“The Swiss Army Knife of Frugal and Ethical Marketing”
2 books, a half-hour consult, and a special report-for less you’d normally pay just for the consultation.

Master copywriter Shel Horowitz’s best resources to improve your marketing, ethically and affordably.

A one-stop toolkit for your success, including two of the best books out there on effective and ethical low-cost marketing—they’ve both won awards—and a whole lot more:

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Basic Frugal & Ethical Marketing Jumpstart Kit


  • Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First

    The acclaimed guide to higher profits through ethical, cooperative business practices:



  • Turn your customers and your competitors into your marketing team!
  • Grow your business by harnessing the Abundance Principle
  • Stand out in the pack by embracing the Magic Triangle of Ethics—and using that commitment to create a huge marketing advantage



  • Grassroots Marketing: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World

    A hands-on, practical, step-by-step manual covering every major facet of marketing:


  • Turn the media into your personal publicity bureau (Shel has used these techniques to get coverage in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Inc, Bottom Line, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Home Office Computing, Christian Science Monitor, Boston Globe, Fortune Small Business, L.A. Times, Woman’s Day, Reader’s Digest, and many other prominent media
  • Vastly improve the response on your advertising and direct-mail, by unlocking the secrets of powerful copy that doesn’t just look pretty on the page, but grabs the reader by the emotional hotbuttons: 10 principles of copy that sells, plus dozens of examples.
  • Create an “internet sales juggernaut” using inexpensive tools and strategies that go far beyond just having a website—and that are even effective if you haven’t put up your website yet: nine entire chapters—almost a book within a book—on low-cost, high-ROI Internet marketing.
  • Climb the “spiral of expertise” to reach dizzying heights of success: You, too, can market yourself as an expert and turn marketing from a cost into a revenue stream.



  • “How to Get FOUND by Google and Other Search Engines: Lazy Cheapskate Strategies that DON’T Go Stale!” Quick and easy strategies to boost your search engine performance—and thus your traffic, AND your revenues:

An extremely useful report on getting found by search engines by someone who knows: Shel’s largest site, with zero paid advertising, routinely gets at least 35,000 visits each month; the best month, so far, was over 90,000. And the principles in this report won’t go out of date even when the search engines change their algorithms (as they frequently do).


  • Half-hour personal consultation with master copywriter and marketing consultant Shel Horowitz, whose client list spans three continents, and who brings up thousands of citations (10,700 as of January, 2005) if you search for his name in Google.

Shel will call you (if you’re in the US, otherwise, you call him) and spend 30 minutes on the phone with you, where you can ask any marketing questions, bounce new ideas around and get feedback, or critique some of your existing marketing materials. This service alone would normally cost you $195, as Shel normally has a one-hour minimum. (Note: if you wish Shel to review materials ahead of the phone call, the review time will be subtracted from the phone time for a total of half an hour.)

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Advanced Frugal & Ethical Marketing Jumpstart Kit

All of the above, plus…


  • One-hour downloadable audio file, “Cost-Saving, Response-Boosting PR and Direct Mail Secrets”—Shel and direct mail expert Sharron Senter interview each other in a lively give-and-take in front of a live teleseminar audience.



  • “Best Hidden Resources to Promote Your Book”: an extended special report just for authors who want more media interviews—2920 words, including actual sample press releases and pitch letters that worked, as well as specific resources to gain the attention of reporters—including a service that actually sends you the exact queries from journalists seeking sources (like you) for their next story.


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A personal message from Shel Horowitz, author of Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First and Grassroots Marketing: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World

It’s really true: I normally have a one-hour minimum ($195) for client projects, but I’m waiving that minimum for these deals. So you get the whole shebang for less than you’d normally pay just for my one-to-one attention.

Why am I offering these “too good to be true” deals?

1. I want to brag about your success! I really do believe in the Abundance Principle—that there’s enough to go around and your success actually helps me. (I believe so strongly in this idea that in my latest book, PP, I actually list 20 of my copywriting competitors, with their websites, specialties, and contact information!). If my books and reports and personal consulting time help you succeed, I want you to write to me and tell me, and then I’ll ask permission to quote you in my own marketing and link to your website. (I’m a big fan of testimonials, and you’ll find them on many pages throughout my sites. Yours can be there, too—but first, you have to explore my stuff and use some of the ideas!)

2. It will be easier for an outsider to see where your marketing could benefit from improvement. In half an hour, I can review a website, brochure, series of press releases, or even an overall marketing plan, and give you concrete suggestions that can rapidly increase your response—or give you media coaching to help you make the best use of your interview opportunities. Then you’ll have the books to guide you, step by step, as you craft a better platform. (Note: the half-hour includes both time reviewing your material in advance and phone or e-mail discussion with you.)

3. You’ll read my books, rave about them to your friends and colleagues, maybe even post your reactions at Amazon or other online book sites. Grassroots Marketing gives you the hands-on tools to be a better traditional marketer: everything from how to write a press release that gets noticed to how to put up an effective website to how to make the most of tradeshows. Principled Profit creates the mindset of an ethical, abundant world where every person can make a huge difference. And because there are economies of scale, I can send them out together for less money. It’s only one transaction to process, one label to address, and one time to drive several miles and stand in line at the post office

4. Some of you will join my Business Ethics Pledge campaign and help me change the world. If I can get 25,000 influencers to read Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First and sign the pledge, I believe I can change the whole way business is done in our society. Changing the whole world of business toward a human-centered, caring community is a way I feel I can make a difference that will last the rest of my lifetime—and beyond.

5. Bad marketing bothers me, on a gut level. By putting these resources in your hands, you’ll become a better marketer, and there will be that much less bad marketing in the world.

6. I’m a selfish marketer. I know that once you see the value of my suggestions, some portion of you will want me to write the replacement materials for you. Quite frankly, this is one of the easiest ways for me to get new clients.

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