Using Google AdSense Analysis Tools

Anyone interested in an effective advertising or marketing campaign
knows just how critical it is to constantly track the effectiveness
of those campaigns. Putting together a targeted and powerful
advertising and marketing campaign is only half of the story. The
rest of the job is to carefully track the responses of customers
and potential customers to that ad campaign and to make sure that
you are getting the most for your money.

Fortunately for both advertisers and web site owners, Google
AdSense provides a number of excellent and comprehensive tools to
allow users to easily gauge the effectiveness of their ads. Google
AdSense also provides a great many comprehensive reports which
allow web site owners to carefully track and analyze the earnings
of their sites and the performance of the ads they are hosting.

These reports allow participants in the Google AdSense program, to
constantly tweak the look and feel of the ads, including size,
color, placement and more, and to easily track the results of each
new improvement on the bottom line.

Every web site owner knows how important it is to this kind of
tracking and analysis, and on the web even the smallest change can
have a profound impact on the effectiveness of the ads. Often
something as simple as changing the type of font, or the color of
the text, can have a big impact on the earnings potential and click
through percentage of those ads. It is important for web site
owners to periodically make changes to the format of the ads being
hosted, and then to follow through and track the results.

Many new Google AdSense participant web sites are tempted to simply
accept the default ad format that Google provides, and for some
sites this strategy will work out just fine. For many others,
however, it is a good idea to review the look and feel of the ads,
including things like their placement on the page, the color of the
text and the font being used.

The color of the text is one of the most critical factors for web
site owners to consider, since not all colors will display well on
all web site backgrounds. For instance, if the background color of
the web site is yellow, white text may not be very visible. It may
be best in that case to change the color to black, red or another
color that will be easily visible for web site visitors.

It is also important to use a standard font if at all possible. It
is important for web site owners to keep in mind that every web
site visitor will be using a different type of computer or device
to access the page, and it is important that the pages, and the
ads, load fast and display properly across a variety of different
types of computers, operating systems and web browsers.

With the increasing popularity of alternatives to Internet Explorer, it is a
good idea for web site owners to make sure their sites, and their
Google AdSense ads, display properly on browsers like Firefox,
Opera and Netscape.

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