Personal Mission Statement to Staying Focused

Personal development is the single most important thing you can do
to improve your business or career. There is no faster way to make
more money while you improve your business skills–and it will
ultimately reflect your success or your failure.

If you are going to be part of a best-of-the-best organization, you
need to make sure that you have a personal laser-sharp focus. This
will allow you to make a purposeful and significant contribution to
building a higher level of success. A personal mission statement is
also extremely helpful in establishing and maintaining this focus in
your personal life.

Many business owners and managers have taken the time to create
organizational mission statements. But few have gone through this
process on a personal level. If you are one of the many who have not
created a personal mission statement, now is the time to do so.

5 suggestions on how to write a personal mission statement:

1. Set aside some undisturbed time to think through and write
your statement. Take some extended time away from the distractions
of home and office to reflect on where you are and how you desire to
invest your life in the context of work, family, friends and your
community. It is important to address all these areas of your life
and to balance each. True success comes only when you have a
balanced lifestyle of success, family, friends, true happiness and
personal health. To become a highly successful leader, you must
achieve this overall balance in your life.

2. Question yourself to identify your main purpose. What do you
believe your sole purpose on this earth is? How will you achieve
that by applying the right principles that determine how you live
your life? How will you empower vision for yourself and others? What
mentors do you admire, and what attributes does that person possess
that you wish to obtain? What principles can you learn from other
successful business people that you most benefit from within your
own business? Your depth of thinking ? not speed ? is key to a
strong focus. You don?t have to actually write a statement at the
beginning, simply answer the questions and you will begin to observe
patterns and priorities in your life. By the time you have completed
the questions, you should have discovered the essential elements of
your life necessary to write your personal mission statement.

3. Collect your thoughts and implement your action plan. What
are five goals you are committed to achieving in your business in
the next year? In the next five years? In the next ten years? What
specific actions do you need to take in the next year to achieve
your one-year mission for your business? To achieve your five-year
mission? To achieve your ten-year mission? Now, take a close look at
your action plan, sole purpose, empowering vision and the right
principles. Begin to write out your personal mission statement for
your business. Then do the same for your family, friends and
community. You personal mission statement may be short, but easy
enough to clearly define and understand.

4. Enjoy the process and include others in your mission. Work on
your mission statement and then gather the input of others to help
you refine your ideas. Your business statement should also involve
your team?s input to crystallize your mission and its outcome
affected by all.

5. Keep your mission statement available and visible at all
times. You will continue to grow and change and your personal
mission statement should grow and change along with you. Review and
continue to plan with your mission in mind. Best-of-the-best leaders
are marked by their clear sense of mission and strong vision. As a
leader, taking the time to create a clear focus for your personal
and professional life is the biggest gift you can give to yourself
and your continued success.

Five Ways to Continue Your Personal Development:

1. Listen to motivational programs.
You can turn your commute time into life-long learning time. This is
an incredible opportunity to help you stay focused, motivated and to
help you advance your growth.

2. Attend seminars often.
Attendance at educational seminars focused toward your goals
virtually guarantees your personal and professional development.
Experts in your field will help you to stay on track, keep you
inspired and offer you new insights, strategies and ideas. Stay
after the event to meet the speaker in person, and ask questions
that can help move you toward your goals.

3. Network like crazy.
Meet people everywhere you go, and try to introduce yourself to at
least three new people at every function you attend. Think of ways
you can joint venture, send them business opportunities and build
alliances with them. Arrive early at events and position yourself
where you can meet the most people. Practice purposeful
communications with specific objectives for every event you attend.

4. Offer your expertise as a public speaker.
Public speaking is one of the biggest fears, but it can be easily
overcome with a little practice. Public speaking requires research
and contemplation, two activities that are easily converted into
professional development. There are always opportunities to share
your business knowledge at Rotary Clubs, Chamber of Commerce and
other business functions. This is an excellent way to build your
expertise and awareness within your business community.

Toastmasters International is a personal development organization to
help you become a better speaker and leader. Toastmasters host
thousands of meetings all over the world. I highly recommend this
for personal and professional growth. View their website to learn
more at

5. Develop innovative thinking.
Most people know how to play a game that requires players to think
only one move in advance. Many people manage their career in this
manner, rarely investing in the future. Highly successful people, on
the other hand, think five moves in advance. Forward-thinking people
are much more likely to arrange training, and thus capitalize on
their investment.

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