Little Known Technique for Profiting from Popular Niche Markets

Here is a simple little technique that will allow you to skim some of the cream off the top of popular niche markets.

If you look in the ClickBank Marketplace at you will find the top selling info products in 9 different categories:

* Business to Business

* Computing & Internet

* Fun & Entertainment

* Health & Fitness

* Money & Employment

* Sports & Recreation

* Home & Family

* Marketing & Ads

* Society & Culture

If you click on any of the above categories (in the ClickBank Marketplace) you will see a list of the products in that category. The top 10 selling products for each category are on the first page of each category listing.

These listings are updated every two weeks so if you print out the list of products and keep track of which products consistently appear in the top 10 you will know exactly which products are hot.

You can be sure that the owners of these products are selling a lot of products just by the fact that they are consistently on the first page.

Go though the list of top ten products in each category and see if you can create an add on to the product. For example, the 3rd product in Business to Business is “Affiliate Money Tree Handbook” an ebook about affiliate marketing by Mike Delrue. This product has been in the top 10 for the past 2 months so we know it is a hot product.

What kind of “add on” could you create for this product? Here are some ideas:

* A software tool that allows people to keep track of their various affiliate programs.

* A video product that shows people some of the more difficult to explain techniques covered in the ebook.

* A case study of how you used the product successfully.

* A list of underexploited affiliate markets.

* A database of high traffic keyword.

* An audio interview with the creator of the product.

Get the idea? Every product has the potential for multiple add ons. But, don’t create the product yet!

What you should do is contact the owner of the product and give him or her a brief outline of your proposed add on product. Tell him that you will create the product and give him 50% of the profits if he will agree to:

Promote the add on to his currect customers.


Offer the add on product as an upsell to people who buy the main product.

If he agrees — create the product. If not, go on to the next top 10 product on your list.

What if he steals your idea and creates the product himself?

Number 1: He won’t.

Number 2: Even if he does you have very little time invested in the product (just the time it took to create the outline) so you just go on to the next one.

This is a very low risk/high reward method for getting into the info publishing business because you already know before you create the product that there is a market of proven buyers for the product.

Take this idea and run with it!

James J Jones is the publisher of the Kick Butt Business Ideas ezine. For more kick butt business ideas visit his website at: