Live Your Fantasies AND Get Publicity: Why Charity Auctions are a Marketer’s Golden Opportunity

Charity auctions are winning deals for everybody. The charity shows they are willing to put
some effort into raising money. The people attending the
auction get the opportunity to donate money and get unique
opportunities. And most importantly to you, the business
owners donating things to the auction get tremendous
opportunities to get very positive publicity.

Thanks to charity auctions, I’ve been on stage in 10 Broadway
shows, singing, dancing and speaking. I’ve also conducted the
orchestra at Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. I’ve gotten
VIP treatment at the Pocono 500 NASCAR race and the
Ringling Brothers circus, the opportunity to watch open heart
surgery in the operating room, about 12 inches away from the
patient. And just a few days ago I donated money at a charity
auction and got the opportunity for me and my dog Robbie to
be in Paul Sorvino’s next movie. These are just a few of the
many, many unique opportunities charity auctions have given

Now, I didn’t tell you all of that to brag. There’s a publicity
opportunity in there. Actually, there are two publicity
opportunities. Unfortunately, almost everyone involved missed
out on those opportunities ‘ except me.

First, the person or company that made the donation had a great
opportunity to get positive publicity just by sending out a
press release announcing their support of the charity and their
donation to the auction. Over and over I’ve told people to get
as much positive publicity as they can. Because when the
inevitable negative publicity happens, all the positive publicity
that person has gotten will minimize the effects of the negative.

I can’t tell you how many times people call my office or email
me in a panic. Some negative publicity has just come out about
them or their business. They want to know how to solve the

My answer is always the same. “Have you done what I
constantly recommend? Have you spent the past months and
years gathering positive publicity?”.

The answer is almost always the same: “No”.

My answer to them is then almost always the same: “You’re

The only reason O.J. Simpson was found not guilty of those
murders is that he had so much positive publicity built up over
the years that the jury just couldn’t believe he did it.

So as you can see, publicity can even save your life.

The second great opportunity for charity auction publicity
happens when the person actually experiences the adventure
they purchased. Only once in the dozens and dozens of charity
auction adventures did the donor do this. It was when I did one
of the Broadway shows. The producers of the show called one
of the major newspapers and had the reporters follow me
around while I was getting my makeup and costumes on, while I
was standing off stage each time I was about to go on stage in a
scene and follow me after the show was over and I took off my
makeup and costume and walked out to meet all of my friends
who had come to see the show.

I knew exactly what the producers were doing. They wanted to
get the most mileage out of their donation. Very smart of then
to do that. I helped in every way I could by thanking the
producers, mentioning how generous they were to donate, etc.
Everyone won in that adventure.

The third opportunity for charity auction publicity is for the
person who donated the money to buy the adventure.

Every time I was going to do a Broadway show, I made sure I
got press releases out announcing it to my community. I
instantly was no longer just a member of the community. I was
a celebrity. I was a benefactor of the charity. I was a

I’m a member of the local volunteer fire department in my area.
No longer was I just another firefighter. I was a Broadway star.

All this because I wanted to help a charity.

You do donate to charities every year, don’t you?

If you are a business owner, you do donate goods and services
to charity auctions, don’t you?

It’s good for business, it’s good for the charity, it’s good for
the community. And it’s your spiritual duty to give back to the
universe that has given you so much. (Got a little airy-fairy
for you there, did I?)

But mostly importantly to the topic of this article, donating to
charity auctions give you incredible opportunities for positive
publicity – and you can always use that.

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