Marketing Success? Monsters Need Not Apply

Last year I spoke at the System Seminar in Chicago. And after I spoke, Howie Jacobson, author of AdWords for Dummies, came up to me. And he said these words I’ll never forget: “You showed me a way with your presentation. You showed me that I didn’t need to be a monster to succeed in the Internet world.”

A monster?

Yes, that’s what so many of us think of marketing. That it’s something monstrous. Ugly. Demeaning. That we have to stomp on someone else to clamber to the top. That we have to rip clients off, because any how someone else will rip them off anyway.

And yet, the definition of a client is completely different. The definition of a client, cumulatively defined by Webster’s Dictionary is: One who comes under your care, protection. One who needs your guidance.

Can you see any ‘stomping’ in that definition?

Can you see any ripping off? Can you see any saliva slipping from the lips of Jabba the Hutt? There isn’t because there’s no need to be a monster. There never was a need, and there never will be a need.

The most important thing in a relationship is care. Guidance and protection.

Care. As in caring for your child. Guidance. As in guiding your customers, even when they want to buy all your products and services. And you stop them. Because you realise they’ll get indigestion from your lack of guidance.

And protection. Protecting your customers against the real monsters. The ones that promise quick, easy returns. Because no matter who you talk to, you’ll find that there is no easy, quick way.

To care, guide and protect should not just be something we do.

It should be something you live for; day after day. So that your customers know that you really, really care.

That you’ll do anything for them, not because you’re after their credit cards, but that you genuinely want to help. And that they not only know that you want to help, but that they can reach out to you, even when dollars don’t exchange hands.

Howie turned out to be a client…

He bought the Brain Audit. He’s a member of 5000bc. He did our Advanced Website Strategy Course. But in May, Howie and I will meet again in the chill of a Chicago spring, at the System Seminar. And after the Seminar is over, Howie’s taking Renuka and I to have masala dosas somewhere in Chicago (He says they’re the best masala dosas in Chicago).

I’m happy that Howie is a client. But I’m happier that Howie is a friend. To me that masala dosa is the best payment in the world.

You don’t need to be a monster to succeed.

All you ever need to do is care, guide and protect. And someday a client may give you your richest reward.

A masala dosa. It’s proof that you can be YOU. And still succeed.

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