Make Quantum Leaps In Your Business By Testing

It seems wherever you look nowadays successful businesses
are using some form of testing to improve their business.
From brand name soft drink makers to political campaigns
the key to improving the profitability of any business is
to simply to try out new things and new ways of running the
business until you have a valid result then acting upon
those results as a way to guide future actions.

But where do you start testing? Well first and foremost you
should be constantly testing your sales and marketing
materials. If you have an online sales page or print
advertisements go and test different layouts, colors, fonts
and wording of the ad itself. Sales and marketing material
is the lifeblood of a business and the good news is that
even very small changes can have a big impact on conversion
or response rates which will directly puts more money in
your pocket… But if you’re not testing you will be
missing out on these potential gains.

If sales and marketing are the direct customer facing side
of things then operations handles the fulfillment and
services that will influence a customer’s satisfaction of
your business. This is also a critically important area of
any business to test and improve upon because it is
absolutely important to retain customer’s long term.

So go out and test and track the results from your order to
delivery, support systems and product fulfillment
processes. You should especially test them even if they are
handled by third party companies to ensure they are running
in top shape and can make delivery on time.

Beyond sales and operations I highly recommend that you
implement testing and process improvement in every area of
your business. Establishing testing and continuous
improvement cycles throughout is a major accomplishment
that will ensure the long term viability and profitability
of your business.

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