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Hear a brief message from Shel:


“It was a delight to have Shel Horowitz present at the Sustainable Foods Summit. Not only did he do a fabulous presentation on green marketing, but he also stepped in on less than two weeks notice to do the opening second-day keynote—a well-delivered inspirational message tracking food sustainability through the ages and into the future. Shel also understands how to work with meeting planners, and in both of his talks, stayed enthusiastic, interacted well with the audience, and kept to his allotted time.”
Marie-Theres Wimmer, Organizer, Sustainable Foods Summit, Austria

“You rocked the room, and definitely caused some mind shifts!”
Willie Crawford, Organizer of the Birthday Bash Marketing Conference

“Your presentation was outstanding. Really gave a great insight as to why a book is so essential for one’s credibility. Also, where ethics come into your marketing. Everywhere!”
Kathleen Gage, http://www.streetsmartsmarketing.com

“You were your typical brilliant and generous self in our interview tonight. Many thanks, Shel!”
Paulette Ensign, publishingprosperity.com

“Shel Horowitz was an excellent guest speaker at the 2010 Nonfiction Writers Conference. He clearly has a lot of experience in the publishing industry and he shared valuable advice with our audience. Well done!”
Stephanie Chandler, founder http://NonfictionWritersConference.com

“Shel brings the real thing to his presentations and insights. It is clear that he is a genuine and passionate advocate of green practices and the
practicalities of harnessing social media. In an age when every agency now represents themselves as ‘social media experts’ which in reality means
they merely post on Facebook and Twitter for their clients, Shel brings cost effective and measurable results to organically grow green business.
Highly recommended!”

Angus Flood, Executive Vice President, Wisdom Natural Brands

“Dear Shel:

Thank you for such an informative call and for
sharing your message.

Tonight, you not only inspired callers with ideas for being
for profit conscious and planet conscious, but you also
provided a role model for authors to follow when getting

There are so many action springboards from the
information you have shared!”

Roger C. Parker, Call Moderator, Guerrilla Marketing Association

“Not many people have a thorough grasp of marketing AND environmental issues. Shel Horowitz not only has both, but he’s also an energizing, inspiring platform speaker who makes these twin concepts very accessible.”

—Jacquie Ottman, green marketing expert and author, The New Rules of Green Marketing (Berrett-Koehler 2011), http://www.greenmarketing.com


Thank you so much for sharing your time and expertise with our members –

We had the most ever sign ups – over 170

We have the most ever on the call – nearly 50

This was the most interactive of all our webinars with the most call in questions –

We are looking forward to hosting you at the Green Business Seminars at the Green Festival next month.

Denise Hamler, Green Business Network Director, Green America

“Our thanks to you for your generous participation in this year’s Self-Publishing Book Expo. We’ve heard nothing but wonderful things from everyone who attended the Help! I Need Somebody session.”
—Karen Mender and Diane Mancher, conference organizers

“Shel was so succinct and helpful with his advice in the webinar I participated in. I think we forget to tell our story because we’re immersed in the green world, but in a half hour Shel brought me back to my core values and how best to market the green aspects of the Becky Bones brand. He used insightful case studies to bring light to the subject and after watching his slides on the Marcal packaging history, I looked at my own packaging and thought ‘I’m not dedicating enough space to telling people we give 25% of our profits back to the environment!’ He knows exactly what you’re grappling with as a green company and gives you permission to tell your story. I will take advantage of any opportunity to glean advice from him in the future.”
—Save the Earth, Save Yourself, Krista Kokjohn-Poehler, President, Becky Bones, LLC

“Wonderful presentation yesterday! I really enjoyed your energy, commitment and the great resources you shared. I am anxious to put into practice some of the suggestions you gave. Congratulations on your success with the book. I am definitely going to get a copy.”

—Shelley Green, The Green Corner Store

“I found your presentation to be very helpful, the information valuable, and worth remembering. I know that what you presented on Sunday was a lot of information to pack into such a short amount of time. But I found the presentation to be informative and succinct. I left wanting to learn more. I was particularly inspired by your story of the Save the Mountain group you formed to save the Mt. Holyoke range from developers. It made me want to move to one place I particularly love, the town of Rosendale, NY, and try to get involved with the campaign to save the area from resort development.”

Ryan McGarr, attender, SolarFest, 2010, Tinmouth, VT

Just wanted to send you a note letting you know how much your information helped me at PMA University. I was a newbie in NYC in 2002 and was feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all. You took the time to give me valuable advice that has not only saved me money over the years, but has put me in the forefront of the group and therefore, the publishing industry.
Our book, Drive I-95: Exit by Exit Info, Maps, History and Trivia was a huge success. We had to go into a 2nd printing after 3 months on the market and we were finalists for both Foreword Magazine and the Benjamin Franklin Bill Fisher Best First Book Award. We managed to get over 60 media hits last year including Newsday, Washington Post, Boston Globe and the AP wire.
It is people like you in PMA that have helped make all this possible. Merci beaucoup”
Sandra Phillips, Author: DRIVE I-95, Exit-by-exit info, maps, history and trivia www.drivei95.com Benjamin Franklin Award and Foreword Magazine Award Finalists

“I wanted to once again personally thank you for your significant participation at our convention this year… Your keynote address was direct and concise. The message of ethics and integrity was heard and accepted by the attendees and the industry will be better because of it… The convention wouldn’t have been the success it was without your involvement.”
Jeffrey Armstrong, Noteworthy USA

“Attended a talk on book publishing in the digital age last night. The 3 speakers (Claudia Gere, Jason of Gravity Switch, and Shel of Green and Ethical Marketing with Shel Horowitz, were incredibly knowledgeable about this infant field. So impressed and learned a lot. They should take this trio panel on the road!”
Val Nelson, Career and Business Coach, http://www.valnelson.com

“Shel Horowitz is an outstanding speaker who offers a LOT of very actionable information.”
Micheal Savoie, Sound Engineer/Participant, Birthday Bash Marketing Conference

“Shel Horowitz is the smartest, fastest, savviest and cleverest of the authors, speakers, copywriters and marketers in the business.”
Dan Poynter, Professional speaker, conference panel organizer, and author of The Self-Publishing Manual, http://ParaPub.com (he has had Shel on several panels)

“Thanks for letting me sit in on your talk [at BookExpo America]. You are amazing! You are a veritable encyclopedia. I enjoyed your presentation very much.”
Mari Selby, Director of Selby Ink, Staunton, VA

“Shel Horowitz presented to our group of busy entrepreneurs at the UMass Family Business Center, on the topic “Marketing Without Megabucks: How to Spend Fewer Marketing Dollars and Achieve Greater Results Than You Ever Thought Possible.” In his no-nonsense manner, he capably communicated many practical ideas on how to reach both retail and B2B customers in a variety of traditional and innovative approaches, using print, cyberspace, and relationships; through outreach and permission marketing. He was well received, and demonstrated mastery of his topic. I would recommend him without hesitation.”
Ira Bryck, Director, UMass Family Business Center

(Bryck later brought Shel back as one of only a handful of returning speakers in the Center’s 15-year history, to do his ethics speech.)

“Shel was the headline speaker at our annual Writers and Publishers workshop last year. For two hours he had the whole audience hanging on his every word and frantically taking notes (in addition to the very large, very informative handout). Everyone left that day excited, inspired and ready to apply Shel’s many ideas on how to market their books effectively and frugally.”
Michael Bremer, Bay Area Independent Publishers Association, http://www.baipa.org/

“Enjoyed your chat so much–wish all presenters were as cool to work with as you–hopefully we’ll get to work together again 🙂 Thanks!”
Joyce A. Anthony, Moderator for Shel’s 3rd annual appearance at the Muse Online Writers Conference

“THANK YOU for being an awesome Presenter and helper to one and all. Hope you will agree to come back for our next conference next October and also perhaps one or two more chat or weeklong sessions again in the near future.”
Lea Schizas, Orgnizer, Muse Online Writers Conference

“Thank so much for being our guest for this week’s show. You were terrific and Paul and I really appreciate you taking the time out to help us educate our listeners. It’s obvious to anyone who speaks with you that you know and love your chosen profession. I truly look forward to reading your new book. We’ll be sure to give it a couple more plugs on future shows.”

—Doug Hunt, AKA Sustainable Squirrel, Co-Host of Green Fox Radio, WDEL 1150AM – Saturday’s at Noon, www.wdel.com

“Shelóthanks a million for a job well done! You shared TONS of great ideas and it was easy to tell that our listeners were eager to learn more by their many questions. I will look forward to bringing your message and being your new shameless fan. Thanks again.”
Debbie Allen, ShamelessSelfPromoters.com

“Hi Shel, Thanks to you and Debbie for that helpful teleclass. It was one of the few I’ve attended that was content rich and actually gave me some meaningful information. I will be in touch with you regarding your services at some point in the near future. I certainly will pass your name as a resource to friends of mine.”
Ellen Schultz, Life By Intention

“Debbie, Thank you so much for the marvelous teleseminar yesterday on “tons of free publicity”. I received plenty of helpful information, and contacts. I called Shel immediately afterwards to hire him for writing a press release.”
Mary Ambrose, coffee house owner, California

(Note: the three blurbs above all refer to Shel’s teleclass, “How to Get Tons and Tons of Free Publicity,” organized by Debbie Allen of ShamelessSelf-Promoters.com)

“Dear Authors and Friends: Yesterday’s Author Marketing Teleconference Call with Shel Horowitz was one of the best calls we’ve done in the series.”
Peter W. Johnson, Jr., CEO, AdvisorPress and host of AdvisorPress Author Marketing Teleconference Call series. www.advisorpressseminar.com

“THANK YOU so very much for taking the time to do the interview with me today. It is such an honor for me to spend a part of my day with you. I know our listeners will enjoy your inspiration too. You were great! With gratitude and hugs,”
Gail Lynne Goodwin, Ambassador of Inspiration, Inspire Me TodayTM, LLC

“Shel Horowitz speaks with passion and is able to ‘cut to the chase,’ sharing real-life experiences with his audiences.”
Mary Westheimer, BookZone.com

“Your talk at the IBPA/IPNE Publishing University was most enjoyable and well worth the registration fee. Several of your ideas got me
thinking about new marketing strategies…makes my trip to the Publishing University worth much more than I ever expected. I look forward to hearing you speak again sometime.”
Fred R. Sias, Jr., Woodsmere Press, LLC, Pendleton, SC

“Thank you for all the valuable information. I was so impressed by your talk at the CAPA meeting I did buy all of your books and will get back in touch with you after both my husband and I are done reading them.”
Debbie Kilday, Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association

“Thank you for the fine presentation. You gave me a greater sense of the business
that is symbiotic with authorship, for those of us who want an audience to
appreciate what we have written, edited, rewritten and agonized over, as a
mother to a new baby.”
Dick Benton, Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association


Hear a brief message from Shel:


“Shel is one of those rare people with a super-quick mind, able to synthesize ideas in a split-second and create connections greater than the sum of the parts! Widely experienced and remarkably able, he is trustworthy as well as brilliant.”
Thea Lowry, Publisher, Manifold Press

“Thanks again for your help today, Shel. I thought you were a great interview. I think we’ll definitely be able to use you again down the road.”
Annette Pena, Editor, ACA Today (American Chiropractic Association’s magazine), http://www.acatoday.org

“Shel’s dedication to ethics was the most important thing I took away from the program. It was good to find someone promoting ethics in a largely unethical world… I have already put an ethics program into practice in a couple of ways. In “About the Author” on my web site, I mention my credo which is “Treat others as you would be treated.” That credo will also appear in the front matter of my book where I will give that terse statement a full page… I tell my readers that doing your part in a kinder, gentler world can pay off big, and I prove it with real-life examples from my own experience. I also try to live my credo in everyday life, not that I always succeed.”
Ernest J. Honigmann, Monnet Press, St. Louis MO

“[On the Ethics Pledge] Great idea! Can’t wait to see it take off. Get those darn unethical people thinking differently”
Scott Ginsberg, Front Porch Productions, St. Louis, MO

“Thank you so much for the outstanding radio interview… We had a lot of phone calls on the subject…Besides being a very well spoken subject for an interview, you were also very humorous and playfully interactive, as well. Not only did this make for a fun interview, but it came across as a tight rapport to my audience.”
Craig “B.B.” Holland, WCCG, 104.5 FM ‘THE VIBE”, North Carolina


Hear a brief message from Shel:


“I just want here to thank you again for the powerful presentation
People were very impressed.”

Mohamed Elgadi, organizer of a forum at the Center for International Education, University of Massachusetts

“I attended your PMA University class, “Selling Direct: Cutting Out the Middleman”. I found the class to be interesting and very helpful! My interest in the “Direct Selling: Cutting Out the Middleman” was to gather information & ideas to share with the small retail and on-line accounts who resell our books (special sales). Many of these accounts are new operations with little marketing experience. The information you presented in regards to the mechanics of website selling was very helpful… website order form, credit card merchant accounts, e-mail discussion groups, etc. For brick & mortar stores, I took with me helpful ideas such as holding author signings (even non-book stores), hosting interviews, attending trade shows, chamber meetings, etc.”

Kim Corey, Account Executive, Storey Books, N. Adams, MA

“Your talk was grand. I learned from it, and I’m not exactly a novice at listening to marketing strategies. At the same time it was accessible to those novices, and not so intimidating that anyone is likely to give up in despair.”

—Marion Gropen, Gropen Associates

“On behalf of GNYIPA [Greater New York Independent Publishers Association] I wish to thank you for one of our most stimulating and
informative talks. In two years of having speakers, several members told me today after your presentation that this was one of the most accessible and useful. If you ever need anyone to recommend you for your wonderful style and presentation, please send them along to me.”

Francine L. Trevens, President, Greater New York Independent Publishers Association

“Thank you so much for the great interview. I enjoyed meeting you and learning about your book. I think its very timely!”
—Leslie Truex, http://www.workathomesuccess.com

“Shel Horowitz knows book marketing. I saw him speak to the Greater New York Small Publishers Association and was impressed. His lively presentation is peppered with real-life examples of his own successful book marketing techniques. You will take away a wealth of
information you can really use. He will, no doubt, stimulate your own thinking about how you too can jump-start your own book sales.”

Patricia Sapia, Publisher,
El Jebel Press, www.lostpetfoundpet.com

“Your ideas don’t just save money, they feed the soul.”
Louis Free, Host, Louie Free Show, WASN, Youngstown, OH

“Thanks so mjuch for taking part in my DIY Marketing Series. Your time, expertise and infinite wisdom (!) are all so mch appreciated.”
—Allison Nazarian, series organizer


Hear a brief message from Shel:


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