozen.

Too many people are creating free e-books that tell you the
same thing. Worse, most of them are trying to sell you
something or are just trying to make you click on their
affiliate links so they can make money off you.

Most free e-books contain articles you’ve seen dozens of
times on other web sites or on popular article announcement

And unless an e-book has something very unique and valuable
to offer, it will be no different from the thousands of free
e-books already available for download.

In short, the novelty of free e-books has worn off.

More than year ago, I was creating one free e-book after
another. They were great giveaways and they did drive traffic
to my sites.

But that was a time when free e-books were not yet heavily
used as viral marketing tools.

Sure, there were already hundreds of free e-books in
circulation back then. However, take a look at the many
e-zines and web sites today. What’s the most common thing
they offer?

A free e-book.

Creating and offering free e-books is now too common.

Many will still continue to create free e-books, but most of
these e-books won’t have an edge anymore.

So, while everyone else is creating free e-books left and
right, take a different approach.

Create a free e-mail workshop, and let it distinguish your
business, e-zine or web site from the rest.

What’s an e-mail workshop? It’s a type of e-learning method.
Instead of encompassing a wide area of study or learning, it
is focused on a specific skill, and is aimed for a specific
group of people.

Consider the advantages of creating an e-mail workshop
instead of an e-book to promote yourself, your business,
your e-zine or your site:
– You don’t need an e-book compiler in order to share
information or knowledge with others.
– You don’t need to buy the expensive Adobe Acrobat program
to create e-mail workshops.
– Your target audience won’t need to have certain programs
installed in their computers before they can read your
e-book (e.g. Acrobat Reader, MS Reader, IE 4.0 or higher
for browser-dependent e-books). Present your information in
e-mail workshop format – best if in plain text – and you’re
guaranteed they’d be able to read it straight from their
e-mail clients.
– You don’t need to set aside precious megabytes on your
site to store your e-book.
– You don’t need to worry about the amount of bandwidth that
will be used up each time someone downloads your free e-book
from your site.
– With an e-mail workshop, you’ll be able to really track
the people who took it. What does it matter if your tracker
says 1,000 people downloaded your free e-book but you don’t
have a way to contact them? (And you won’t ever know if they
took up one of your paid offers in the future.) You only
have numbers with free e-books. But what you really need are
concrete leads – e-mail addresses – so you can spend most of
your marketing efforts on people who are in your niche.

Create a free e-mail workshop instead of a free e-book and
you’ll have something people will refer back to again and
again. They’ll only need to open their e-mail clients and
click on your message.

And this is why you’re better off creating a free e-mail workshop than a free e-book!

Copyright 2001 Shery Ma Belle Arrieta. Shery is the author of “How to Create and Profit from Your Own E-mail Workshops in 3 Days or Less!” It’s the ONLY e-book that spills *everything* you need to know about creating and profiting from just one e-mail workshop — painlessly and quickly! Visit http://emailworkshopshowto.com/ today for more information.


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