Market Your Way to Professional Success

Marketing your way to success doesn’t have to be expensive. You just have to do it. Communication and relationship are the keys to marketing.

It’s never too early to start saying thanks to your
clients, vendors and referral sources for what they
contribute to your business or practice. Everyone
loves to be appreciated and acknowledged,
so start now and do something every month.

Keep in contact with your clients and vendors by
sending articles you have written or that would be
of interest to them. Add a little “How are you?”
note to these people and keep the lines of
communication open. Include current information
about any new value-added products or services,
such as a newsletter, or tele-class you will be

Marketing your way to success doesn’t have to
be expensive. You just have to do it.

Communication and relationship are the keys to
marketing. Attending numerous networking meetings
may be worthwhile to some, but that strategy doesn’t
work for everyone because, as someone once told me,
the people who love you will always refer business to you.

Create a list of Advocates, or supporters, who
will think of you first when it comes time for your
special area of expertise. This list could be up to,
but certainly no more than, twenty-five people.

You could also have a separate organizational list,
such as companies where there is more than one
person you know.

The people who are your Advocates or supporters are
the ones who require nurturing. Send them an e-mail,
e-zine, note, or article at least once a month.

Create an external management team to help you
achieve your success. This could include your
attorney, your own mentor or consultant, your
accountant and other like minded people who you
can trust. This is the key, peopple you trust to tell
you’re the truth

Gather your external management teams in an informal meeting
such as breakfast or lunch. Advise them of
your upcoming plans, get feedback and give
acknowledgement for all their support and advice.

Check in with former clients to see how they are
doing. Be willing to provide free information to these
people. Generosity is its own reward. If you keep a
timer on your desk, you can be sure of keeping the conversation
brief as well as focused. Then, send them
more information. Follow up in about two weeks to see
how the seeds of your generosity have blossomed.

Information is available to everyone, through the internet, magazines and newspapers. Only you can provide customized data to your clients that will be appreciated as well as remembered.

Review your brochures, marketing letters, and
newsletters in a new light. Does this information
speak to your”Ideal Client”? Do you know who your
“Ideal Client” is? Redefine these documents as needed
after you have thoroughly defined this client. Give
these documents to your management team and get their

Does your collateral material speak to what you do?
Is the information clear or does it require
interpretation? Spend time on this now and review
it every ninety days.

If the cost of a new brochure is prohibitive, or if
you think your business will be adding more products
or services in the near future, create an Information
Letter.With this type of document, you can update
your Advocate groups as well as former and potential
clients. Again, it’s not costly and serves a specific

This letter can include updates on your particular
industry or market. You also can advise them of your continuing
education and how it will benefit them.

About those referral sources, they deserve a little extra
attention. Remember, they thought of you first! Consider
seasonal flowers, plants, a book or a special card.

You want them to keep remembering you! Nurture all these
relationships and your business will grow and glow.

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