What Does your Business Address Say?

If you are operating a business from your home and
your post office address clearly indicates a home
address, you may want to re-think your marketing

A Rural Route 2 address can plainly say your
business might be in a bedroom at home, or worse,
in the barn. Does 27 Sleeping Beauty Circle look like
a business address to you?

If your business is still at home and your address
screams it, get a post office box. There are also
companies that rent addresses and forward your
mail. You could have a Chicago address and live in
Nebraska (although I don’t recommend it).
A Chicago address might sound better than a suburb
(RR #2 Box 2451, Gurnee, Illinois), but keep it
within reason. An Internet search for “Mail Forwarding”
will give you an idea of how it all works (and costs).

If your on-line address looks like the Tarzan Yell
you may want to re-think your web strategy.

What comes to mind when you see an AOL, Hotmail or
Yahoo eMail address? Home? Fun? Hobby? Cheap?
Stigmas can attach and hold like glue. They are
tough to shake. Your business does not need Cheap
and Chinsey.

No matter what size your business, you should have
your own domain name which, in turn, gives you
your own eMail address, even if you don’t want to
put up a web page. I have been asked how to do
this so many times, I wrote a Special Report with
step by step instructions. Read about it here

Experts agree, you need a domain name, but they
differ as to whether your domain name should just
be your name (BernieSchwartz.com), or be the name
of your business (SchwartzPlumbing.com) or be
very broad in scope (PlumbingHorizons.com).

My domain, BigIdeasGroup.com has a broad scope
but also reinforces my personal brand as BIG Mike.
I bet I am the only BIG Mike you will read about
today, or this week.

What if your business phone number is also your
home phone number and someone else answers,
“Heh-whoa? I’ll Get my Mom-mee”. What impression
does that give?

Would you feel comfortable doing business with a
firm who’s answer machine says “Hi, you’ve reached
Molly, Bernie, Bernie Jr and little Susie, sorry
we can’t come to the phone but if you…”

Your business should be using a separate number,
no matter what the size. Specific ideas on how to
have a separate business line and fax number
are detailed in my free article “What Does Your
Telephone Say?” Send a blank eMail to

Your business card can say a lot about your
business image, too. Get my article “What Does
Your Business Card Say?”

Your business address is more than where the
mailman delivers the bills. It includes your
telephone and your cyberspace image as well. Get
all three working for you instead of against you.

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