TeleSeminar Essentials – Starting on Time

Any TeleSeminar worth the long distance charge should
develop a rapport with the listener and build trust and
respect. There are several factors in the road to success,
a big one is being on time.

It is amazing how many TeleSeminar hosts blow it right
out of the gate by not starting on time.

Do it right, and you pepper the attendees with many
emails that explain all the wonderful things that will
happen when they dial in.

They do, and the host says, “well, its about time..
let’s wait a few minutes for everyone to come online”!

Even before it starts the host is punishing these who
made the effort to be there. Start on time. Turn off
the bongs that announce another dial in, and go.

Worst thing is to stop the teleseminar for late joiners
and re-cap what has been said so far. It happens. I
listen to as many TeleSeminars as I can and hear all
the mistakes. Recapping is worse than starting late.

If people show up late, too bad, good thing for you,
your pitch is about three quarters of the way in.

To do it right, you should be on your line at least
five minutes before the start. You should countdown
the seconds to start, either live “we’re gonna start in
90 seconds” or by using an mp3 recorded countdown,
and start when the second hand clicks on the 12 with a
boffo headline that rewards them for being there and
teases what is coming, “welcome, in the next 60 minutes
you are going to learn all the reasons why…”

Be sure to record your teleseminar. You can offer a
playback (not a download) to those who signed up. That
way, the late comers can call a playback number and
listen, like everyone else did. Plus, you are sending
your after teleseminar emails and offers to the entire
list of those who signed up, whether they dialed in or
not, so many latecomers will dial up to hear what they

Some teleconference services will record your seminar
at no extra charge. Once recording is complete, you
can download it and clean it up with your editing
software and offer is as a download from your site.
Offering the recording should also ask for name and
email so you can follow up with your offer(s).

A winning TeleSeminar is more than just picking up
the phone.

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