Interview Questions for Shel Horowitz

Interview Questions For Shel Horowitz, Author of Grassroots Marketing: Getting Noticed In A Noisy World, Marketing Without Megabucks:How To Sell Anything On A Shoestring, and The Penny-Pinching Hedonist: How to Live Like Royalty with a Peasant’s Pocketbook

(Note: feel free to use your own questions instead/in addition)

Questions About Low-Cost, High-Impact Marketing

1. How can people market more effectively? What techniques can they use?

2. What are some of your favorite marketing strategies?

3. Tell us about some of your low-cost marketing successes.

4. Is it true that you can reach 80 million people for free on the Internet?

5. You actually suggest that business owners can get PAID to do their own marketing. How could that be?

6. You talk in your book about marketing by becoming an expert. How can someone do this?

7. You also talk about client-centered marketing. What do you mean by that?

8. When you started Accurate Writing & More, how much did you originally spend on marketing?

9. How do you market the business now?

10. How did you learn so much about marketing by running a résumé and career service firm?

11. Why do people need to do marketing?

12. What’s wrong with the traditional approach?

13. How do new technologies affect marketing?

14. Why do you say that many businesses waste money on ineffective marketing? What would be a better approach?

15. Do businesses need to spend money on advertising?

16. What led you to write Grassroots Marketing: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World

17. What else have you written?

18. How can people order your books?

Interview Questions: Business Focus

1. You say that market share is irrelevant to most businesses. If that’s true, why do so many companies try to stab each other in the back?

2. How and why should businesses seek alliances with their competitors?

3. But what if my competitors don’t act that way? They’ll try to take advantage!

4. You’ve identified three keys to business success. What are they?

5. We hear a lot about outstanding customer service and empowered employees?but it doesn’t always hold up on a close look. How and why should companies do better with these groups?

6. Can you give examples of well-known companies that thrive by being nice?

7. It’s easy to be honest in good times. What about in a crisis?

8. Please explain about “biological marketing.”

9. Does cooperative, ethical marketing cost more?

10. Tell us about this international movement you’ve started, to find 25,000 business leaders who’ll pledge to be ethical.

11. How did you get so many powerful endorsements–Jack Canfield, Mark Joyner, Jay Conrad Levinson, and over 70 others?

12. How can people get your book, Principled Profit?

Interview Questions: Consumer Focus

1. What does Johnson & Johnson understand about consumer safety that Ford does not?

2. How did these different reactions affect these two businesses?

3. Are there other well-known companies that really listen and anticipate customers’ needs?

4. What’s the single most important thing consumers should focus on when choosing businesses to support?

5. How does that fit in with your Business Ethics Pledge campaign?

6. But I’m only one shopper–how can I really make a difference?

7. How do these choices affect the kinds of communities we live in?

8. What advice can you give the business owners in our audience?

9. What else have you written?

10. How can people get your book, Principled Profit?

Questions About Frugal Fun

1. You see 10 to 20 concerts and plays for free in a typical year? How do you do that?

2. What are some ways to eat a great restaurant meal for $5 to $15?

3. How can travelers almost eliminate the cost of lodging and, at the same time, learn more about the places they visit?

4. How did you get your $3000 Persian rug without spending a cent?

5. What’s the best airfare bargain you’ve ever gotten?

6. What’s your opinion of how credit cards should be used?

7. Where can you go on a first date without spending money?

8. How much do you have to spend to have a really nice wedding?

9. How do you deal with “buy me, buy me” pressure from kids?

10. How does penny-pinching hedonism fit in with the serious side of the frugality movement?

11. You created International Frugal Fun Day. Why, how, and when is this holiday celebrated?

12. How hard is it to start a holiday?

13. A lot of people have an image of frugality as shivering in the dark in front of a table made of old fruit crates. Is this accurate?

14. Your book is not available in stores. How can people get a copy?Main PageSearch Our Site