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Editor’s Note: I am especially pleased to feature Jim Wilson in this article. Jim has for years put out one of the most valuable guides to online promotion: the VirtualPromote Gazette. This is a large newsletter crammed full of tools and resources to help your site. Jim develops many of these himself, tests rigorously, gets input from many other experts–and gives it all away. For free. May his coffers continue to be filled from advertising and may he continue to grace our community with his generosity. If you don’t subscribe to VirtualPromote Gazette, you’re cheating yourself. You won’t necessarily agree with everything he says, but the amount of genuine help per column inch is hard to beat. Subscribe by PLEASE PROVIDE E-MAIL AND URL FOR SIGNUP. He’ll even send all the back issues in a zip file.
–Shel Horowitz, Editor, Down to Business Magazine

After several years of webmastering I finally got tired of going all over the world to locate online tools that make my job easier. And sticking my credit card into the slots on those sites was even more tiring.

Thus was born JimTools,

Here is a rundown of the tools currently available for you to use for free at JimTools:

1. Search Engine Submitter – submit your site to 35 spidered search engines and see the results of each submission.

2. Free For All Submitter – submit your site to 160 popular free for all pages in just a couple of minutes.

3. Directory Submitter – submit your site to over 400 popular directories.

4. Search Engine Position Analyzer – No more wimpy 5 or 6 search engines to check. JimTools will check your site under any number of keywords, in each of 22 major search engines.

5. A complete list of all HTML special characters.

6. Generate HTML code for simple or very complex tables.

7. Generate standard meta tags to add to your pages.

8. Generate ALL of the available meta tags for your pages.

9. Generate cross-browser OnMouseOver text links with status bar prompts.

10. Generate cross-browser OnMouseOver image changer code (image roll overs)

11. View your pages in windows representing all of the different screen sizes and monitor resolutions. No more pages that almost fit, but not exactly.

12. Generate code for your pages to open a new window at any size you specify, with only the tool bars and features you specify. Painless.

13. Convert HTML code to the right format for Javascript.

14. Link Checker – check for broken links and graphics on any page, on any site.

15. Convert your decimal numbers to hex numbers – makes it easy to convert your Photoshop RGB colors to HTML color codes for a perfect match.

16. Simple Color Picker – Select your colors while watching the real-time page preview, then generate HTML code for BODY tags or Style Sheets.

17. Color Chart – 8 tables with all 512 “standard” HTML colors and their corresponding “#RRGGBB” values.

18. Color Names – Samples of all HTML color names with hex code (HTML) equivalents.

19. Research Keywords – Find new keywords for your site. Great tool for meta tag ideas and for building lists of keywords to bid on at This one is both unique on the Web and amazing to use.

20. Analyze Keywords – Analyze keyword density on any web page. Great tool for any promoter. Now you’ll know exactly how many times each word is used on your page. Please don’t use this on other people’s pages because it will give you an unfair advantage in attracting traffic to your site.

21. Whois: Allows you to retrieve information about the registered owner of .com .net and .org domain names. Great way to find a site owner’s phone number when you really want to talk to them.

22. Finger: Allows you to find out more information about the owner of some email addresses.

I know what you are thinking. How in the world did Jim find the time to write all of these best available anywhere tools?

The short answer is: I didn’t. Many I wrote and many were “adopted” by other companies and developed specifically to be made available on JimTools. Much begging and crawling was involved, but the result is worth it.

Interestingly enough, before I even got a chance to tell you about JimTools a steady stream of new visitors started arriving as the result of an article in PC World;the writer calls JimTools his favorite toolkit.

To a mere mortal, 22 tools that are each so powerful would be a satisfying achievement, but not around here.

Not at JimTools. Already in development are:

1. A spell checker that will check spelling on any URL you enter.

2. An HTML lint-picker that will analyze a page for good coding all the way through HTML 4.0 standards. Invaluable tool to find coding bugs and make sure that your pages will work with all browsers.

3. Site Announcer to submit your site to all of the existing new site announcement lists.

4. An improved directory submitter with extensive feedback of submission results and a database for each user to store site information to allow you to return and automatically submit the sites to any new directories added to the submitter.

5. A Free For All Submitter that only submits to FFA pages that do not send you any email when you post your link. Awesome tool!

6. A powerful interactive form generator. Create professional, complex forms for your site in only minutes. Answer the questions and leave the coding to the JimTool.

7. A doorway page generator for each of the major search engines. Not for the beginner, but a powerful tool for the older hands. Each time the search engines change their ranking formulas the generator will change to put you back on top.

8. HTML Image Cleaner – run any page through this tool and out will pop new HTML code with height and width specified for every image on the page. Even corrects mistakes you may have made.

9. Complete Cascading Style Sheet Wizard. Click the options you want and paste the code into your page.

10. A very cool HTML editing system that creates code for complex pages in just a few minutes.

That’s what is in development or design currently. If you want to adopt one of these tools and make it happen and keep it happening, drop me a line.

Planned but not started: GIF and JPG file size smasher. Online banner and button maker. Online graphics program to give you the power of Photoshop and its plug-in effects. Point and click Javascript maker. A browser remote tool bar to let you directly access the tools from anywhere you happen to be. And a whole bunch more.

Come use the JimTools. They are free and have been designed to do things the way I thought they should be done. I think you’ll agree, they save a lot of time and effort.

JimTools almost winds up the long list of upgrades I promised my readers. That diverted time has resulted in JimTools, The500 directory of places to submit your site, the new Webmaster Tools and Resources Directory, JimWorld Open Directory Search, JimWorld Meta Search Engine, the new software reviews site, 5 new tutorials,, three new games to relax with, the keyword Keyhole, and a major expansion to the Search Engine Forums and the Get High (search engine position ranking) Forums.

Did I spend my time well or what?

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