Political Campaign Testimonials


If you’re a progressive candidate for political office, or you’re working on an issue initiative/referendum, Shel can help with…

  • Writing position papers, press releases, and campaign literature
  • Media training for print, radio, and TV interviews
  • Identifying key talking points and sound bites
  • Training volunteers to accurately and enthusiastically represent your positions”I’d like to offer my highest possible endorsement of your services… Your skills are formidable. You simplify ideas and find the right tone… You are unparalleled at singling out accurately the exact focus or theme that best captures ideas.…great at discussing options for presenting my message… and no one is better at choosing the clearest, briefest written language.”
    —Mary L. Ford, 4-Term Mayor of Northampton, MA

    “Dear Shel, Your assistance was one of the highlights in my campaign! I was amazed by your ability to listen and transform my thoughts into a focused message that got to the essence of what I wanted to say to voters. I marveled at your capacity to make the most out of fewer words. No small feat when you have to deal with clients who are rich in substance, but long on words. Your skills in media training, creating great sound bites, and integrating my message from the website to printed handouts to press releases, had a huge impact across the district. Folks who find you–in your professional capacity–will be well served.”
    —Isaac BenEzra, candidate for office in a four-county district