Six Reasons Why You Should Publish a Newsletter

Putting out a newsletter is kind of like flossing your
teeth.You know you should, but it sure is easy to put off.
I’m hoping these six reasons will motivate you to give it
a try. You’ll find that once you make the commitment, it’s
really not all that hard to do.

1 – It Benefits Other People

The best reason to email out a newsletter (or ezine as they
are sometimes called) is because it’s good for your customer
or client. As you know, customers are looking for benefits
for themselves, and a new batch of knowledge focused on
their needs is just such a benefit.

Anything you do that helps out a client will eventually
benefit you as well.

2 – It Adds Value to Your Website

Once you send out your article, be sure to add it to your
website as well. Now you’re not just helping out your
subscribers, but anyone who visits your site. Long before
a person is ready to buy, they will be looking for
information. As you continue to add articles to your site,
you are creating a more valuable resource. Yours will be a
site a person will bookmark and return to, a site they will
recommend to their friends and colleagues.

3 – Become Recognized as an Expert in Your Field

It’s one thing to claim expertise and experience on your
home page, and quite another to have a catalog of real-life
examples on your site. Your articles can demonstrate how
you’ve solved a problem, reveal the latest trends in your
industry, show readers how to overcome an obstacle, or
suggest a new product or service that can save them time
and money.

As your log of articles grows, the depth of your knowledge
will be more fully revealed. You won’t have to tell anyone
you’re an expert; your articles will shout it out for you.

4 – Other People Will Send Their Subscribers to You

Besides all the benefits you gain by sending your ezine to
your subscriber list and posting it on your website, there’s
another huge opportunity you should take advantage of.

It may seem hard to believe, but there’s a large number of
people who mail out a regular ezine, but don’t write the
articles themselves. They simply go to various websites that
post articles in their fields, written by people just like
you. These editors just pick and choose the ones they want
to publish. This is where you come in.

You can post your articles in these announcement websites
and if they’re well written and on a topic someone needs,
your articles can gain a wide readership through other
people’s subscriber lists. Just make sure you include a
link to your website and an offer to join your list at the
bottom. Part of the agreement is, if they get to use your
article, they are expected to keep your resource box intact.
After you see a variety of ways people word their resource
boxes you can create one that works for you.

Here are a few places to start submitting your articles.
Be sure to follow their submission policies closely. You
can find additional resources by doing a search for “free
articles” plus your topic.

As an important bonus, many of these sites will put your
article into their archives, giving you another permanent
link to your site. Quality links coming into your website
can help boost your ranking in the search engines.

5 – Provide Additional Gateways to Your Site

Each of your articles will have a different set of keywords
in the title tag, your headlines and throughout your text.
As the search engines add these new pages to their
databases, you will find visitors arriving in the middle
of your site instead of your home page. This is a very good
thing since it means that you can attract visitors with a
wider array of search terms. Just make sure each article
has links to the rest of your site.

At some point you’ll want to have a page that has a brief
description of each article and a text link to each one.
Having a text link instead of a graphic one is important
because it will help the search engines find all your
articles. They aren’t able to follow graphical links. For
an example of how to set up such a page, you can see how
I did it on my site’s Web Design Tips page

6 – Keep Your Company Name Fresh in Your Subscribers’ Minds

As you build up your mailing list, the majority of
subscribers will be people who haven’t bought your products
or services. They signed up just to get good information,
but if you’ve been sending them useful articles once or
twice a month, they’re more likely to think of you when
they’re ready to buy. As they learn to trust your judgment,
they’re also more likely to forward your articles to their
friends and colleagues, which will tend to expand your list
over time. You’ll have extra credibility from these
recommendations. It’s even better than being found in the
search engines.


I hope I’ve convinced you to give some serious thought to
starting your own ezine. The effort you put in will pay off
in greater exposure for your web site and eventually in more
business for you as well. Next time I’ll have some
suggestions on exactly how to get started. You can do it!

Les Goss is the president of ZebraMoon Design, Inc., where he educates his business clients as he builds their web
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