Nip and Tuck: Three Quick Tips for Writing SEO Copy

Have you ever been to one of those sites that has obviously been
written to get high search engine rankings? You know the ones… they
have copy that sounds like this:

“When you buy quality silver jewelry from us, you know your quality
silver jewelry is of the highest quality because we only sell quality
silver jewelry that is top-notch. No other quality silver jewelry
site on the Web offers the selection of quality silver jewelry that
we do!”

Want to take a wild guess at what keyphrase they’re targeting?

Copy like this simply doesn’t sound “real.” It’s very forced. Yes, it
may very well get ranked high in the search engines, but what then?
When visitors click to your site they’ll be faced with stiff copy
that sounds like a robot. It doesn’t flow… and it doesn’t sell,
either! With a little nip and tuck, you can create copy that appeals
to your target audience AND ranks high with the engines.

So just how do you get your keywords and phrases into your copy and
still have a nice, flowing sales message? It’s really easier than you
might think.

Here are a couple of strategies I use when writing SEO copy.

Headlines and Subheadlines

These make the ideal place for keywords. Why? Because keywords are
normally descriptive by nature. Since headlines describe what the
site visitor is about to read, it makes perfect sense to include
keywords within them.


Create a chart, or a list, and give it a keyword-rich title. Just as
with headlines, titles should be descriptive… another perfect
keyword/copy match.


In your chart or list, include keywords in the headers and within the
list descriptions. For example, if your keywords include softball
trading pins, employee recognition awards, lapel pins, and lapel pin
you could create a list that reads like this:

>Keyword Title< Creative Lapel Pin Uses

>Keyword Headers & Descriptions<

Baseball and Softball Trading Pins – Lapel pin trading among baseball
and softball teams has dramatically grown in popularity… be sure to
support your team with custom-created baseball and softball trading

Employee Recognition Awards – Employees take great pride in wearing
lapel pins that show their achievements, and they will treasure
employee recognition awards that they can frequently show to others.

See how the list uses keyphrases within the headers and again within
the list description itself?

Using keywords in carefully chosen places allows you to have more
freedom with your copy itself. So now, instead of the forced,
unappealing copy we read in the first example, you can have something
more relaxed like this:

Quality Silver Jewelry Is A Rare Find!

If you’ve been looking for quality silver jewelry long, you know that
quality is, in fact, a major issue. Unfortunately, many companies
combine low-cost metals with their silver. That compromises the
quality and the appearance. That’s a practice we never participate in!

How To Recognize Quality Silver Jewelry

When shopping for the best, look for these tell-tell signs of excellence.

Quality silver jewelry that is truly created of pure silver will
display a radiant sheen.

When you touch the surface, quality silver jewelry will immediately
show a fingerprint.

Breathing on the finish of quality silver jewelry will produce a fog,
while breathing on the finish of poor-quality silver will not.

And so on, and so on.

So you see, you can have copy that makes sense, provides solutions
for your site visitors, and ranks high with the search engines. It’s
not impossible… it just takes a bit of training and practice. Before
long, you’ll be tucking keywords in all the right places!

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