Invite Questions to Boost Your Sales

Do you invite your prospective customers to ask questions
…or do you try to avoid getting questions from them?
You’re walking away from many easy sales if you don’t
encourage prospects to ask questions.

1. Prospects Who Ask Questions Are Usually Ready To Buy

Prospective customers who take the time to ask questions
usually have a high level of interest in your product or
service. By asking questions they identify themselves as
likely buyers.

A prompt and complete answer to their question along with a
gentle reminder of the benefits they will get is usually
all it takes to close the sale.

Tip: Make it easy for prospects to ask questions when they
are at your web site or in other selling situations where
there is no personal contact. For example, list your phone
number or an email address they can use for questions.

2. Set up A Procedure for Managing Questions

Answering questions from prospects does not have to take a
lot of your time. Many of the same questions will be
repeated over and over again. But you only have to answer
each question once …if you save the answer to each
question to a permanent file.

Every time you get the same question again, just copy the
answer from your saved file into your reply – and customize
it appropriately. You will be able to answer questions
quickly. And you will impress prospects with your
promptness and personal attention.

3. Always Reply Promptly

Answer questions promptly. Your prospect’s level of
interest and your chances of getting the sale will decline
as time passes without a reply. Prospects are also likely
to judge your commitment to serving customers by how long
they waited to get the answer to their question.

Tip: If you find yourself personally answering a lot of
questions, add a Questions and Answers page to your web
site – or to your printed sales material. Include the
answers to your most frequently asked questions. This
reduces the number of questions you have to answer

4. Take Advantage of the Selling Opportunity

People tend to pay close attention to what you say when you
answer a specific question they asked. Take advantage of
this. Don’t just answer their question. Include a reason
for them to buy as part of your answer.

For example, a typical question may be whether or not your
product or service applies to the questioner’s situation.
If it does, expand your answer to remind them of the
specific benefits they will get. Then tell them exactly how
to order it so they can get those benefits immediately.

Remember, prospective customers who ask questions are
usually close to buying. A gentle nudge from you will often
get them to take action. Provide that nudge when you answer
their question.

Many businesses try to avoid questions from their prospects
and customers. They are making an expensive mistake.
Answering questions from prospects and customers is a
highly effective and very low-cost way to boost sales.

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