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“Shel’s expertise in both marketing and environmental issues is doubly valuable for eco-conscious entrepreneurs and business owners…he is a powerhouse of effective marketing strategies for social and eco-entrepreneurs.”
—Priti Ambani, Managing Editor Ecopreneurist

“When we tested your writing against our in-house attempt,
your writing yielded 5 times more opt-ins than ours. We think your work is
top-notch and will happily refer clients who need to clearly and concisely
convey what they do and who they are.”
—Marylou Tyler, CEO, http://PredictableRevenue.com

“Shel, you’re a marketing genius. Your marketing book is one of my favorite secret weapons in the fight to get and keep customers. You’re sincere, creative, and persuasive.”
—Joe Vitale, author, “There’s a Customer Born Every Minute” and “The AMA Complete Guide to Small Business Advertising”

“I’ve known of, admired Shel Horowitz for many, many, many years and I highly recommend one of his books…just jam paced with guerrilla-type marketing strategies that cost you, if nothing, just a little bit.”
—Michel Fortin, marketing strategist and copywriter, http://www.michelfortin.com/ (taken from the transcript of the Million Dollar Roundtable Call with Fortin, John Ritzkowitz, Yanik Silver, J.P. Maroney, and David Garfinkel)

“I love having Shel with us. He’s absolutely the world’s greatest expert on marketing. Your website is absolutely incredible, a huge amount of content. Your work is fantastic. My seal of approval is 100%—you get an A.”
—Annie Jennings, President, Annie Jennings PR, and host of a popular teleseminar series that has twice had Shel as a guest expert.

“You’re one of the best PR people I’ve ever met.”
—Fern Reiss, author of “The Publishing Game: Bestseller in 30 Days”

“Shel Horowitz demonstrates something I have long believed and said: benevolence and self-interest march hand in hand.”
—Drayton Bird, master copywriter

“Shel Horowitz is a smart and savvy copywriter who gets to the heart of any campaign by identifying and building on the key message.”
—Sam Horn, author of Pop! Create the Perfect Pitch, Title and Tagline for Anything, Tongue Fu!® and other books on powerful communication. wwwSamHorn.com

“Shel, your marketing plan is delicious.”
—Ben Mack, branding/advertising expert and author of Think Two Products Ahead, on the marketing plan Shel wrote for his novel, Poker Without Cards

“What a wonderful job—and you did it so quickly and efficiently! I got all the faxes out and will continue to use the press releases. I appreciate your quick turnaround so very much. I’ll definitely use you again.”
—MJ Rose, author of “Lip Service,” the first self-published book picked up by a major book club and co-author, How To Publish and Promote Online

“Shel, I love it. You’re truly brilliant and gifted, and I am blessed to have been guided to call you.”
—Susan Bellows, Susan Bellows & Associates

    As a Visionary Strategist, I’ve worked with entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profits, assisting them to focus on their Purpose and implement the strategies that helped them achieve or exceed their Vision of what success looked like for them.
During my 30+ years in my role as a Success Mastery (TM) Coach and Consultant, I learned this: The only way success can ever be achieved is with highly effective marketing and promotion, and that requires highly effective copywriting.
“What a great sales letter!” or “I really enjoyed reading that ad!” is only a good response if the only result you care about is stroking the copywriter’s ego. But what YOU want is a sales piece that’s written so that the end result is that the reader takes the action you desire, immediately.
Shel Horowitz knows how to write copy that causes readers to opt-in to your subscriber list or pull out their wallets and place their order RIGHT NOW.
As a result, he’s written for or been endorsed by people who are world-class marketers in their own right, including the likes of Jay Conrad Levinson, Dan Poynter and Joe Vitale, to name only the tip of the iceberg.
So when Shel looked at a recent sales letter that I had drafted (and I’m a pretty good marketing copywriter myself) it was no surprise that within just a few minutes he suggested several tweaks that took my sales letter to a whole new level of effectiveness. He didn’t just make it “sound better.” He made it SELL BETTER.
I’m sold. From now on, I’m going to be asking Shel to review my sales materials before I publish them. For me, it’s a no-brainer.
What I’m about to say is for you if you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner or manager, or non-profit executive and you’ve got a product or service to sell, an event that needs attendees, or you need to raise money:
Hire Shel now to write your marketing copy from scratch. Or hire him to help make your existing marketing copy far more effective at getting greater results than what you’re getting now. You’ll be VERY glad you did!

Jay Aaron, Strategic Visionary / Visionary Strategist
Follow me on Twitter: http:Twitter.com/newthoughts

Click to listen to Jay Aaron’s testimonial.

“You are the best and great to work with. Appreciate your responsiveness, makes things easy on this end!”
—D’vorah Lansky Author of Connect, Communicate, and Profit http://ConnectCommunicateProfit.com

If social media is a big haze to you, Shel can help. I was very confused on how all the Twitters, Facebooks, etc could fit together and not suck up all my time. Shel took 30 minutes and walked me through his formula for Social Media Success. I feel much more comfortable with the tools, and what to do. Most important, I found out it doesn’t have to own you and eat up your day like I thought. Shel will give you proven formulas for success with social media. He will de-mystify this thing we all keep hearing about. And he will make it easy to incorporate into your business quickly and without a ton of work. Thanks, Shel. You made my life much easier.”
—Troy White, http://www.SmallBusinessCopywriter.com

“Shel is a true professional. Listen carefully to what he says. Then think carefully about how you can best apply his seasoned advise and experienced counsel to your own promotional materials and publicity efforts.”
—Jim Cox, Editor-In-Chief, Midwest Book Review

“You have a flair for copywriting. You’re one of the two best copywriters that I know of in the whole book marketing field, and maybe far beyond that. Your writing style is lively, energetic, and positive. It tells people what they *can* do. It breeds enthusiasm.”
—Steve O’Keefe, author of The Complete Guide to Internet Publicity (Wiley) and owner of Patron Saint PR

“Shel Horowitz is …a mensch, a scholar and a gentleman… also a very talented copywriter…we happily refer business to him. His latest book is awesome. (click here to read Jeffrey’s review of Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First)
—Jeffrey Eisenberg, CEO of Future Now, Inc., The Conversion Rate Specialists

“Shel, when I see your name on an article, I know it’s going to be worth reading.”
—June Campbell, business writer, http//www.nightcats.com

“I had a chance to listen to your audios last night. Thank you for sending them. I came away from our time together and after listening to the audios admiring you for your brilliance as a marketing mind. I am very impressed with your depth of knowledge and the wonderful experience your audio materials bring to publishers.”
—Allen D’Angelo M.S., www.bookcovers.com

“We were pleased with your work, your speed, your writing ability and ability to grasp complex subjects.”
—Sharon Goldinger, People Speak, California

“I had Shel Horowitz tune up some copy for me, and was very pleased. Excellent value for the money! (And that’s high praise from me.)”
—Marion Gropen,
Gropen Associates

“Wow, your client-oriented attitude is very refreshing. Shel, you did a great job — I love your work! Thank you, and we’ll definitely have many more projects for you soon.”
—Simon K. Grabowski, GetResponse.com, Poland

“As always, I enjoyed seeing a master craftsman at work—and Shel is a gifted professional at what he does.”
—Jim Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review, commenting on one of Shel’s press releases (private letter to Shel’s client, used with permission)

“After reading the press release you’ve written for me, I have but one word to describe my reaction…


Great work, I couldn’t be more pleased. And you delivered right on time and comfortably within budget. I can’t thank you enough, Shel.”
—Bob Serling, www.DirectMarketingInsider.com

“Shel, you are such a cornerstone in the marketing community – I’m honored to have you here.”
—Adam Urbanski, Marketing Mentors Inc., http://www.themarketingmentors.com/

“I have known and worked with Shel Horowitz for nearly four years now. I first met him while working at AuthorHouse (f/k/a/ 1stBooks Library). One of their top-selling authors was his client and recommended that I use him in some form or fashion. He wasn’t sure of how I should use him, just that I should.
“Our sales literature badly needed revision, so we sent him a single test page, at this author’s insistence. Needless to say, we were happy with the results and he revised all of our sales literature—making it easier to understand, highlighting benefits over features, and making sure we did the basics like putting a call to action on each page.
“He even advised that we rename one of our key customer contact positions so that it was more author-friendly. I found this strategic approach to how Shel handles his clients very appealing.
“About 18 months later, the President of AuthorHouse charged me with creating a newsletter about writing and book marketing that would be delivered via email to our prospective and current authors. The goal was to become a trusted source of information for prospective authors with the hope that they would publish their book with AuthorHouse. For current authors, of course, we wanted them to sell more books.
“I immediately thought that Shel would be a good fit.
“Not only did he perform well on the last project, I knew of Shel’s extensive publishing background and his large network of friends and acquaintances in the publishing world. These two qualifications would enable us to get great content quickly and consistently. As newsletter editor, he would find, edit, and compile all the content.
“Shel and I created two basic guidelines for placing articles: none of them could have appeared in widely read publications (we didn’t want to appear as a “second-hand” source) and none could cost more than $250. With my loose
guidelines and his own expertise on what is both good and bad in the publishing world, Shel began to create the semi-monthly newsletter.
“Since the very first issue, Shel was always dramatically under budget. 90% of the articles he found were free and most of the other 10% cost no more than $50.
“I was stunned that he could find such quality content for so little. To boot, he never missed a deadline. Publishing the newsletter every two weeks seemed almost effortless to him.
“Using his publishing background to tap into what readers would like to read—with absolutely no guidance from me—he created several columns that helped to highlight AuthorHouse authors and services without overt chest-thumping, which is key to using a newsletter as a sales tool but even more so when the audience is a group of creatives.
“After almost two years of working with Shel on the newsletter at AuthorHouse, I left to start my own company, Hanapin Marketing. I cannot recommend Shel Horowitz highly enough and he continues to do work for me to this day. His professionalism, his “shepherding” approach to working with clients, and his depth of knowledge always make for a successful project.”

—Patrick East, former marketing and product development executive, AuthorHouse (formerly, 1stBooks Library); current president, Hanapin marketing, www.hanapinmarketing.com

“I’m one of the legions of authors who have benefited from years of Shel Horowitz’s advice and inspiration–thank you for all the ideas and information you have shared with me and writers around the world.”
—Roger C. Parker, Author of Looking Good in Print and many other books, www.publishedandprofitable.com

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Authors & Publishers

“After reading the press release, I almost picked up the phone to order a copy of the book. That’s how your words come through—you really create a sense of wanting the item (in this case, the puzzle book). It was almost as if I were seeing the questions for the first time—even though we wrote the original material! As usual—another great job. Getting your press releases always creates excitement for us. Thanks again!
“We don’t know how many different ways to say WOW!, but if there were more than one, we’d be saying it. You are certainly blessed with a wonderful sense of how to use our language. I’m sure you must have heard this before—you do great work! To say that you really have a knack for what you do would be an understatement. How nice it must be to go to sleep every night knowing that you do truly high quality work and are in the right profession.”
—John Roman, Inmark Associates, New Jersey


“For more than a year now, Shel Horowitz has written press releases, direct mail, and web site copy for Autodidactic Press. His work is exceptional. He has as good of an understanding of sales psychology as anyone I’ve ever worked with and he is also great under the pressure of deadlines. In a test, one of his releases got 6 times as many responses as one of my own.”
—Charles Hayes, Autodidactic Press, Wasilla, Alaska


“Shel, The press release you wrote for our latest book, Testifying Before Congress, worked like a charm. It garnered many more views than our typical release, and it also resulted in a TV appearance by our author and 2 interviews of him that would otherwise not have happened. Thank you for another great job for us. We will be back.” http://eon.businesswire.com/news/eon/20100707005397/en
—Chug Roberts, Testifying Before Congress

“Shel you knocked one out of the park again, I love the “banner” idea, that is perfect, I will work with that but it is the best of both worlds, so thanks for that.”
—Edward W. Smith, http://brightmoment.com/coaching.htm

“Read the marketing plan and loved it! So many excellent suggestions. Thanks so much. Will now get busy implementing your suggestions.”
—Dr. Linda Burke-Galloway, author, The Smart Mother’s Guide to a Better Pregnancy, http://www.smartmothersguide.com/

“Shel, my editor and I LOVE the press release. You did a fantastic job capturing this book! Go ahead and finish the other two pieces. A million thanks.”
—Judy Laddon, author, Sally, A True Story, http://www.sombreropress.com

“Shel Horowitz’s marketing strategies have helped me sell more than 4,000 copies of my self-published books. I couldn’t have done it without his advice. Get his “Grassroots Marketing” books, follow his advice and he will help you do it, too.”
—Jerry Bellune, author of books on leadership and management

“I reviewed the pieces with my husband, and we compared the bio to the one in my book. All he said was ‘WOW, what he wrote was powerful.’ I told him this is what a pro can do. We both feel it was worth every penny and then some.
“I am grateful and pleased with your efficiency and exquisite skill. Now I want to buy my book. Tee hee. Where were you when I began this journey?”
—Debra J. Slover, www.leadershipgardenlegacy.com (After the first project.)

“Thanks so much for your exquisite work once again. It continues to boost my self-worth that you have embraced the work I have done and have been able to communicate it so powerfully and clearly. This has not been an easy path for me. Every bit of authentic support I receive keeps moving me forward, when so many times I wanted to stop… You are a man of honesty and integrity. I consider you the consummate professional and a friend.”
—Debra J. Slover, www.leadershipgardenlegacy.com (After the second project.)

“You were inspired on this one. Thanks for a punchy and concise statement that tells why we should be paying attention!”
—Dawson Church, Publisher, Elite Books (a steady client, commenting on a press release for an anti-smoking book)

“Just a quick thank you, Shel. You saw a potential disaster for me and I’m grateful for your alert….I also thank you for the incisive questions and answers [for media]. Well done.”
—Howard Herskowitz, http://www.aaronsjourney.com

“When we started drawing up the marketing plan for *Gauntlet*, we found ourselves completely overwhelmed. Then we found Shel Horowitz. He sent me a ten-page marketing plan, which was in itself a wonder. It gave us a clearly drawn path for our marketing, drawing to our attention details and marketing slants that I’m convinced only Shel would think of. What was even more amazing was the fact that it showed Shel’s very clear understanding of the plot and characters in the book — he suggested ideas for specific niche markets and audiences, based on what our characters said, did, or thought. Shel continued to impress me with phone calls, emails, a personal meeting, and his overwhelming knowledge throughout the planning stages. I can honestly say that he was our first ‘professional’ fan, and without a doubt one of the most important. To
this day it makes me smile to hear from him, and I absolutely plan on bringing him in for every future project Glass House handles.”
—Carrie White, Managing Editor, Glass House Press

“I struggled to write mediocre copy for my back book cover, website, and initial press release! What a waste of time! Then I found Shel, and he re-wrote all of it. It was the best money I have spent and continues to pay dividends! Thank you, Shel!”
—Cathy Diez-Luckie, Publisher, Figures In Motion

“Shel was of immense help in marketing The Mayan Glyph, suggesting a variety of out-of-the-box approaches. His professional contacts proved very helpful, and his guidance helped me work through all the chaff to find the wheat.”
—Larry Baxter, www.capsense.com

“Shel: I’m so glad I found out about your Frugal Marketing books! I’m in the process of implementing many of your wonderful suggestions in the marketing, publishing and printing of my nonfiction book, “A Journey Well Taken: Life After Loss.” After deciding to work with you, a professional, for my press releases and biography, I am very, very pleased with the way you took my information and so-so press release, rearranged the information and help me create press releases of sparkling interest. Thank you again. Looking forward to working with you in the future.”
— Elaine Williams, www.ajourneywelltaken.com

“Shel has been invaluable at so many steps in the publishing process! From advising on the cover to changing to a more profitable price to writing the press release that got us reviewed in Library Journal and the copy for one of our websites, his ongoing consulting has improved the book AND our profitability. And he’s always happy to answer my numerous questions. He’s a pleasure to work with, and I’m so glad I found him.”
—John Chapin, co-author/publisher, The Sales Encyclopedia, http://www.completeselling.com


“I hired Shel Horowitz to write several press releases for me/my business. I sent them out on PRweb and got lots of responses and several articles eventually were written and published… resulting in sales etc. One important response to one of Shel’s press releases was from one of the largest Muslim national organizations in the USA. This organization sends out monthly newsletters to hundreds of thousands of Muslims. I tried for years to get this organization to put something in the newsletter about my work/books and then again about my new publishing business. They turned me down flat. But when the press release about my new business (that Shel wrote) hit the news wires….the press release was noticed and a great portion of it included in the next newsletter of this organization. Was the money I paid for Shel’s services well spent? I definitely think so.”
—Linda Delgado, Muslim Writers Publishing


“I was delighted by your copyediting comments, and dismayed by your honest feedback that you felt my story was not engaging, and needed yet another rewrite. OH NO—not another rewrite! I thought I was done! But I really do respect your opinion, and I made myself pay attention to your feedback. The result was a sleepless night, and several more hours in front of the computer tonight, as I struggled anew with the piece. You were right. This piece now feels truer to my heart, and I hope will engage the reader more as well… Thanks again for stimulating my thinking on this.”
—Azriela Jaffe, Author “Honey, I Want to Start My Own Business”

“The press release and interview questions look great! I’m delighted. As you know, it is difficult—if not impossible—to look at one’s own work objectively, and I’d dreaded writing them. Perhaps you have further suggestions, but to be honest, I wouldn’t need any revisions. Great job, Shel!”
—Daniel Schwabauer, Clearwater Press

“The press release you created for me arrived the same day I was reviewing a draft of a press release from another person I recently hired. What a difference. Yours had a great headline, clever angle, and had the look and feel of a professional product. The other person’s release required extensive changes and looked almost silly next to yours. Your work is absolutely awesome, Shel! I won’t make the mistake of having anyone else write press releases for me ever again.”
—Philip Campbell, Consultant, Speaker, and Author “Never Run Out of Cash”

“Last week I sent the first group of galleys to the major pre-pub reviewers, each accompanied by a media release, photocopy of the cover art and a marketing plan, which was written by Shel Horowitz (Shel is such an incredible resource and terrific to work with!)”
—Susan Schaab, author, Wearing the Spider

“Hi, Shel. Those look great! You did a great job. I can see you spent some time on the website. You really GOT the essence of the book. I appreciate your fine work. Gratefully yours,”
—Judy Laddon, Sombrero Press

“You have such a gift for packing the complex plot of this novel into a couple of punchy paragraphs! I’m really jazzed about the way you’ve helped me think of this project in a fresh light.”
—Mike Kelley, Lone Tree Publishing

“Your publicity writing is so much better than mine! Wow, you have a great brain! I am impressed, Shel. You thoroughly looked over my book, caught its essence, and wrote a fabulous release. I also appreciate that got back to me QUICKLY. I have already told several writer friends about you!”
—Laurie Bell, Author, Lose the Lies, Lose the Weight www.losethelieslosetheweight.com

“Shel, I just opened the three documents – FANTASTIC ! I’ll go over them later more thoroughly, but they are awesome – I was so hesitant about using you, and equally concerned about the money (trying to be frugal), but it is most definitely money well spent. Also, thanks for the great website tips – I’ll take all of your advice. Much thanks from a washed-up surfer, urchin diver geezer,”
—Tom Kendrick, http://www.bluewatergoldrush.com

“Shel, This is a wonderful article. I am not surprised; only delighted and really pleased with your usual on-target and superb manner of expressing what I would want others (be it the media, the vendors—or a specific group of professionals) to know. I am so grateful for a job really well done. Many heartfelt thanks for all your valuable assistance.”
—Susan Apollon, author, Touched by the Extraordinary


“You are truly a wizard when it comes to writing press releases. I just wanted to let you know that the latest batch of releases went out yesterday, and I’ve had 3 requests for review copies so far. One of those was from a local TV station, WBAL, which may be interested in interviewing him on their Sunday morning show. Your press releases have resulted in several articles.”
—Sheila Ruth, Imaginator Press


“GREAT work, Shel. Timely too. We’ll be wanting more!”
—Karen Fraase, Arts & Farces, Minnesota

“We had Shel Horowitz write the cover letter and press release for our new children’s picture book The Lord Builds the House, and we are very pleased with what he sent us. This was our first experience with hiring someone to write for us, and we were a bit nervous about spending the money, but I can certainly tell you it was worth it. It’s amazing to me how he was able to pack so much into a short, but powerful letter, and the press release describes the book and author in such a way that makes you eager to read the book. We could never had done anything like it here at our house even though several in our family have some fairly decent writing skills.”
—Laurie Bluedorn, Trivium Pursuit, Illinois

“[The release] is simpler while emphasizing the things that should’ve been emphasized more in the first place. I especially like the impression it’s giving that Six Strings Music Publishing is another big company along with the other real big guys.”
—Yoichi Arakawa, Six Strings Music Publishing, California

“Hi Shel, Thanks for the release. It’s very well done. A masterpiece!”
—Alan Mesher, author, Just Who Do You Think You Are: The Power of Personal Evolution


“In the last 2 weeks, I have been interviewed by USA Today and Woman’s World Magazine. Thank you for being a part of my success!”
—Artá Banks, Lovegifts Publishing, award-winning author of “Wrong Feet First”


“Shel, Man oh man, you’re good! My husband and I are both sitting here with big smiles on our faces. I should have done this years ago. Sure am glad I finally figured out that you write press releases for others. THANKS”
—Nan Field, Publisher, Dog-Eared Publications, Middleton, Wisconsin 53562-0863

“Thank you, Shel. You are the best copywriter and publishing consultant out there (IMHO). Of all the people I’ve met in the publishing world (and elsewhere) you’re by far the smartest and well-versed person of all. I truly appreciate all the advice, copywriting, and friendship you’ve sent my way.”
—Tim Hutchinson, author, Battle Scars http://www.americanyouth.net

“Shel, the more I read the back cover copy the more I like it…thanks!”
—Dan Fritschen, Remodel or Move?

“As usual, excellent advice, Shel. Thank you. You are indeed a master of your trade.”
—Brad Olsen, CCC Publishing, San Francisco

“I am really happy now with the release. With the changes you made,
move a couple of words here, add a word there, etc., you created a
document that reads smoothly and clearly, something I always have a
hard time doing when it is my own stuff and I have to battle in my
mind the ever present images of previous attempts at improvement. But
I guess that is normal.
“Anyway, I appreciated your speed, reliability in communication, and I
am happy with the results of your skills. I also appreciated the free
advice here and there.
“It was a pleasure to deal with you.”
—W. John Koch, W. John Koch Books, Edmunton, Alberta

“I like your idea of cutting to the chase on the description of the book concept and there are a few things that I can add to the credentials section to beef that up a bit. Your suggestions will make this a stronger query letter…
“I was impressed with your quick turn-around time and your identification of the need to better focus the message re the book concept. After Passion Saving is published, I would like to contact you for help with crafting some publicity materials.
“Thanks much for your help.”
—Rob Bennett, author

“I was very pleased with the quality, speed of delivery and price. It’s a dull subject but you managed to make it sound interesting. Even my US distributor was impressed—a rare occurrence.”
—Adrian Ogley, Interfisk, London, UK

“Dear Listmates-
“Some of us are gearing up for publishing festivities at the end of this month-PMA-U and the BEA in Los Angeles. I turned to one of our pub-forum moderators, Shel Horowitz, for help.
“I’ve been running into some snags time-wise with a book I’m scrambling to get out in time for PMA-U and BEA and graduations et al and finally decided I just didn’t have time to do my back cover text or “blurb”. I love the marketing end of my work and think I have a good sense of my audience and what I want to project. But with handling all the other details of production, I really didn’t have time to put on my writing and marketing “hats” to get it done.
“So I called Shel. He talks fast and he thinks fast….and he’s proved to me he can work fast, too. I don’t really think I asked him if he had time to do it, just if he would. I sent him my prototype book of 3 months ago, the final Foreword, and some miscellaneous details about the audience I wanted to target, the tone, a testimonial, etc.
“Wow—it didn’t take long. He certainly came up with a terrific back cover—and in just an hour and a half. In our followup emails and phone conversation, Shel was very open to a few of my suggestions for ‘tweaking” and now I have the book cover text I need and in much better shape than if I had done it myself.
“While I love to handle the big picture as well as the details of publishing—probably too many— it’s important to know when to call in a freelancer who knows his job and how to help you.”
—Pamela J. Fenner, Michaelmas Press

“Shel: Wow! I can see that you deserve your reputation. This is a great press release. You really have a talent. Thanks so much. We will now get busy on sending it out as a part of our press kits. Believe me, we’ll be incorporating your services into our marketing plans in the future.”
—Sid Jackson, Owner/Publisher, j-Press Publishing

“It was a pleasure working with you. You did, indeed, work your magic for Lighthearted Press. I admire your ability to take a package of
information from someone you don’t know and turn it into a cohesive, effective document. I hope we can work together again”
—Chris Davis, Lighthearted Press

“It has been my great pleasure and good fortune to know Shel Horowitz for the past 18 months and to have been able to rely on him for both his judgment and practical expertise. He has an uncommon ability to identify what is newsworthy and an unerring sense of what will be considered important by the news media—sometimes quite different elements within the same event.
“Shel has also demonstrated for us his talent for converting long rambling commentary into pithy prose that makes it into print. If I were asked to name the top three practitioners of rapid response public relations within the publishing industry Shel would definitely be among them and I can’t immediately think of who else might qualify.”
—Robin Lind, webpointers.com

“Am I impressed! You nailed them. Can’t wait to get [the press releases] ready to mail! I’ve absolutely made the right choice with you! There’ll be more work in the future.”
—Tordis Isselhardt, Images From the Past, Vermont

“One of the best copywriters in the business.”
—Cynthia Frank, QED Press, California

“Please allow me to publicly say thank you to Shel Horowitz for the fantastic job he did writing my press release. I’ve had others do my press release in the past, which basically was them rewording the first release. However Shel completely re-wrote it from scratch, and it is a masterpiece! Thanks Shel, you are a genius!”
—Tim Hutchinson, author, Battle Scars www.americanyouth.net

“You provide excellent service and it’s a real pleasure to work with you.”
—Stuart McRobert, CS Publishing, Nicosia, Cyprus

“Shel, thanks! Your rewrite was absolutely perfect and hit the tone exactly. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to learn to write so effortlessly.”
—Lydia Hucker, Prism Publishing & Seminars, New York

“The Third Edition of ‘Massage: A Career At Your Fingertips’ is doing very well in bookstores, and … I am sure your press release is part of the reason.”
—Martin Ashley, Enterprise Publishing, New York

“Oh Shel, this is wonderful! You knocked my socks off! Once I printed it out and read it, I had to read it again and again.
“No matter how many hours I spent or how good I felt at the time I couldn’t have done this.
“It appears that you read the book! I’m sure you didn’t read it all, but you really capture the essence and the most salient points.”
—Gloria G. Wolk, author and viatical expert, California

“Shel Horowitz wrote a wonderful press release for me. I have enjoyed working with Shel and highly recommend his services.”
—Tom Golden LCSW, Golden Healing Publishing LLC

“Wow, Shel—you were able to create a first line that really captures our book and highlights four very important points—an opening line that I wouldn’t have thought of—you somehow made a panoramic view of the book and what we are attempting to do with it—and in a very succinct way, too. The writing has a very nice tone, and flows really well from beginning to end.”
—Heidi Hanson, UCPE Publishing, Oakland, California

“And THIS is why I called you–you are amazing! I love the words you put together to speak about my work–it re-affirms I’m truly doing my “soul work” when I see my life from your perspective.”
—Christine Davis, Lighthearted press, commenting on two press releases

“Is anyone out there looking for a great press release? I have a recommendation for you—Shel Horowitz. I sent him…a manuscript, outline and my blurbs and he crafted them into something much better than I, a seasoned writer of 40 years’ experience, could come up with.”
—Don Strachan, author, King of Diamonds
A laugh-filled novel about baseball, sexual healing, frogs and parallel universes
Free samples: http://www.King-o-Diamonds.com

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Other Business Owners

“Shel was my guest on Good and Green Radio, and WHAT A FANTASTIC SHOW & GREAT GUEST! You can listen to Shel on GGR to get a taste for how passionate, inspirational, & motivational he is when speaking about sustainable, ethical, profitable business. He inspired ME to go out and speak on this topic, too, & I’ve already had two independent bookstores order several copies of Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green to have available on the shelves for my local audiences.” http://wgrnradio.com/blog/2011/11/25/good-and-green-radio-68-positively-sustainable-business-matters-%E2%80%93-improve-your-profits-your-planet
—Susan Davis, Host/Producer, Good and Green Radio

“Shel Horowitz was a guest on my Internet radio show, Get Noticed Now. His reputation precedes him, and I was excited to hear his thoughts on how to garner media attention, how alliances can boost industry awareness, and why publishing (or self-publishing) a book is key to credibility. We also talked about his latest book, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green, and how he used his own strategies to capture the eyes of 5 million potential readers.
Shel is a great speaker: Confident, adept, and an excellent on-air personality. I hope to attend one of his live events some day.”
—Susan Rich, Host/Producer, Get Noticed Now Radio, http://www.richwriting.com

“Shel is one of the most intelligent and creative people I have met in the green industry. He is a thought leader and prolific writer. Besides, he lives the talk. He is one of the most helpful and kindest human beings I have ever met. Much gratitude for all you do, Shel!”
—Shalini Bahl, Principal Consultant, iAM Business Consulting

“Thank you, Shel. You made both releases you worked on for us 100% better. And you were very fast and under budget!”
—Chug Roberts, President, TheCapitol.net

“You are absolutely the best in the industry. You deliver when you say you will and do not over commit your time—and your work is stunning in its power and clarity. Not only have I had personal experience with you over many years, but I have referred several others who have been very satisfied also.
“I must tell you how very, very pleased (read delighted and thrilled) I am with what you have produced. I think it is great when we develop a relationship with someone that proves to be ‘right’ and I wanted to share. My biggest concern that the letter you were rewriting for me would not sound like…”Buy this and you will make $3,000,000 in one week!!” You assured me that this would not be an issue, and not only did you keep your word, but you vastly improved on my efforts.
“I just want you to know how happy I am (and I am really fussy). You know how to sell with words! I know I will reap many more sales because of your work.”
—Merry Schiff, H.R.S., Executive Director, National Electronic Billers Alliance, California

“I looked over the copy last night, and I was quite impressed. You’ve really captured the essence of what this project is about—and why I’m doing it. Thank you again for your help.”
—Martha Retallick, author/Web designer, http://www.lrpdesigns.com/guide.html, Arizona


“Shel, just a note to thank you for your kick-butt P.R. services for our Musicians On Call Benefit Concert on New Year’s Day. Working on a tight deadline, you delivered a perfect press release that generated plenty of media attention and helped us out a great deal. We ended up with a packed house, a much higher profile throughout our entire region, and we raised several hundred dollars for a very worthy cause—an outstanding way to begin the year!”
—Tommy Anton, Feedbag Records Recording Artist, www.tommyanton.com


“Thanks for the press release, Shel. I see the difference in one that is professionally written; it is a big difference. I especially appreciate that you included things we didn’t know about. I’ll send this on to the others. I think they will be amazed at the difference experience and knowledge makes.”
—Janet Henderson, Common Good Finance, www.commongoodbank.com

” Shel, your press releases are fantastic! We are so, so pleased with them. You’ve done so much more than we expected. Not only are the press releases expertly written and engaging to read, but also you’ve been generous with your advice and encouragement. That means a lot to small business people like us who have never worked with a copywriter before. We were a little uncertain about whether to take this step or not, and now we’re so happy that we did and that we chose you to work with.”
—Michele Welton, Petrbridge LLC

“The post card copy you wrote for me awhile back paid off. We landed a 48-page, bi-monthly magazine from a recent mailing.”
—Michele DeFilippo, www.1106design.com

“I was struggling to create a press release that communicated to the world the true purpose of my new business venture, Juggling Duck Organizers. Shel proved to be an invaluable resource in helping me overcome my writer’s block and, moreover, articulate my business value proposition employing compelling metaphors and vivid language. Not only did he save me hours of time, he helped me better clarify my thoughts on how to better communicate the aims of my business with external audiences. I highly recommend him!”
—John Mruz, Juggling Duck Organizers, LLC

“Shel Horowitz exceeded my expectations in his ability to

  • Analyze a complex situation
  • Conceptualize the solution and
  • Craft the statement

And as his website name suggests, I believe he really does give the most you could get for a reasonable cost.”
—Dr. Richard Ruhling, Takoma Park, MD

“WOW, what an opening page, I love it! You are amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
—Kathryn Covert, http://www.kandmmedicalservices.com
Shel’s assignment was to rewrite the home page.

“I was a principal in an ad agency in Los Angeles for 20 years and I NEVER had such an easy experience with our copy writers as I’ve had with you. It’s nice to work with someone who gets it the first time, isn’t a cry baby and knows they aren’t writing the next great American novel.”
—Thomas McEuen, SYNERGY Insurance Solutions

“I tried substituting copy once or twice, but sales dropped so I always came back to your original work.”
—Mark Frank, Sunrise Designs

“Dear Shel,
I want to say thank you for your help to improve my application for a patent.
Since English is not my first language, I had problems expressing things the way I wanted to. Therefore my application was not clear even to myself; it was blurry. After you went over it, it was condensed and sharp and expressed the correct way to understand it. It helped me a lot.
I appreciate your patience and your professionalism; you had quick responses and were very affordable.
Thank you again.”
—Helmut Jobi, Massachusetts

“My stomach ties in knots at the thought of writing. Fortunately, I found you! Your help over the years has freed me from anxiety and allowed me to focus on the parts of my business I enjoy—and your skill with words has vastly improved the profitability of all my ventures.”
—Grete Viddal, Post Partum Family Care Services, Massachusetts

“Shel has the uncanny ability to zero in on activities that stimulate income. When he advised me, he was able to quickly identify a few
key strategies, such as changes to my website, that had immediate impact. I consider the time we spent very valuable, and it definitely made my business more appealing to my market.”
—Barbara Augello, M.S., EMT-B, President, Barbara Augello & Associates, Massachusetts

“I’m awed by your ability to turn our jumbled ramblings into crisp, clear copy—and so fast! You have so many good marketing ideas we couldn’t keep up with them. We appreciate your low prices, too.”
—Gary Schaefer, Bart’s Ice Cream, Massachusetts

“You always have good suggestions to fine-tune my marketing, and your sense of design and type is really helpful. And I’m grateful for the way you turn things out quickly when I’ve got a deadline. Thanks for all your help.”
—David Weinberg, Osprey, Ltd., Massachusetts

“Your ability to know what I wanted to say and help me say it even better is outstanding. Nothing was distorted or misunderstood by you, only made clearer and more readable. My first couples client through the Internet said of the article you edited, without my asking, that it was informative and engaging.”
—Matthew Cohen, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

“We have incorporated many of your suggestions into our books, website, and materials. We have you in our files as a great resource and will recommend you to others. Also, the marketing book is great!”
—Lori Sauder, fearlessy2k.com

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Government & Non-Profit

“I’d like to offer my highest possible endorsement of your services… Your skills are formidable. You simplify ideas and find the right tone… You are unparalleled at singling out accurately the exact focus or theme that best captures ideas.…great at discussing options for presenting my message… and no one is better at choosing the clearest, briefest written language.”
—Mary L. Ford, 4-Term Mayor of Northampton, Massachusetts

“You captured the duality of what we are trying to do in terms of restoring the land and habitat for the Monarchs while also working to provide the communities with viable solutions to their problems. I wouldn’t change a thing!”
—Danielle Lee, Michoacan Reforestation Fund, www.michoacanmonarchs.org

“Kudos to Denise Plouffe of Plouffe Corp. and Shel Horowitz of Accurate Writing and More for being the brains and talent behind the award to the Amherst Chamber’s Visitor Guide. The stunning guide just won the Greater Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau 2005 Marketing Award. Great stuff, guys!”
—Amy Zuckerman, Hidden-Tech founder, co-chair http://www.hidden-tech.net

“Thanks for yet another competent and clearly assembled product. It’s a pleasure to say it’s a pleasure doing business with you.”
—Ira Bryck, Director, UMass Family Business Center (14-year steady article writing client)

“Dear Shel,
“Your assistance was one of the highlights in my campaign! I was amazed by your ability to listen and transform my thoughts into a focused message that got to the essence of what I wanted to say to voters.
“I marveled at your capacity to make the most out of fewer words. No small feat when you have to deal with clients who are rich in substance, but long on words.
“Your skills in media training, creating great sound bites, and integrating my message from the website to printed handouts to press releases, had a huge impact across the district. Folks who find you—in your professional capacity—will be well served.”
—Isaac BenEzra, candidate for office in a four-county district

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Social Media & Networking Strategy

“Shel Horowitz adds value to his twitter relationships with every posting.”
—Bob Burg, author of Endless Referrals and The Go-Giver

“Shel Horowitz is the most ethical marketer I know. Shel’s books on the subject are well worth reading and following.”
—Bob Spear, Heartland Reviews

“Follow Shel Horowitz for his informational tweets.”
—Charlene Andersen, Kamigo Marketing

“ShelHorowitz [and one other marketer, Paul Myers], whose marketing blogs/newsletters are the only ones I read without fail.”
—Sarah Shaw Tatoun, “Reinvention Specialist,” Prague, Czech Republic

“Shel Horowitz is a brilliant marketer, authentic, and ethical – always safe to follow his advice.”
—Michelle Shaeffer, Creo Communico, Anchorage, Alaska

“You’re well positioned to make the most of social media in that case – it’s all about transparency, ethics and openness at the heart of a reputable business model, although not too many people have grasped this fact just yet.”
—Neil Ashworth, Social Traffic, Inc.

“Shel, It was great to watch you in action at the After 5 – first, that you picked up the cues of when Tony [Executive Director of our local Chamber of Commerce] and the fellow he was speaking with had a lull – that was an opportunity for me to enter – and then, my not taking that cue, your intervening to facilitate just what I needed – a brief conversation for him to give me a bit of a timeline for a project we are intending. Thank you! That was true networking and skill at its best.”
—Ruth Rootberg, www.alexandertechnique.com/amherst

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Customer Service

“Thank you for your prompt reply. I am delighted to inform you that I received an email containing the link I required.
“Moreover, I appreciated your interest for this matter, Your book
describes in a clear way this approach, but it is very difficult to find people who are always available and willing to help clients. So, what can I say, I am a supporter of your theory.
“Thank you for your help.
“Best regards.”
—Carola Massardi, Italy
(purchaser of the Italian edition of Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green)

“Shel is always happy to answer my numerous questions. He’s a pleasure to work with, and I’m so glad I found him.”
—John Chapin, co-author/publisher, The Sales Encyclopedia, http://completeselling.com

“You provide excellent service and it’s a real pleasure to work with you.”
—Stuart McRobert, CS Publishing, Nicosia, Cyprus

“I truly appreciate all the advice, copywriting, and friendship you’ve sent my way.”
—Tim Hutchinson, author, Battle Scars http://www.americanyouth.net

“I was very pleased with the quality, speed of delivery and price.”
—Adrian Ogley, Interfisk, London, UK

“Very fast and under budget!”
—Chug Roberts, President, TheCapitol.net, Arlington, VA

“I was a principal in an ad agency in Los Angeles for 20 years and I NEVER had such an easy experience with our copy writers as I’ve had with you. It’s nice to work with someone who gets it the first time, isn’t a cry baby and knows they aren’t writing the next great American novel.”
—Thomas McEuen, SYNERGY Insurance Solutions

“I appreciate your patience and your professionalism; you had quick responses and were very affordable. Thank you again.”
—Helmut Jobi, Massachusetts

“It’s a pleasure to say it’s a pleasure doing business with you.”
—Ira Bryck, Director, UMass Family Business Center (14-year steady client)

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