Powerful, Unwritten Secrets of Selling an Info Product On-line

Secrets the informational marketing gurus won’t share — revealed!

What do Mark Joyner, Joe Vitale, Jim Daniels, Cory Rudl,
and other Internet marketing greats refuse to tell you about
selling an information product online? They all make thousands
of dollars selling their info products, which give incredible
hints and tips to help you start and maintain your online business
— but what are the brutal, behind-the-scenes military tactics
they aren’t telling you about?

Here’s a hint: I just used one of them, which is…

## Secret I – Make Everything Sound Bigger Than It Really Is

In order to make something sound bigger than it really is, you
must first have confidence in yourself. Believe it or not, the
way you think about yourself really shows in your writing —
and I can tell you right now that if your visitor gets even the
slightest hint that you are not 110% confident in what you say
and do, you’ll lose the sale. It’s as simple as that.

Sounds easy, right? Wrong! Foil this one, and your visitors will
hit the back button for one of two reasons…

1) Your offer was too good to be true

Lying is not an effective way to sell. Your visitors will
see through your BS as if it were a freshly cleaned window
pane. You may be able to sucker them in once — but you’ll
have a tough time working your back end (selling to your
existing customer database).

2) The only person getting excited about your offer is you

Don’t be a selfish writer! Focus on your customers’ feelings
and innermost desires — not your own. WIIFM — or, “What’s
In It For Me?” is an acronym that you should have have taped
to the face of your monitor. It will be a constant reminder
of what your potential customers are asking themselves when
they visit your web page.

Also, be sure to use the word *You* about ten times as much
as you use the word *I*. A person gets more excited about
something if he or she feels like they are being spoken to
directly. Using the word *You* will speak directly to your
visitors’ subconscious, and subliminally create a more
personal feel to your sales letter.

“So, what is the most effective way to write with confidence,”
you ask?

Simple. The second you get out of bed, brew a large pot of coffee,
and get writing. The best time to write a sales letter is immediately
after you wake up, and the coffee will put you in a euphoric,
confident state of mind. Your mind is clear of worry, the birds
are chirping, and the sun is rising (well, that depends on what
time you wake up, I suppose).

Note: You will also get the same effect from exercising.

One of the best ways to make your offer appear larger than life
is to use power words. I could list off about ten million of
them, but I won’t waste your time. Here are a few…


The list goes on… You can find a more complete list of Power
Words at http://www.makingprofit.com/mp/powerwords.shtml. Use
these words to bring your writing alive, and to create a strong
mental image in the mind of your visitor.

## Secret II – Over Deliver, And Under Charge

This works hand in hand with Secret Number One, because making
your product seem larger than life will significantly boost it’s
perceived value. That’s not all you’ll need, however. We still
haven’t even covered the positive effects of added bonuses and

When you add bonuses to your product, it will make the purchase
decision easier on your visitors. There are a couple ways you
can go about doing this…

1) Point of Sale Surpriser

If you can write a sales letter that’s good enough to keep
your visitors reading until the very end, and you have a bonus
that will knock their socks off, then this is the route I
would advise you take. It’s really very easy to implement.
Simply tell your visitor about the bonus right at the point
of sale, and bundle it with an unbeatable guarantee
(which we’ll cover in just a moment). Done, and done.

A good example of this is the sales letter for an Aesop product
by Joe Vitale called “Hypnotic Writing” (http://www.hypnoticwriting.com/).
It draws the visitor in, and at the end… BAM! You are suddenly
blasted with a bonus valued at $149, and an awesome price
of $27. It was enough to sell me — that’s for sure.

2) Bonus Overload

There are hundreds of products out there that you can include
as bonuses at no cost whatsoever. If you’re looking for a
few to start off with, check out the “Free Marketing E-books”
section at the following link:


The only problem with including free E-books as bonuses is
that there are probably hundreds of other people bundling
the very same items with their products as well. The
perceived value is not quite as high with Free To
Re-Distribute products as it is with those with which
you purchased the resale rights.

Check out The Internet Marketing Warriors site
(http://www.thewarriorgroup.com) to get a good idea of
how to implement this tactic. Allen Says (webmaster of
The Internet Marketing Warriors) has purchased the rights
for a wide variety of information products, scripts, and
software packages, and sells the whole package for a truly
incredible price.

Now, whether you use tactic number one, or tactic number two,
it is of utmost importance that you stamp your product with an
unbeatable price. It should be lower than a product of its nature
would normally be, but not so low that the price would lower
the overall perceived value.

Most importantly, you must have a killer guarantee. I suggest
offering a lifetime 100% money-back guarantee. You see, it doesn’t
matter how many returns you have, because selling information
online is virtually free of cost. Theoretically, you are pulling
in nearly 100% profit, so what does it matter if one out of every
two hundred people return the product?

Now, go out there and make yourself some money!


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