What do you Mean, PROMOTE MY SITE?

So, you’ve spent some long, hard hours and invested
your hard-earned money into creating the perfect website
for your business. Now its time to start promoting.
But what exactly does that little word, “promote”, mean?

Well, to tell you the truth, it doesn’t have ONE meaning.
It has a LOT of meanings, or at least you might say it
has a lot of different elements.

Many people believe that all they have to do is submit
their site to the search engines, and sit back and wait.
Actually, there are a lot of people who think that all
you have to do is build the site, put it on line, and do
the sitting back. But both are mistaken.

Site promotion consists of a variety of different elements,
which, as much as possible, you should have going all the
time. Yes, as a site promoter, you have to be good at

Search Engine Submissions are definitely important. But
just submitting your site URL to the major engines is not
all there is to it.

You must take time to create and perfect your meta-tags.
(Site title, description, key words, included at the top
of each page of your source code.) And knowing
how to insert and utilize the best keywords is critical.

Ultimately, you should research the optimum key words
BEFORE you author your site, and then include those
keywords woven throughout the text. In actuality,
it is sometimes easier to write the text for your site,
and then go back and editwhat you’ve written to include
the keywords that you have chosen.

How do you KNOW the best keywords? Do some research. Go
to one of the popular search engines, and search using the
keywords you believe folks will use to find your site. Visit
the top 2 or 3 sites listed, and look at their source code
to see what keywords they use.

Or, you can invest in software that will do a keyword
analysis of your site, and report to you the top
recently searched keywords in various categories.

Once you have chosen the best keywords, you need to create
your Site Title, Description and Keyword list within your
Meta Tags. Oh, and don’t think that you can just put
popular keywords into your tags, and they not be a part
of your site. The keywords in your Meta Tags, MUST also
be used throughout that page.

NOW you’re ready to submit to the major search engines.
You can do this by visiting them one by one, or you can
invest in software that will help you in the submission

You should, if possible, submit every page of your site individually, also. And do this at least once a month. Most search engines frown on submitting more frequently than that.

Link Trades are another area of promotion that you need
to spend time working on regularly. Many people are not
aware of the fact that link popularity can affect your
search engine rankings. The search engines take into
account how many related sites link back to yours. So,
it is wise to regularly do searches for sites that
complement yours, and contact them to request reciprocal

Set up a page within your site called “Related Resources”,
or “Related Links”, and provide your visitors with VALUABLE
links that they will be interested in. Don’t just put up
a page linking to anyone and everyone who wants to trade.
These are basically worthless, to you and to the people
whose links you are listing.

One of the FREE services we offer connects webmasters
interested in trading links.

Do you publish an ezine? We’ve preached on this so much
in the past, that you may be tired of it. But, you won’t
keep up with the competition if you don’t publish an ezine
regularly to build relationships with visitors to your
site. There’s enough about that to write a whole separate
article. Or you could request our free
Mini-Course: mailto:ezineminicourse@demandmail.com

Once you are underway with your publishing, you will want
to work with other ezine publishers and trade ads and
promotions within your publications. This is a great
way to get the word out, without paying for advertising.

Of course there are still many other promotional ideas
you can invest time into. Giving away items to subscribers
that are branded with your information, creating resources
to give away via an AR, creating ebooks to give away, the
list is pretty much endless. And as long as you are
actively thinking, and using your imagination, you should
be able to keep adding to the list.

As you can see, there is more than one way to promote your
site. And if you’re not using more than one, you’ll be
getting behind. In fact, you should be doing some
kind of promotion for your site on a daily basis.

Establishing and maintaining a website is obviously a
LOT OF WORK. Don’t let anyone tell you its a breeze,
and they made millions (or even thousands)overnight.
But your website CAN be a money-maker. If you’re
willing to do the work.

Happy Promoting!

Mike and Gail

Gail Hornback and Mike Smith are experienced site designers and internet marketers offering help to anyone wanting
to put their business on the internet. Some of their sites include: