How You Can Get A Free Enhanced Listing in Yahoo With Your RSS Feed

Last week, I cheated on my long-time lover Google, with my
old boyfriend Yahoo. And ever since that day, I have
considered becoming a bigamist.

(To full understand what that crazy drivel was about read my last article about how to get your RSS feed listed at
Yahoo within hours – in 5 simple steps here: .)

Today, I decided to go ahead and break the law – Yahoo is my new other husband.

What am I talking about, and what does this mean for your

When I first discovered that you could get into Yahoo’s RSS
Feed directory so quickly, I started making a lot of
observations about their site. The first thing I noticed is
that they made some subtle changes to their search page.
That same day, I noticed that certain sites have more
information in their listings than others.

Try this search at Yahoo for example “Get Your RSS Feed
Listed Within Hours”, quotes and all.

Scroll through the results. Notice for search results
number 7 – and number 8 – the link for a searcher to
add your feed from search results is right on the page.

If you’re an RSS user, you get the power of this already.

Just in case you’re not, let me spell it out for you….
Thanks to Yahoo, people won’t even have to go to your site
to add you to their Yahoo page, if you have the right Meta
Tag in your site’s header.

And if they don’t use the My Yahoo page to track their
feeds? They’ve been kind enough to include a link to your
XML link as well.

How do I know this works?

Do another search for need free traffic – without the
quotes this time. Scroll down to search result number four
– see the one with the feed links?

That’s my site.

Not only did this work, apparently it only takes a few days
from submitting your feed. I added this simple code to my
site header on the 6th of July. I noticed another traffic
increase to my site on the 8th, and I couldn’t figure it
out, which led me to check the listings in Yahoo that had
sent me the traffic.

How did I do this? I added a simple Meta Tag called RSS
Auto Discovery to my site. It’s very simple to use. Here’s
what it looks like:

< !-- RSS Autodiscovery -- >
< link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml"
href="" / >

Just replace my RSS feed link with your own, and add
the tag to the header of your site.

Tinu? Normally a forthcoming woman, her free traffic mental affliction prevented her from telling you the *most* important thing about the RSS Auto-disovery tag.