Marketing Story Ideas for Reporters

Shel Horowitz is happy to be a source on any stories related to frugal marketing, frugal fun, SOHO entrepreneurship, writing or publishing, and general frugality.

As an experienced journalist and interviewee, Shel understands your need to find the news angle, to be articulate, and to focus on what makes things interesting for your audience. He will work with you to help you create a great story! Contact Shel by clicking here or call him at 413-586-2388 (8 a.m. to 10 p.m. US Eastern Time).

Some possible story ideas (a sampling among many possibilities):


Effective Publicity in the Media

Low-Cost, High-Impact Marketing

Marketing By Presenting Your Expertise

How to Get Paid to do Your Own Marketing

Spam-Free Internet Marketing–With or Without a Website

Marketing for Grass-Roots Social Change Groups and Nonprofits

How to Use Testimonials

Branding, Online and Offline


Frugal Holiday Gifts and Entertaining

Dating, Weddings, and Romance on a Shoestring–including Frugal Valentine’s Day

Cheap Vacations Close to Home

How to Travel Dirt Cheap and Still Feel Like Royalty


How to Succeed by Giving Your Customers What they Want

Starting a Business on Almost No Money

Managing High-Volume E-Mail

Rural Self-Employment


How to Make a Book Stand Out in the Crowd

Writing an Effective Resume and Cover Letter

Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing vs. Web-Based POD Publishers (e.g., 1stBooks, XLibris, iUniverse)

Making a Living as a Writer


Saving Money on Groceries

Saving Money on Gifts

Slash Your Budget for Cars, Appliances, and Other Expensive Items

How to Get Free Technical Support

Raising Non-Materialistic Kids

Lower Your Energy Costs

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