How To Turn Your Stiffest Competitor Into Your Best Joint Venture Partner

When someone threatens us, we instinctively look for ways to either avoid, evade or protect ourselves from the perceived

In business, where money, security, and even our family’s
future rides on our every move, anyone or anything we
perceive as a “threat” usually causes us to go into
“protection” mode.

Once in “protection” mode, we close off to all possibilities
except avoiding or defeating the threat.

On the flipside, anything or anyone we see as able to help
us build our business, expand our reach, or improve our
profitability, makes us instinctively think of ways we can
use that to our advantage.

Once you understand this simple fact, it’s easy to see how
YOU can to turn your biggest competitors into your best
Joint Venture (JV) partners.

“Competitor” is nothing more than a label someone else
places on you because they see you as wanting to get the
same thing they want (from a limited supply).

In other words, if 100 customers exist, and your
“competitor” perceives you as basically selling the same
thing they do, then the race is on to see who can get the
biggest share of those 100 customers.

This behavior stems from a “scarcity” mentality of “The pie
is only so big and I need the biggest piece possible!”

My advice: STOP trying to divide up the same pie.

Bake a NEW PIE and get your competitors to *SELL* IT FOR

Any competitor you see in the marketplace can actually turn
into your best Joint Venture ally and strongest sales person
if you know what to do.

Your job is simply to find out how you can complement what
they do rather than compete head-to-head with them.

For example: I sell an ebook (2 actually) on how to sell
thousands of ebooks on the Internet.

The material comes directly from my experience of actually
*doing* it – rather than regurgitating what others have

Since I already have two ebooks on “ebooks” I have no
interest in promoting someone else’s ebook on the same

In fact, I get rather snitty when they ask because it shows
their complete ignorance of this principle.

On the other hand, what if they baked a “new pie?”

What if they created a piece of software that made
converting Word docs to PDF a snap and cost a fraction of
the price for Adobe Acrobat?

What if they baked a pie that made it simple for ebook
authors to automatically post their ebook for sale on all
the different online bookstores out there?

What if they created an easy-to-use system to help ebook
authors get their ebooks listed on Amazon and gave me a cut
of the action when I sent them new customers?

What if they created a system that made it easy for ebook
authors to offer a copy of their ebook on CD or in hard copy
form without expensive set up fees?

NOW WE’RE TALKING about things that, in my mind, would
immediately take them out of the “competitor” category and
place them in the “I’d like to know more about you”

So if you want to bake a new pie (get your competitors to
view you as a friend and seek you out as a JV partner),
follow this three step formula.

First, step back from the marketplace and see what the vast
majority of people in your marketplace are selling,
promoting, or offering (they’re all doing virtually the same

Second, think about how you can help them AND their
customers get MORE of what they want faster by complementing
what they already do and not competing with them.

Third, wrap your product or service in a way that your new ally can not only make more money or more sales of both your product and theirs, but also make their customers even happier as a result.

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