The Top 5 Article Submission Questions — And Their

Are you wrting and submitting articles the right

Are you benefitting from your article submission

You hear the internet marketing gurus saying it
all the time. You read it in their ebooks. You see
it in all the forums and internet marketing websites…

“If you do article marketing correctly, you’ll make
tons of money.”

Well…they’re right, but there’s just one problem.
They never tell you what “correctly” is! It’s amazing
to me that every single one of them tell you how powerful
article marketing can be, yet none of them bother to
tell you anything about it!

That’s why I’m taking the time to answer your article
submission questions today?

The Top 5 Article Submission Questions — And Their

Question 1:

I’m submitting my articles to EzineArticles but I am
not getting results. Why not?

My answer: hosts millions of articles on
virtually every subject. Getting your articles seen
is like looking for a needle in the haystack. All
you are doing is building links, you need to go
directly to your audience by submitting articles to
websites they visit frequently for information
you can provide. To see where you should be
submitting your articles, go to:

Question 2:

Should you only submit articles to sites with a high
page rank?

My answer:

High page rank is not the be all end all when it comes
to the rankings. It is true that a link from a website
in your niche with a high PR speaks more powerfully to
Google about the value of your website than a link from
a lower PR site in your niche, but it does not mean that
links from smaller websites have no value.

First off, PageRank is not the only component that Google
uses in determining the importance of a website. Second,
article marketing generates targeted traffic to your
website in two ways:

* Direct traffic from the articles themselves

* Indirect traffic from the search engines like Google

You get traffic directly from the articles themselves when
someone finds your article on a website, and they click the
link in your resource box.

No matter what the ranking of the website where your article
is published, clicking the link in the resource box will
still take the reader to your site. If the article is on a
website in a related niche, it will usually be targeted traffic.

Question #3:

How do you determine which sites to submit your articles to?

My answer:

I look at a number of factors including:

* Their Alexa traffic rankings

* How many blog comments their blog gets — the
more comments there are, the more engaged their
readers are

* How many newsletter subscribers

* How often the site is updated

* The Google Page Rank

* How much credibility the website will lend me

* Is it a site that my targeted audience goes to

Question #4: How do you find the best websites,
ezines,blogs and article directories?

I use these free resources:

* LinkedIn

* Google Search Bar — Just type in your topic
and “article submission”

* Google News Alerts



To learn how, check out this blog post:

Question #5

Is it better so submit your articles to thousands
of websites or a handful of the top sites?

My answer:

No longer can you submit an article to thousands of
article directories and expect the traffic to come
pouring in! Over the last couple of years, article
marketing and article submission has evolved into a
tactical marketing strategy that must be executed
properly in order to realize it’s full potential.

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