Separate Your Product Pages

Many entrepreneurs who sell online often clump products together on one web page. While this tactic can be convenient for your customers, the downside is that you miss out on some incredible search engine traffic. What am I talking about? I’ll use my Web site as an example.

While almost all of my products can be found on one page,, I’ve also created individual pages for some of my products, meaning
each product has its own unique page and URL, such as This page contains exclusive sales copy about my report, “Secrets of Successful Gift Basket Selling.”

By assigning each of your products their own page, you’re now able to write more targeted title pages, meta tags and sales copy. All three are what most search engines review when determining whether to return one of your web pages in a search. Thus, rather than always focusing on optimizing your home page, you also want to optimize
individual pages so they perform independently of your home page. Put another way – treat every page as if it is the home page.

Niche Keywords

On my master page where I list all of my products,, one of the keyword phases I use includes “small business marketing.”
However, when I’m marketing my gift basket report on its own page, one keyword phrase is “growing a gift basket business.” Thus, when a gift-related business visits a search engine, what do you think they’re going to search for, ‘small business marketing’ or ‘growing a gift basket business?’ Most likely the latter. What’s more, I have much less competition within the gift basket marketing category, compared with the small business marketing category.

My Recommendation

You should have one master page with an overview of all your products and a quick link so your prospect can make an immediate purchase. However, you should also have the same information, and possibly more, on a new page with only one product listed. Take the time to use targeted keywords, meta tags and title pages [words customers are
searching to find products/services such as yours] – the key elements used to optimize web pages and improve search engine performance.

I sell 47% more basket-related reports from my basket-only page, than from my master page. I can’t stress the use of this strategy enough. It definitely is time-consuming; however, you only have to do it once!

P.S…..When you’re thinking about adding another product or service to your line-up, be focused. Continuing with the above thought, I sell far more “marketing a gift basket business” reports than “marketing a new business,” reports. True, your prospects conduct generic searches. However, most will conduct tightly-niched searches, and therefore, your products should be targeted precisely to receive hits.

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