Me, on Cable TV? aw, Shucks!

Today, most Cable companies have the ability to INSERT
your local commercial into many of the Cable networks,
including the top ten; ESPN, TNT, Nickelodeon, USA,
MTV, CNN, TBS, Lifetime, Discovery, and A&E.

Here’s the way it works. The networks tell the local
cable systems which commercials that can “cover up” and
not be penalized. If they don’t fill the local
slots, whatever the network says can be covered up,
runs, (you have probably seen more than your share of
exercise machine ads with people who can’t be real, or
wondered if you really need a kitchen knife that can
saw a chunk out of a hardened steel axe.)
“..order today and we’ll make the 4th payment for you!”

Local Cable commercial insertions are available for at
least 15 of the major networks and the list grows every

As a small business advertiser you can no longer afford
to ignore the marketing potential, and lost cost,
available through the use of Cable advertising.

Most offer a package that will put your commercial into
a mix of Cable network programs at all hours of the day
for as little as $5 per commercial (depending on the
size of the cable system).

The premium channels (those that cost extra
above the standard cable package, HBO, Showtime etc.)
do not allow commercials to be inserted.

Please don’t let them talk you into doing your own
commercials. They will try. Less work for them but less
commercial effectiveness for you. Sell benefits, not
your mug in front of the store.

Many would-be Orville Redenbachers are delighted when a
neighbor says he saw him on TV. But unless you have the
charisma of Orville, or Dave Thomas from Wendy’s (both
long dead), concentrate on selling product. Have them
make commercials that sell the many benefits of your
company and its products. Benefits. Sell benefits and
you’ll get a better return on your advertising dollar.

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