Market Creatively with Bumper Stickers

Using bumper stickers is an effective and affordable
advertising opportunity to promote your business. I rank
bumper stickers right up there with postcards, electronic
newsletters and road signs. They’re basic small business
marketing amore. I personally receive a handful of
marketing tip sign-ups every month from my bumper stickers.
True, four or five new prospects is not a lot. However,
consider how the numbers add up to 48 to 60 per year. Plus,
if only one of these prospects make a purchase, I’ve more
than broken even.


If you don’t have a bumper sticker on your vehicle
promoting your business, get one now! I just printed some
fresh ones for my car, as well as for my friends’ and
family’s vehicles. I had a great experience with [I’m not an affiliate.] I
ordered on a Saturday and received them four days later.
You can order just one 3X10 for $4.95 or a pack of 250 at
$169.95. Both prices include shipping and are full color.
There are no extra charges for additional colors, which is
unusual. Also, I found the design templates extremely easy
to use. Frankly, it was fun.

Bumper stickers have many more uses than their original
intent. For instance, you can include bumper stickers in
all your product shipments or in your invoices. I know what
you may be thinking; no one is going to put a bumper
sticker on their car advertising your business. You
couldn’t be more wrong! If customers have a passion for
your products and services, they’ll sticker. Here’s another
example — include a bumper sticker on the outside of large
envelopes or shipping boxes, such as “Romantic Gifts Under
$25 –,” “Food On The Go –” or
“Make-up Artist – 000-000-0000.”


Keep the quantity of words to a minimum, certainly no more
than seven. Remember, bumper stickers are miniature
billboards. Drivers will be speeding past you. The fewer
the words, the larger the font size you can use so
passersby can see your message. Also, you do not need to
use the “www” in your URL address. A simple,
“” is sufficient. The “www” is implied.
Dropping the “www” can make a huge difference in the
improved layout and size of your copy. [Notice I
capitalized the first letter of each URL word. It’s easier
to read.] MakeStickers also allows you to order 4X6 oval
stickers, which people would be more inclined to put on
their bumpers, given that it’s smaller. Finally, write your
copy using initial caps. All caps are difficult to read. An
initial cap is when you capitalize only the first letter of
each word.

P.S….If you’re short on money and time to market your
business, bumper stickers work while you’re
elsewhere…picking up the kids, out to dinner, meeting a
client, grocery shopping, etc. It’s the best $4.95 I’ve
spent in a while.

© 2003 by Sharron Senter

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