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With dozens of link requests every month, and most of them obviously generic letters that show no understanding of our sites, we’ve had to initiate a procedure to screen out the obvious misfits. It’s no longer possible to visit every single site that requests a link, so instead, please answer these four questions. If your answers match our linking profile, we will visit your site, and if we like what we see, we’re delighted to cross-link. Our main site, established in 1996, gets at least 30,000 visitors a month, with spikes up to 90,000.

Please note that our willingness to link relies on showing familiarity with our sites, the quality of your site, and its relevance to our readers. While high page rank or traffic is certainly nice, it’s more important to us that you provide useful content that matches our readers.

If you have no original, no-charge content, your content is obscene/racist/hatemongering, or you offer nothing but a link farm or affiliate listing, please don’t bother. We do not link to those types of sites.

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One final point: If you submit well-written, to-the-point articles on marketing, entrepreneurship, business ethics, arts/culture/travel, or frugality, and we accept them for any of our websites, you will automatically get a byline and link even if your site wouldn’t otherwise qualify.