Press Quotes and Reader Testimonials About Shel Horowitz’s Books on Marketing and His Personal Appearances

Press Reviews & Quotes: Grassroots Marketing, Marketing Without Megabucks

Marketing Guru and Reader Testimonials: Grassroots Marketing, Marketing Without Megabucks

Press Reviews & Quotes: Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green, Principled Profit

Marketing Guru and Reader Testimonials: Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green, Principled Profit (these two links above take you to the Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green website, with over 50 endorsements).

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Press Reviews & Quotes: Grassroots Marketing, Marketing Without Megabucks

Grassroots Marketing is an updated and expanded rewrite of Marketing Without Megabucks. On direct orders, it includes an ebook containing additional updates, as well as several other bonuses.

“A scrappy and practical guide for a business owner or manager with limited means. Horowitz is a true salesman for his ideas and provides detailed examples of what can be accomplished…ideal for would be marketing mavens who just happen to be a little short on cash.”
—David C. Walters, Christian Science Monitor

“Horowitz puts Jay Levinson’s popular Guerrilla Marketing theory into practice by explaining, in detail, how to market… Also thrown in is a heap of useful examples and some of the best advice we’ve read for naming a business.”
—Rodney J. Moore, Home Office Computing

Copywriter and well-known blogger Mordechai “Morty” Schiller reviewed three of Shel’s marketing books here.

“Publicity writer Horowitz describes in detail ways to make marketing chicken soup out of chicken feathers. He explores ethical no-cost and low-cost ways to push your product. A classic.”(book review)

“I would invest in Shel’s book “Grassroots Marketing” and start doing my homework right.” (advice on a publishing discussion list)

—John Culleton,, former editor, Rowse Reviews

“Packed full of ideas…a great deal of useful information here.”
—Joel Jones, Library Journal

“With the help of Horowitz’s book, readers can successfully build a marketing mountain out of a budgetary molehill. In a world gone crazy for Internet campaigns, it’s refreshing and calming to realize that old ways can still win out, and it doesn’t take a wheelbarrow full of money to get a message to the masses. Horowitz invites readers and business owners to become gurus of “entrepreneurial thinking,” to apply creativity in getting people’s attention and motivating them to buy a product. The book is comprehensive, delving into image and branding, and covering all types of media, including the Internet. He even discusses the essentials of customer service as a marketing tool. Explanations are thorough, and much can be learned from examining the carefully selected examples.”
—Today’s Librarian

“Shel Horowitz shares how he personally has used and continually uses these same methods to effectively market his own highly successful business…

“As Shel Horowitz says himself: Grassroots Marketing—Getting Noticed in a Noisy World “is based largely on my own experience, running a diversified service and information business and growing it from extremely humble beginnings. In just one week recently, I had clients in London, Cyprus, Boston, Alaska, Arkansas, and my own home base in western Massachusetts.”

“I don’t know about you, but personally I much rather prefer this kind of credential than a long line of academic titles and university degrees. I prefer what works, instead of dry, theoretic discussions and speculations.

“On the other hand, when you read “Grassroots Marketing”, it’s obvious that Shel Horowitz himself has read a lot of other books on the subject. He’s really done his homework and has the theoretic basis for his subject. But what I really like is that “Grassroots Marketing” is so immensely practical. It’s based upon practical, real-life experience, and you—the reader—can immediately go out and apply, what you read, on your own business.

“None of the methods Shel share with you seems over-the-head or too complicated. At least that’s my personal impression when I read the book. Personally I really hate it if I invest in a promising book, only to discover that it’s advice is way too unreal or complicated… Finally, I’d like to mention that the book is very readable. You get an excellent overview and if—after you’ve read the book—you’d like to check something again, just as a kind of reminder, it’s very easy to quickly find that particular information…

“This is an excellent general guide to effective marketing on a small budget. Actually I like Shel Horowitz’ “Grassroots Marketing” so much that I consider it to be one of the best overall guides I’ve read on marketing. And I’ve seen a lot.”
—Klaus Dahl, Direct Marketing Review (Denmark)
(Original unedited review is at

“Quick wallet check: Do you have any cash in there? If you’ve got at least a 10-spot, you’ve got enough for a decent marketing budget, according to Shel Horowitz, author of Grassroots Marketing: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World (Chelsea Green Publishing, $22.95).

“What’s nice about this idea is that Horowitz apparently started his own business’s marketing efforts with an initial $12, so you know it can be done. What’s even nicer is that Horowitz also covers marketing budgets up to $10,000, so whether you’re eating macaroni and cheese or lobster, you’re covered here. You’re also covered as far as the types of grassroots marketing you want to undertake, from print promotion to new media to sales presentations and everything in between. With step-by-step instructions and examples, this paperback could help you make some noise of your own.”

—Entrepreneur’s Start-Ups magazine—By Karen E. Spaeder

“One of the very, very best of the “how-to” books that should be mandatory, highest-priority reading for anyone contemplating publishing a book for profit!
“‘Marketing Without Megabucks’ is essential reading for any entrepreneurial venture operating on a financial shoestring and is packed with practical, specific, effective ‘things-to-do’ that anyone can immediately apply with good effect!”
—James Cox, Midwest Book Review
Note: See the end of this section for Cox’s extended review of Grassroots Marketing

“Grassroots Marketing might just as easily be subtitled “All You Ever Needed To Know About Marketing But Didn’t Know Enough To Ask.” When I call it a comprehensive resource, I mean that.

“Shel Horowitz gives you the scoop on just about every form of marketing a business available…He doesn’t tell you what you should do, he just tells you how to do whatever it is you decide you need to do. He also eschews the typical “marketing guru” language that is pervasive in so many books by self-proclaimed experts. You know the stuff: “Just follow these ten easy steps and untold riches will fall into your lap.” Horowitz does not promise you riches, untold or otherwise, in your lap or any other portion of your anatomy…Instead, he assumes simply that you are a small business owner with a product or service that you need to bring to market…

“Horowitz does NOT assume that you already have untold riches, either. As he points out in his very first chapter, you can use the tools he provides to put together a $10 marketing plan* or a $100 marketing plan or a $1,000 marketing plan…The result is an easy-to-use guide that will help you with all your marketing chores, from compiling a list of press contacts to organizing a direct mail campaign to creating a logo. The book is organized so that it flows pretty logically from one set of marketing tools to the next…And he explains it all so clearly that even those of us who think we’re allergic to marketing will get a sudden yen to give these ideas a whirl…It is a must-have for your library if you are in any way responsible for your own marketing.

“If you can’t afford to hire a pro and you have to do your own marketing, yes, get this book. You’ll find yourself using it every time you consider a new marketing campaign…learning from Horowitz how to do it right, so that you come across as a professional…A very wise but inexpensive investment in the growth of your business.”

—Dawn Rivers Baker, Wahmpreneur Premium Monthly

* Obviously, ten dollars is not an adequate marketing budget for most businesses, but it can be done. And depending on the goal, it may be all you need for one campaign. As an example, consider the marketing budget for a single event. I have often filled a room using methods that totaled between 0-$10 to hear a speaker or musician, using tools like well-crafted press releases, posted fliers, and e-mail alerts. Grassroots Marketing: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World contains many examples of effective press releases, fliers, and e-mails, as well as many other low-cost/no-cost techniques.

“Grassroots Marketing is an essential resource book for the small
business person…The book covers…every aspect of affordable modern marketing.
“Shel is a highly experienced marketer of his own writing company and
has shared some very valuable information in this publication. His advice is valid, helpful, and reality-tested. We rated this resource
a very high five hearts.”
Spear notes, “Not many five-heart scores are awarded. Three hearts is
about average. The review narrative focuses on the strongest areas
while the heart score indicates how well the book was written
—Bob Spear, Publisher and Chief Reviewer, Heartland Reviews

“A real eye-opener…comprehensive yet practical, offering step-by-step methods for creating awareness in the marketplace…specifically geared to the small business. Designed to…help the reader actually create big time marketing opportunities without spending a fortune…step-by-step techniques for implementing marketing strategy…ideas here that you can use on a daily basis.”
—Information Broker

“Cuts through the glitz to the most effective, economical methods.”
—Oregon Business

“A one-stop marketing shop. I can’t think of a topic that is not comprehensively covered, from classified ads all the way to huge campaigns.”
—Brandi Jasmine, freelance business reviewer and Web publisher

“Shel Horowitz’s highly acclaimed Grassroots Marketing: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World…is a must read and heed for anyone with a message that needs to be heard in a hyped and hustled world. Shel is the publishing industry’s acknowledged mastermind…He has a natural frugalness with an inspired flair for creating positive attention on a very small promotional budget…Ben Franklin would endorse Shel’s books and review them in Poor Richard’s Almanac as an exceptional value. The inexpensive implementation of his suggested attention-getting media concepts makes his marketing approach very affordable…sure to produce measurable results.”
—John Harnish, Everything You Always Wanted to Know About POD Publishing But Didn’t Know Who To Ask (Infinity Publishing, 2002),p. 464.

“Distinguishes the high-cost hype from hard-hitting, cost-efficient techniques…illustrates what can be done when ingenuity and imagination, smart research, and savvy follow-through are recognized as the real riches of sound marketing.”
—Business Life

“Shel Horowitz developed Grassroots Marketing on the key assumption that the entrepreneurs who need this book have one thing in common—little money to spend on marketing efforts. This book will help you stand out in a crowd without breaking the bank.

“Learn how to slash advertising costs, develop affordable multi-pronged, multi-media strategies, identify useful opportunities, track results, establish yourself as an expert, and much more.

“Amazingly thorough and refreshingly practical, Grassroots Marketing sparks creative thinking and supplies an absolute wealth of marketing information in an easy-to-understand format.”

—Home Business Journal

“This book is a must for authors who want to get the word out: effective non-spam Internet strategies, free media publicity, successful strategies for paid ads and direct mail, etc.”
—Penny Sansevieri, Get Published Newsletter

“A great, practical volume that should be on every nonprofit manager’s bookshelf. The work is full of great ideas, tips, and tricks to help nonprofit marketers promote their organizations on a realtively small budget. Horowitz provides an abundance of practical and cost-effective marketing ideas, carefully explained and generously illustrated.”

“Leaves no stone unturned: the electronic media…copywriting and graphic arts fundamentals… classified sections (did you know it is often one of the most carefully read parts of any publication?)…display ads…ads on the electronic media (including ethnic and subculture shows)… special interest and service programs…donating or bartering premiums…on-line computing…”
—Sylvie Schneble, Omniartists

“VERY comprehensive and informative book There is a lot in Shel’s Grassroots Marketing on email marketing, as well as copywriting,
media publicity, building brand identity, integrating databases, telemarketing, etc.. All in all there are over 300 pages of information that I will be referring to for years to come.”

—Cort McCadden, DEMC E-Magazine

“Filled with examples and case histories, this book will lead you through the process of getting known without spending your life savings on expensive advertising. It will pay for itself over and over and over again.”
—Flash Magazine

“Grassroots Marketing is a great book for small business owners who want to improve their company’s marketing and do so inexpensively. The book surveys nearly every marketing method known to man.”
“Horowitz says that the average U.S. adult is exposed to about 2,000 marketing messages each day. So, entrepreneurs really need to make their message stand out from the crowd. Further, Horowitz argues that the average small business, individual, or organization needs to market very inexpensively.
“Horowitz summarizes marketing as: 1) Identifying your target market; 2) Getting the right information and message to your market; and 3) Convincing the target customer to do business with your company.
“Horowitz discusses:

— Choosing a company name and how the name impacts

— Designing logos

— Writing press releases

— Writing professional articles to market your business

— Using Yellow Page ads effectively

— Direct mail: when it’s effective and when it’s not

— Bumper stickers and billboards

— Radio and TV advertising via free publicity

— Internet marketing and getting listed on search engines

— Affiliate marketing

— Telemarketing

— Personal sales and mulitlevel marketing

— Word-of-mouth referrals and networking to get them

— Branding and creating ‘buzz’

“The chapter about effective copyrighting is especially strong. Horowitz expands the basic AIDA formula (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) into ten points of effective copywriting.

“Horowitz writes: “Great Copywriting:

1. Catches the reader’s attention with something relevant;
2. Addresses the reader’s fears, anxieties, and/or aspirations;
3. Stresses specific benefits to the user, not the features that leads to those benefits;
4. Offers to solve the reader’s problem, in the most specific terms possible;
5. Provides the reader with a chance to acquire something of clear value-but only for a limited time;
6. Pulls the reader toward immediate action;
7. Shows the consequences of failure to act;
8. Includes solid, substantial validation of your claim by someone else (a customer, an expert);
9. Backs up claims with comparisons to competitors; and
10. This should be obvious-provides the necessary order form, address, and/or telephone number to allow the reader to move forward.”

“The strength of the chapter about writing effective copy isn’t surprising, given that Horowitz is a professional copywriter who helps companies develop advertising. Horowitz also helps entrepreneurs plan marketing and publicity campaigns.
“Grassroots Marketing gives many resources throughout. Not every marketing method discussed in Grassroots Marketing will be appropriate for your company. For example, while a plumber will benefit greatly from a Yellow Page Ad (Horowitz says that people tend to consult the Yellow Pages during emergencies among other occasions), other entrepreneurs will benefit more from direct mail. And, while Horowitz says that balloons with logos are best used to draw people to events, financial advisors will probably not want to place their business logo on balloons.”
—Peter Hupalo, Author of How To Start And Run A Small Book Publishing Company, Midwest Book Review

Marketing Guru and Reader Testimonials: Grassroots Marketing and Marketing Without Megabucks


A million dollars in revenue with no advertising expense
“The single most profitable investment I’ve ever made. With its superb advice, I managed to build a small company turning over close to 1,000,000 US Dollars a year within 2 years and I have not spent a single penny on paid advertising! With our special computer-noise reduction products we have obtained front-page coverage with the most important German computer magazine, and have been featured in 13 other magazines and newspapers. We (rather the product) even have been featured twice on TV…”
—Georg Schlomka, A Conto GmbH, Germany

Endorsements From Professional Marketers/Gurus

“It’s the 21st Century, and many marketers are operating in a 20th Century mode. Shel Horowitz, in ‘Grassroots Marketing,’ moves them into this new century while covering all the bases and providing budget-minded marketers with the wisdom that they need to compensate for their lack of funds. Best of all, he does it with warmth, clarity and lots of real life examples. His book should be mandatory reading for anyone with a small business or the dreams of succeeding with one. Lots of people want to be guerrilla marketers. Shel Horowitz proves that he is a superb one, and his wonderful book is able to make his readers into savvy marketers. It’s fun to read and it will be even more fun to deposit the profits his book can earn for any reader.”
—Jay Conrad Levinson, Author, “Guerrilla Marketing” series of books

“Shel Horowitz brings time-tested promotion rules into the Communication Age. Some principles always work; now with the Internet they work faster, easier and cheaper. Whatever your business, Shel’s tips, tricks and techniques will make you part of the steamroller rather than part of the road.”
—Dan Poynter, Author, “The Self-Publishing Manual” and many other books

“The main reason to buy this book is that Shel Horowitz has distilled the marketing wisdom of dozens of experts who charge up to hundreds of dollars for their books. Not only has Shel done the reading for you, he also interviewed many of these experts, or engaged in correspondence with them. He is a scholar of marketing, summarizing and simplifying with his infectious, upbeat writing style and an unwavering focus on what can be done on the cheap.

“The second reason to buy this book is for the copious examples and case histories. Shel provides numerous side-by-side examples of good and poor copy, including news releases, classified ads, e-mail signature files, and even Yellow Pages ads. These side-by-side comparisons teach quickly in a way no amount of explanatory text can match.”
—Steve O’Keefe, author, Complete Guide to Publicity on the Internet

“Shel is a marketing genius. His marketing book is one of my favorite secret weapons in the fight to get and keep customers. He’s sincere, creative, and persuasive.”
—Joe Vitale, author, “There’s a Customer Born Every Minute” and “The AMA Complete Guide to Small Business Advertising”

“Extremely knowledgeable, very down to earth, and hype-free…a “friendly” textbook on marketing ALL small businesses, consultants, etc. should read, and certainly applicable to big biz as well. It answered questions I never knew I had. There was information I could use IMMEDIATELY!…

“I’ve read this book cover to cover a few times and keep getting more value – and actionable information. It’s been on my nightstand now for months and I often read a random section before retiring at night…

“I’ve read (and reviewed here on quite a few great books in the past year or so. This is one of the best! You can purchase it directly from Shel’s website…

“Bottom line: Grassroots Marketing, highly recommended.”

—Ted Demopoulos, co-author, Blogging for Business (Dearborn Trade, 2006), Full Review

“A wonderful book for anyone who wants to understand how marketing, promotion and public relations can be done — on your own — without costing a lot of money. This book offers a great collection of insight, ideas and examples — and if I was still teaching Marketing 101 at UNLV or PR Practicum at MTSU, I’d use this as one of the required-reading textbooks — it’s that good.

“I’ve written 8 published books on PR and marketing — I know how hard it can be to capture and translate the sophisticated concepts that make promotion work, while demystifying them so any competent businessperson can put them to work. Shel has done this with a grace and style that make me frankly envious.

“If you want to understand how you can market and promote your book, your business, yourself, you should buy and read this book by Shel Horowitz.”

—Ned Barnett, APR, Public Relations Practitioner and Author (Reviewed at

Reader Testimonials

“I have been using Grassroots Marketing: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World as the basic text in a marketing communications class that I am teaching… Many of the students will be starting their own businesses and few will…have those big-budget marcom programs. I like Grassroots because it is not only a text I can use to help provide the students some of the marketing communications insight they can get anywhere but because it also is a book that is affordable. In addition, this is a book that they will be able to reference for nuts and bolts marcom challenges they will be facing in their own work environments.
You have a writing style that gets quickly to the points the student need to reach. While it is set up as a book for use in the field, I would guess that a lot of marketing communications professors would find it very easy to adapt to their classrooms. You have written it for professionals and I find that my liberal arts students appreciate this approach more than they do the traditional text with the reviews, the vocabularies, the summaries.”
—Dick Puffer, Marketing Communications Professor, Coker College

“I used to think there were two or three books worth reading about small business marketing and advertising (my own included, of course) but we now must add this latest gift of support to struggling entrepreneurs. This one is a foundation stone, so don’t begin your business building without it. You’ve been warned.”

—Michael Corbett, Author, “The 33 Ruthless Rules of Local Advertising”

“Grassroots Marketing is an excellent textbook on small business marketing and advertising. It is an enjoyable and useful book. After reading the book, one will really understand that marketing is all about understanding the customer needs and finding solutions that delight the customer. The reader will come to appreciate that marketing is a philosophy of doing business for those organisations that are going to thrive in the current highly competitive markets. This work is densely packed with valuable insights, guidance, and marketing techniques. It offers enormous potential to receptive and motivated readers who are able to move from thought to action. The book carries pertinent information, but it is organized and written in such a way that is easily digestible. I would recommend it to newcomers to marketing or business entrepreneurs or small business consultants or trainers or those who just wants some insight into how to effectively market goods or services.”

—Dr Elijah Chingosho, Nairobi, Kenya

“Loved this book. It is like an encyclopedia for grassroots marketing, hence the name. Really enjoyed the “clear cut” examples. I dive into it often and it has really helped me promote and market my new book! Thanks Shel!!!!!”

—Laura Lee Heinsohn, Author of Cracking the Parenting Code: 6 Clues to Solving the Mystery of Meeting
Your Child’s Needs

“If you follow Shel’s advice in this well written, easy to use book, you will be successful. My copy is full of post it notes marking pages and highlighted areas, my advice is to buy this book if you want to be successful.”
—Michelle A. Dunn, Writer/Publisher/Consultant

“Just a note to let you know that I find your Grassroots Marketing: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World to be a real gem.

“I keep it on the shelf above my computer next to the CMS, Kremer’s 1001 Ways, and Writer’s Market. I have read your book cover-to-cover four times, and refer to it frequently. Grassroots Marketing is one of those works that the writer in any field will profit from.

—Jonathan Pearce, Balona Books

“It’s a noisy world, indeed, but Shel does his best to help you be heard above the din. His oversize paperback covers everything you need to know about getting publicity for your book, product or business.

“This is Shel’s fifth book and an update of Marketing Without Megabucks, with nine chapters on cybermarketing.

“The 39 chapters range from electronic exposure to branding. In between are sections on the various types of media releases, including when to start the release with a provocative question and when to use an unusual spin. Shel advises readers on how to create business cards, banners, brochures and fliers and what each should cost you. A section on outdoor advertising includes sidewalk signs, bumper stickers, billboards and more as publicity vehicles.

“The chapter on copywriting is especially comprehensive, given that most business people, including authors, are not copywriters. Shel shows the reader what works and what doesn’t. He illustrates with sample headlines which work best for each situation and why—and repeats it with text. “Writing promotional material is both a science and an art,” he says.
“Interested in getting booked on radio or TV? Read the examples of “hook sheets” and success stories before making your pitch.
“This book makes you think. At least it made me discover something. On page 4 the author asks, “What makes you unique?” Heretofore, I was stressing the benefits of my book—which is fine. However, now that I’ve become a publicist for authors, I realize after reading that question that I must stress the benefits of my services—over and above my method of getting publicity. Clients don’t care how you got there—only that you succeeded in getting them heard in this noisy world.”

—Francine Silverman,

“Shel, I have been reading your Grassroots Marketing. It’s stupendous. Enormous numbers of great, sensible ideas, many of them easy to initiate, all of them frugal. I’m impressed (again).”

—Jonathan Pearce, publisher, Balona Books, California

“I wanted to let you know that I’ll be teaching classes on marketing at the Oregon Christian Writer’s convention and I’m going to be suggesting “Grassroots Marketing” as THE book for these authors…Your book has done wonders for my own marketing and promotion and I firmly believe it will do the same for my peers. I’ve suggested your books and site to everyone on my contact list, and I’m going to push “Grassroots Marketing” to anyone I meet who needs to promote.”

“Again, thank you very much!”

—Perry P. Perkins, Author, Editor, Publicist,

“I finished Grassroots last night. I got a lot of ideas while reading and underlined many sections to go back to.”

—Cheril N. Clarke, novelist,

“A cornucopia of ideas that you can use to jumpstart your own creativity and start getting some meaningful results from your own low-cost marketing. Results that will translate into bookings and commissions.

“Horowitz starts with the basics: figuring out just exactly what you do, picking a name, and so forth and then quickly branches out in many directions, covering a lot of fascinating topics most of us don’t even think about until we’ve been in business many years. Not everything he covers applies to the home-based travel agent, but many things do, and the book is crammed with tons of little tips and techniques that make you say to yourself, “Wow, why didn’t I think of that?”…

“The fact is, Horowitz’s book will spark hundreds of little brainstorms…it’s a very complete marketing course written in straightforward language we can all understand.”

—Kelly Monaghan, The Home-Based Travel Agent,

“Shel Horowitz – your wisdom and down-to-earth reflections on marketing, pr, and customer relations. You remind us how possible it is with hard work and good old fashioned creativity to have the life you want. The autographed copies of your books will always have an honored place on my bookshelf. Your frugal marketing and frugal fun e-newsletters are always read.”
—Monica Holbrook, Nusthell Design, Inc.

“The logic shines through. All the techniques have actually been used by you or by people you’ve consulted with, and that gives me faith to try them out myself. They’re real world techniques. When you write about a technique and quote where it’s been used, you remove any fear.”

—Mark Levy, author of Accidental Genius: Revolutionize Your Thinking Through Private Writing; former Special Projects Director for Bookazine

“Hello Shel – Thank you for both Grassroots Marketing: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World and Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers. As a fellow marketeer, I appreciate simple, brilliant writing.”

—Donna Blevins,

“Shel, I have read your marketing books and they are dynamite! I recommend them in several workshops that I teach.”
—John Riddle, Blue Moon Communications

“I really liked the book! You have a very clear writing style, you don’t talk down to your reader. I like that. I think your chapter about publicity is going to make a huge difference for us. I think a lot of your tips and tricks will be essential. I consider myself resourceful now, but after reading your book, I feel like I can tap that “newbie” resourcefulness and creative side that I haven’t had at the top of my mind in a couple years. Thanks, Shel.”
—Lisa Pelto, Boystown Press

“I’ve been meaning to drop you a quick note to tell you how pleased I am with my purchase. I haven’t finished it quite yet, but the thing is already dog-eared, marked up, and generally on the fast track to becoming one of my more useful sourcebooks!”
—Teresa Marrone, Northern Trails Press

“I want to thank you for a source of information that will most likely make the difference between the success and failure of a 30-year old business. I’m not even half way through Marketing Without Megabucks
yet have already employed several of your suggestions. The small effort
I’ve made to reach out to the community…has already opened doors.”

—Carole Del Vecchio, Union Car Wash, Massachusetts

“I wish I had gotten my hands on your book sooner… Thank you for the information on writing press releases and getting on the phone to follow them up… It worked and without your book it definitely would not have happened… The first follow-up call resulted in a newspaper reporter and photographer at my house yesterday!”

—Christine Smith The Babysitters Directory, Minnesota

“The most extensive, least expensive marketing book I have found.”

—Don Taylor, President, Internet Business Division, Virginia

“We’re using your book as a bible now — our marketing guru is excited about some of your suggestions. In fact, we’re in the midst of a free web-site proofing promotion, so if you want us to read any or all of your other web pages (gratis), let me know!”
—Judith French, Executive Editor, ProofIt — Professional Proofreading Services

“[I] have been reading through your book, Marketing Without Megabucks. Am not finished with it yet, but so far, it has helped me develop a cool marketing program that will cost all of 30 bucks a year (plus the cost of the Internet connection to send e-mail) to implement.
Frugality rules!”
—Martha J. Retallick, Lrpdesigns, Website development & graphic design services

“Shel, I’ll purchase and read any book that you write, because you always have interesting and insightful things to say.”
—Steve Carlson, Upper Access, Inc.

“Your book has opened my eyes to all the diverse forms of marketing that can be pursued. Yesterday, enthused by your writing, I put Grassroots Marketing down mid-chapter and commissioned a signwriter to produce a large banner reading (our company domain name) to put on the back of my car. Now, wherever I go, we get more free advertising — even traffic jams work in our favour now!”
—James Lea, Aerospace Scientific/Software Scientific, Sussex, England

“I found your book informative from start to finish. I wish my budget allowed me to attend some of the conferences I read about where you can learn from experts. But because it doesn’t, I learn from books. I have yours close by the computer. Excellent resources, particularly for the “newbie.” I’ve had great success getting news of our project/book in the press—we’ve had some articles that took nearly a whole page in national newspapers. One that appeared in the Ottawa Citizen brought in over 200 long-distance calls… The cost-saving tips for mailers are very informative —that is the part of your book I have read and re-read. Because the net proceeds from Gifts From The Heart go to cancer research, I try really hard to keep costs down.”
—Virginia Brucker, Gifts From The Heart, Canada

“Dear Shel, I finished reading your book. I’m so glad I get to keep it because I will re-read and highlight in it.

“You offered very good, practical information. These suggestions are not outlandish. They are easy to implement, which makes me feel hopeful. Some tips I have heard along the way are either too vague or difficult to implement.

“You are a generous spirited man, Shel. That is one of the very reasons you are and will continue to be a success. You put your money where your mouth is.”

—Warmly, J.J. Israel

“Most organizations have severely limited resources for marketing. Horowitz…correctly stresses the importance of (a) identifying precisely who the audience is, (b) getting the right information to them, “being heard” despite all the “noise”, and (c) motivating them to do business with you… When buying this book for about $20.00, you retain Horowitz as a consultant to help increase demand for what you sell. Take your time working your way through the book. Highlight key passages. Take notes. Go back and re-read sections which seem to speak directly to your immediate needs. Because the book offers more suggestions than you can possibly use, cherry-pick those which are most appropriate, and, which can be acted upon soon, if not immediately. Most important of all, with Horowitz’s help, challenge all of your assumptions about your business. Ask tough questions. For example, why do your customers buy from you? What are customer expectations? Unmet needs that you can fill? Who else buys what you sell but not from you? Why not? Price? Convenience? Service? (Do you know?) In all contacts with customers, how effective are your and your associates’ people skills? Do customers feel appreciated? How
about repeat business?…

“Horowitz poses almost all of the questions which must be asked. He also offers answers. Some answers are right for your organization…others are not. Know why. Obviously, I think highly of this book as a single-source, as a basic manual, in which Horowitz provides an abundance of practical and cost-effective marketing ideas, carefully explained and generously illustrated. In the final chapter, he sums up his perspective on successful marketing. Then in the “Resources” section which follows, he provides additional
information which may also be of interest…”

—Robert Morris, Executive Development Consultant (Reviewed at

“Leave it to someone who writes about the virtue of frugality to produce a book that, by design, is a bargain. Shel Horowitz is a publicist extraordinaire, and “Grassroots Marketing” is head and shoulders above the crowd in its genre because it contains timeless information that is both creative and economically practical. Whether you are an entrepreneur, an independent publisher or a media magnate, your efforts in securing publicity must address economic sensibility or at some point you will likely experience failure. This is a
terrific book. Highly recommended.”

—Charles Hayes, Author, Portals in a Northern Sky (Reviewed at

“I just wanted to drop you an email and let you know how thankful and impressed I’ve been with your book, “Grassroots Marketing”. It’s going to be invaluable in the marketing my upcoming novels.

Order your copy today and join our host of other thrilled readers!

Radio Hosts on Shel’s On Air Approach


“Shel was my guest on Good and Green Radio, and WHAT A FANTASTIC SHOW & GREAT GUEST! You can listen to Shel on GGR to get a taste for how passionate, inspirational, & motivational he is when speaking about sustainable, ethical, profitable business. He inspired ME to go out and speak on this topic, too, & I’ve already had two independent bookstores order several copies of Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green to have available on the shelves for my local audiences.”
—Susan Davis, Host/Producer, Good and Green Radio

“Thank you so much for the outstanding radio interview… We had a lot of phone calls on the subject…Besides being a very well spoken subject for an interview, you were also very humorous and playfully interactive, as well. Not only did this make for a fun interview, but it came across as a tight rapport to my audience.”
—Craig “B.B.” Holland, WCCG, 104.5 FM ‘THE VIBE”, North Carolina

“Shel Horowitz was a guest on my Internet radio show, Get Noticed Now. His reputation precedes him, and I was excited to hear his thoughts on how to garner media attention, how alliances can boost industry awareness, and why publishing (or self-publishing) a book is key to credibility. We also talked about his latest book, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green, and how he used his own strategies to capture the eyes of 5 million potential readers.
Shel is a great speaker: Confident, adept, and an excellent on-air personality. I hope to attend one of his live events some day.”
—Susan Rich, Host/Producer, Get Noticed Now Radio,

“Thank so much for being our guest for this week’s show. You were terrific and Paul and I really appreciate you taking the time out to help us educate our listeners. It’s obvious to anyone who speaks with you that you know and love your chosen profession. I truly look forward to reading your new book. We’ll be sure to give it a couple more plugs on future shows.”

—Doug Hunt, AKA Sustainable Squirrel, Co-Host of Green Fox Radio, WDEL 1150AM – Saturday’s at Noon,

“It’s clear how passionate and knowledgeable Shel is about ethical/green marketing. With a warm and engaging style, he brought the interview to life with vivid examples that captivated my listeners. He’s welcome back on Smart Networking Radio any time!”
—Liz Lynch, author, speaker, coach and host, Smart Networking Radio,

“Thank You Again for making my job so easy. Your interview went beautifully and I appreciate the time and effort you put into making it happen. If you can think of anyone else who would be a good fit as a featured guest on LIJL Radio, please let me know. My goal is to share as many Lessons in Joyful Living as we can.”
—Kimberly Rinaldi, Founder, Lessons in Joyful Living Radio Network

“Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Shel Horowitz on my radio show, Indies in Motion. Shel shared with my world-wide audience so many helpful and inspiring ideas for self marketing independent artists! I truly appreciate his willingness to offer such valuable information that is practical, ethical and doable. Very encouraging. I only wish we had more time to explore Shel’s vast knowledge and expertise.”
—Rick Mizuno, Radio Host of Indies in Motion, Live every Monday at 1pm PST on Ch2 of

“You did a great job…later this morning, I called to set up an interview with another gentleman who complimented me on our interview… Vermont, loaded with small businesses looking for direction like you have to give, should benefit greatly from your visit tomorrow.”
—Ric Tile, PointFM (WDOT/WRJT), Montpelier, VT

“I had a great time, and felt we just started getting rolling at the half way mark. You have an incredible
amount of knowledge about marketing, going green, and being ethical in your business. Add in all the case studies and examples, and you make a fantastic guest.”
—David Mathison, Host/Producer, Be The Media

“Shel, You were a great radio guest – articulate and passionate. Thank you for being on the show.”
—Angel Tuccy (TUH-see), Host of the Experience Pros Radio Show

“Shel you were a very entertaining and knowledgeable speaker! I enjoyed learning and laughing with you!”
—Felice Gerwitz, host, Writing and Publishing Radio

“You certainly helped us lay the track for our listeners by being a guest on The Coach is In!

“We have received great feedback from your interview and listeners are still accessing the archives to hear the show. We so appreciated your time and expertise to make it a great listen for our followers. It was a great lead to our Road to Success Workshop in January.”
—Jaynine Howard, USMC (Ret), PhD (ABD),

“Out of the many people that I’ve spoken to about how to use the element of Surprise to delight the world, Shel has a rare dedication. It was inspiring and moving to hear how he applies his passion for surprise not only to his business, but also to his overall life perspective.”
—Maya Gilbert, co-founder of Surprise Industries (interviewed Shel for a new radio show)

—Ronda Del Boccio, co-host, Relationship Marketing 101 radio

“I just wanted to thank you for another excellent appearance on Your Peace of Mind…how much useful information you manage to impart, and the level of positive response from listeners. I wish all my guests were as articulate and interesting as you. You’re well-prepared, fast on your feet, and personable. It makes you a great radio guest and I truly appreciate it.”
—Dr. Barbara McCallum, WHMP, Northampton, MA

“Your ideas don’t just save money, they feed the soul.”
—Louis Free, Host, Louie Free Show, WASN, Youngstown, OH

“Shel, THANK YOU! I was taking calls on your book WHILE you were on the air. We’ll definitely do it again.”

—Bell, producer, KBUL News Radio 970, Billings, MT

“”A real big breath of fresh air.”
—Jana Oliver, Host/Producer, D-I-Y Author show, Leisure Talk Radio,

“Hi Shel, Thank you for a wonderful interview yesterday. I’m very pleased with how it turned out. I know that listeners will receive a great deal of inspiration and direction. I wasn’t as articulate as I can sometimes be, but you were great, and that’s the important thing! It’s truly an honor to collaborate with you and I look forward to more! Warmly,”
—Ryan Eliason

Teleseminar Hosts & Participants

“Shel knows how to leverage a company’s social responsibility through marketing. In this webinar he shares insights from how he’s done it for his own causes, clients and observations of others. Consumers care that the products and services they purchase are clean and green. Shel tells those who have it, how to flaunt it. And if you don’t have it, this webinar could be the inspiration for you to go green.”
—Geri Stengel,

“I love having Shel with us. He’s absolutely the world’s greatest expert on marketing. Your website is absolutely incredible, a huge amount of content. Your work is fantastic. My seal of approval is 100%—you get an A.”
—Annie Jennings, President, Annie Jennings PR, and host of a popular teleseminar series that has twice had Shel as a guest expert.

“I had the honor and privilege of interviewing Shel for The Social Entrepreneur’s Quest Coaching Program. He is a true inspiration; both in the sustained passion that he brings to his practical social and environmental justice efforts over the last four decades and in his realistic optimism about the positive changes in our world. Shel’s integrity, sense of work/life balance, and awareness about the value of building long-lasting business relationships demonstrates that he is indeed walking his talk.”

—Lev Natan, The Social Entrepreneur’s Quest,

“Hi Shel—just wanted to thank you for all the great tips that you and Warren Whitlock shared in your teleseminar about online promotions. I’ll definitely put them to good use in promoting my books.”
—Barbara Whitaker, author of the “Have Dog Will Travel”regional pet-friendly guidebook series,

“Shel’s workshop at Book Marketing Conference Online (, was spectacular. He transformed a topic that could be considered dry and boring into an enjoyable and highly useful (and entertaining) workshop. Shel provided us with real-world examples of how to connect with the media in a way that gets us noticed and gets us “gigs.”

—D’vorah Lansky, M.Ed. and Bestselling author of Book Marketing Made Easy: Simple Strategies for Selling Your Nonfiction Book Online

“I think the seminar [that Shel did with Warren Whitlock] hit the perfect balance of educating people about inexpensive ways to market books and letting them know that you have products and services they can purchase. There was no “hard sell,” but at the same time you built interest in your books and services so that some people would naturally want to investigate more. Many teleseminars CLAIM in their run-up advertising that they are “Free,” but then towards the end you get the whole “$5000 of bonuses if you order now!” routine. I think you eloquently explained the whole concept that if you give to people first, without expecting an immediate return, then down the line you can develop a residual income through the reputation you have built.”

—John Toomey, IEICO

“Dear Shel, I enjoyed listening in on your teleconference, “Best Ideas for Promoting Your Book Online.” As always, you shared insights into no-nonsense, easy to apply techniques that virtually anyone can benefit from. Whether one is an experienced marketer of their book, or just starting out, your information is excellent.”

—Kathleen Gage, Best-selling author,

“Shel’s 20 tips seminar was everything you could ask for and more. If we use just a few of his tips, I’m confident our new book will be a best-seller.”

—Lewis Bartell, Parent Positive Press

“Terrific teleconference today with Shel Horowitz. My book is coming out this summer and the ideas Shel shared about creating a web site and blog for the book are invaluable. Also his ideas on affiliate sales of the book has really got me thinking about who else can benefit from selling my book.”

—Steve Mezak, CEO, Accelerance, Inc.

“Dan, Thank you for having Shel as your guest — he is informative and generous in sharing his information; he seems to be a person who is walking his talk! Here are some ways that I will put his ideas into action: I will create a pledge campaign around my new book: The Gift of the Acorn; and I will now use the amazon strategy in a way that feel “right” to me. Thanks, thanks for your part, Dan, in bringing these great guests to us.”

—Susyn Reeve,

“Shel’s information made me realize that I am doing a lot of things right and there are a few new tricks that I will start using immediately. Thanks again for another excellent teleseminar.”

Bette Daoust, Ph.D., Chief Knowledge Officer,

“Terrific teleseminar today with Shel Horowitz! I especially found value in the tips on creating the ‘big idea’ and getting my blog noticed by search engines. Thank you for letting me listen in on your conversation with Shel.”

—Donna Kozik, Co-author of “29 Days To A Smooth Move: A Complete Household Moving Manual” and “Get A Job! Put Your Degree To Work”

“Dan, Wow! Thanks to both you and Shel….I once heard and have lived by because it makes sense to me….
When you help someone become successful, you will also be successful. What I learned is to try everything within reason that is a fit for your
book and let the creative juices flow. Thanks and God Bless,”

—Karla Bristow

“The information on how to get your Blog noticed and pinged was phenomenal. As well the info on discussion group timed promotion. Thank you for inviting me.”

—Roz Fruchtman, and

Print Journalists on Shel’s Value as a Source

“You are always such a wealth of knowledge.”
—Jennifer Leclaire, freelance journalist who has interviewed Shel for many stories.

“Thanks again for your help today, Shel. I thought you were a great interview. I think we’ll definitely be able to use you again down the road.”

—Annette Pena, Editor, ACA Today (American Chiropractic Association’s magazine),

“One of the most interesting interviews that I have done so far. Thank you very much, Shel.”

—Andrea Klee,

“Your interview has just been published on You have an amazing story and the interview is a great read. Thanks so much for your time on this and for the opportunity. Best Regards,”
—Brian Null,

“”Thanks for the pitch, Shel. Good stuff! You’re always such a great resource. As usual, your thoughtful pitch has given me some good food for thought as I begin my reporting. So thanks for always tickling my brain.”
—Matt Alderton, widely published freelance journalist