JVs – Can They Only Work When Reciprocal?

I just got an email from a well known online marketer.
We’ve been trying to find a way to work together. He
sent me a copy of one of his programs and I quickly
found out that all of his material is strictly PC based.

Being a Mac guy, I was unable to even look at the
product. After going back and forth with our discussion
he just emailed me to say that he didn’t think we could
work together.

I suggested that MY material would be great for his list.
He said he was only interested in doing a deal where
we both mailed to each of our lists and promoted each
other’s products.

This response is curious to me.

I suggested that my material would be “perfect” for his
list – and it would be. I’m anxious to see what his response
is, but I suspect he may not want to do the deal with me
because of my not being able (not willing) to promote his

Many of my customers are NOT Mac people like me. That’s
fine, but I couldn’t even preview the product.

Let’s assume, for sake of this example, that his product
is NOT appropriate for my list. Does this mean that he
shouldn’t promote my product to his list?

Absolutely not.

There are many products that I recommend (see my site
http://www.FredSentMe.com) where those same people
that I’m promoting don’t promote my products and materials.

No big deal. They may not feel my material and information
is appropriate for their list.

There is no reason why Joint Ventures MUST be reciprocal.

In some cases it may not make sense. The only question
you need to ask yourself is whether a product or service
is appropriate/useful/necessary to the people on your list.
Don’t demand that everything be reciprocal. Instead, ask
yourself if you are serving your customers.

This is the only question you need to ask.

This article originally appeared in Fred Gleeck’s newsletter, Fred Gleeck Insights, and is used with permission. Fred is a speaker and author who is an expert at changing a simple one-time sale into a long-lasting and profitble relationship. Several of his e-books are available for free at www.FredGleeck.com/ebooks