Why Marketing Fails: And Why Marketers Get Attraction Wrong Time and Time Again

Conversion fails for simple reasons.

Labour pains vs. Baby

Which of the two would attract you if you were a woman?

You’re saying baby, right?

But look around you

Every stupid marketer on the planet is selling his product or his

They’re talking about the benefits of their service or product.

They’re talking about the process involved in using their product
or service.

Let’s get one thing straight

You’re not selling a product or service.

You’re not even selling the benefits and features.

You’re selling the want factor.

The want factor is something that I want

So let’s take chocolate.

Am I buying chocolate?

Am I buying the features of chocolate? Or the benefits?

Or am I buying the feeling I get when I eat the chocolate?

And yet, marketers don’t sell what people want

They sell their wonderful process.

They sell the ‘labour pains’.

No one cares about your process. No one cares about how you have
this grrrreat marketing program, this wonderful system to write
better, this whatever it is you’re selling.

They only, care about the baby

They only care about profits.

They only care about customers.

They only care about results.

They give a damn about your wonderful method.

So how do we know that to be true?

Give them the customers without the ‘marketing system’.

Give them the results without the ‘wonderful strategy’.

Give them the profits, and watch as they toss you aside,
and rush towards the mucho dollars!

But marketers are ignorant. So they continue to sell the ‘labour

They brand their products and services according to ‘labour

They write their copy and put in graphics that emphasise
‘labour pains’.

They make their presentations and create their marketing material
around ‘labour pains.’

And customers don’t care. It’s not like customers look at you, and
think you’re a dope. They just don’t care about what you’re selling.

Emphasise ‘labour pains’ and you get nothing

Emphasise ‘baby’ and watch the reaction change instantly.

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