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<a href=””></a> — Over 200 articles, tipsheets, and book excerpts for frugal marketers and people looking for affordable, effective marketing copywriting services. From international copywriter and author Shel Horowitz.

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<a href=””>Click here to visit a great example of a comprehensive website press room for small entrepreneurs</a>, on Shel Horowitz’s site. Highly Recommended.

<a href=””>Shel Horowitz has been offering a new Frugal Marketing Tip every month since May 1997</a>. Tons of great advice for the low-cost marketer.

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If you need affordable website copy, press releases, newsletters, or other marketing materials that attract attention, desire, and ACTION, <a href=””>we recommend Shel Horowitz’s amazing sparkly prose.</a> He has worked wonders for authors and publishers, business owners, nonprofits, and grassroots community groups worldwide, and his prices are some of the lowest in the business.

NOTE: We are happy to pay you a 10% commission on the first order for any client you send to us.

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