Organization Tips That Add More Hours To Your Day

One of the most common complaints that small business owners have is lack of time. What most don’t realize, however is that their lack of time stems from a lack of organization. But with a few simple tips – that you can implement immediately – you can literally add hours to your day.

— Putting Things In Their Place

First and foremost, you should live by the motto, “A place
for everything and everything in its place”. When you are
finished with a piece of paper, a brochure or any other
physical document – file it. What usually happens is that
you finish using a piece of paper, “temporarily” put it in
a stack and then have to spend two hours cleaning up after
yourself once a week. Or, you may leave it in a stack and
spend two hours a day digging through the mess to find what
you need.

Create a filing system that works for you personally and
then use it! Perhaps you’d like a filing cabinet? There are
also expandable folders and numerous other filing systems.
Choose the one you like, create a folder for it and put it
where you can find it again if need be.

— I’ll Be Right There

How many times a day do you say (or think) that? Especially
if you work from home, you probably have plenty of
interruptions that take valuable time out of your day. If
you’re a work-at-home parent with young children, it may be
a bit more difficult to end interruptions all together, but
these tips will help.

1. Set “office hours”. As much as possible, let your family
know that between 8am and 11am, you’ll be working. Then
again from 1pm until 6pm you’ll be “in your office”.
(Or whatever hours work best for you.)

2. Ignore your email. Well, partially, anyway. Unless
you’re expecting some urgent message, don’t stop what
you’re going to run check your messages each time you hear
the “bell” ring. Decide on the time frame that works best
for you and then check your email at certain times during
the day. (Perhaps every three hours or so.) During the rest
of your work time, turn your email software off so you can
resist the temptation to check each message as it arrives.

3. Screen your calls. These days most people have voice
mail or an answering machine. Unless you’re expecting a
call, let the machine get it. Just as with your email
schedule, you can set aside time during the day to return
calls. This is a great way to avoid telemarketers, too!

— Automate and Delegate

When those routine tasks start taking up valuable money
making time in your schedule, it’s time to either automate
or delegate.

It’s all a matter of how you use your time – make money or
waste money. You can earn money each hour by performing
work or you can waste money by doing every little thing
yourself. There are several options you can look into in
this area.

Software – There is software available today that will do
practically everything! GoldMine or ACT can automate almost
all of your contact information, e-mailings, prospect
follow-ups, appointments and much, MUCH more. Outlook is an
exceptional ‘Day Timer’ type tool that can help with
scheduling as well as email. SystemWorks can automatically
maintain your computer’s “inner workings” and automatically
update your virus protection. There’s a program to do
practically anything you need.

Assistance – I know the first thing most small business
owners scream is “I can’t afford an assistant”! Maybe not
one that comes to your home and spends eight hours a day
with you, but you CAN afford a virtual assistant, a college
or a high school student.

A virtual assistant is someone who handles projects or
duties for you “virtually” from their computer. Perhaps you
need to have a report proofread. Just email it to him/her
and, once it’s done, they’ll email it back to you. Virtual
Assistants can also schedule appointments, follow up with
clients, return routine email inquiries and perform
numerous other tasks.

You can also check with the career development or job
placement offices of local high schools and colleges. They
often have students who are willing to work in exchange for
a small fee or for the experience itself.

Whatever you do – make the most of your time. Being
unorganized not only wastes hours of your day that you
could be making money, but it also is a tremendous stress
producer. Getting your office, your schedule and your day
in order can make for a much more fulfilling and profitable

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