Tips to Help Overworked Entrepreneurs Achieve Better Business / Life Balance

It’s no secret that when you run a small business it’s easy to lose your life in your efforts to achieve success. Because it does take a lot of time, effort and work to build that successful business you’ve been dreaming of. But that doesn’t mean you should give up your personal life in the process. Do that and you’re likely to be unhappy, whether or not you’re successful.

While I offer tips, tactics and ideas for helping entrepreneurs find better work / life balance all the time; I always like to hear what others have to say on the subject. So recently I solicited tips from experts. And wow! I got more than 100!! Many of them terrific and different from what I’ve shared before.

Today I’m including just a handful here. Then I’ll keep publishing them in this ezine and/or on my blog for weeks to come. I hope they help you enjoy your entrepreneurial life more and more.

Getting spousal buy-in is critical to help small-business owners balance work and life

* Make a plan as you would a business plan in viewing your short-term and long-term work-life balance. Be flexible in knowing some days or weeks may be work-heavy, but planning ahead can reap big benefits down the road.

* Both spouses absolutely need to accept that they’re in it together as a team, and to be accountable to each other.

* Demonstrating unwavering support is important. Both spouses need to make concessions to make sure the other one is happy and fulfilled, and acknowledge the other’s contributions.

Colette Young – President, ExecuMate LLC

Freelance, flexible part time help is key

I have an online art eco gift store and run it along with a part time freelance editor, web designer, and artist (have never met some in person). I also work with p/t admin assistants who help process packages during the winter holidays, when there are unexpected rush periods or when I’m away. It takes a while to find them, but it is worth the time for a search and interviews.

Reena Kazmann – Director,

Know your priorities and how you’re using your day

We must breakdown our day into smaller components. Let’s assume we sleep 8 hours and lose 4 hours to eating, travel and transitions. That leaves us with 12 useable hours. We all have the same 12 hours. Record your day: How many hours do you give to your career? How much time do you put towards your family, exercising, or community? Mapping out your priorities as hard variables is the first step to understanding the balance that can bring you a happier lifestyle.

Daniel E. Vega – founder and CEO of Blue Star Business Institute and Vega Group International

Test your activities against the five-year rule to prioritize and find better work-life balance

The five-year rule, very simply, is asking yourself whether this activity or thing that demands your attention or is giving you anxiety will make a difference in five years. If the answer is yes, then it deserves your attention. If the answer is no, then there may be something, or someone, else that deserves it more.

Darla Demorrow – Certified Professional Organizer, Heartwork Organizing

It is worthwhile to spend time figuring out how to make things easier the next time

Think in terms of systems and routines from the beginning. This applies to getting organized and simplifying any area of your office or home. Here is what I do:

DETERMINE THE STEPS. Just think through the steps and get them listed.

FOLLOW THE STEPS. It will allow you to keep your focus, one element at a time.


Miriam Ortiz – CPO More Than Organized

Put “pleasure before business,” especially when it comes to planning your time

There’s the old saying “business before pleasure.” But I say “pleasure before business,” especially when it comes to planning your time. First, calendar in everything “pleasure” – those things that will boost your personal happiness and overall well-being, whether it is your summer vacation, annual doctor’s appointments, weekly mani/pedis, or Saturday morning golf games. Then calendar in everything “business.” I always say the first step toward finding balance and getting organized is taking care of yourself. And if you don’t make time for YOU, first and foremost, then you likely won’t make time for you at all.

Carmen Coker – Professional Organizer and Productivity Expert, Organized Entrepreneur

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