Why Give “Link Love” to a Stranger? Create Your Own Custom Short URLs On Your Own Domain, and Keep all the “Link Juice”!

Don’t you hate it when you want to Tweet a blog post from your own site, or send it as an e-mail, and the link I so long you have to use a URL shortener that takes your domain name out of the link? With Go Short URL Pro software, you can create short URLs with your own browser, on your own server. Paste the long URL in and copy the short URL. Instead of having an outside party like SnipURL or Tiny URL host it, you’ll create URLs with all the power and advantage of those services, but YOU get the benefit.

Why Go Short URL Pro?

  • Links are to your own web site; no “link love” to someone else’s domain.
  • Rely on your own server, instead of third-party services you don’t control—so you won’t have to worry about someone sneaking in a spammy ad that shows up before the site you want to load (this actually happened to me the very day I was writing this—I had to pass through a bunch of pharma junk before I got to the page I requested—but with this system, nobody is in the path and nobody can intercept and corrupt your link).
  • Build public confidence — link to your own domain, the one your readers trust.
  • Hide affiliate links — Some people won’t click on a link if they know it is an affiliate link. Those can be lost sales.*
  • Prevent other people hijacking your affiliate links and replacing with their own (yes, there are scummy people out there who will do this, unfortunately—it’s one of the reasons link shorteners got popular in the first place).
  • Hide links on Twitter, forums, and other sites. Make the curious click on them if they want to know where they go.
  • Choose a custom alias so you can remember where your link code leads, or let Go Short URL create a random one.

How Does it Work?

Go Short URL creates a Dashboard/Control panel that allows you to create URLs singly and in batches. It also scans text documents and shortens any URLs in the document.. And it includes a built-in user’s manual. The user’s manual is always handy in the control panel—just a click away whenever you have a question.

Who Created Go Short URL, and Why Should I Trust Them?

For at least 15 years, Will Bontrager has been creating very useful, inexpensive utilities that offer a lot of functionality, fill a need that others aren’t addressing, and generally make your life easier. He’s also a long-time crusader against spam and an extremely ethical person—and I (Shel) say this as someone who has built my career on business ethics. You’ll find 14,000 exact-match hits on Google for his name. This gem is one of his.

Plus, with Go Short URL…

This little software utility is no “one-trick pony.” Just look at some of the cool stuff you can do:

  • View click counts and latest click dates
  • Search by date range and/or the text of your search terms
  • Sort any column
  • Download a CSV file of the database, and print any or all of the information in your reports
  • Know what’s going on with your links
  • Easily edit click counts when campaigns change
  • Say goodbye forever to dead shortlinks! Edit destination URLs when a link goes stale or you need to update or alter your affiliate link; simply use the control panel and edit the database to send browsers to a different page
  • Import into spreadsheet software like Excel, iWork, Google Docs, or OpenOffice.org

Ready to give it a try? You’ll be able to download immediately after your purchase, and if it doesn’t work like we say, we’ll give your money back. No risk!

* Legally, you must disclose an affiliate relationship, but you can do it unobtrusively, elsewhere in the page. As I’m telling you down here that this product earns me commissions.


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