How To Turn A Box Of Donuts Into $1,000!: A Secret to Getting FREE Media Advertising

Find the secret to getting free media advertising!!!

Brian worked many years as a fast order cook, then as a senior chef at an expensive restaurant. From the very beginning his dream was to own his own restaurant. It took many years of saving and setbacks, but the day finally came when Brian’s Great Food was set to open.

Fortunately, Brian had developed a bit of a following. Lots of people had enjoyed his stakes, lobster and homemade bread. “All I need is one big attention-getting ad and I’ll be on my way!” he told his wife.

On opening day Brian paid his entire start-up ad budget to get a radio remote. The city’s top rated morning team did their entire show from his new dining room. Business was great for a few days, then the customers trickled off. Too bad, because Brian’s ad budget was shot.

A month later Brian happened to run into a producer from another radio station. “Hey, my guys would come over to your place and spend an hour live on the air if you give them all free breakfast,” the producer said.

“It’s that simple?” Brian couldn’t believe it.

This story isn’t at all unusual. Many, many times big media outlets give free publicity to businesses that trade them objects or services of value. It can be something that TV, radio, or newspapers can give away as a prize–like a trip, bicycle, or free house cleaning. It can also be something special for DJs, reporters, or production staff to enjoy.

Try taking a fresh pie or a box of donuts to your favorite radio station. Tell the receptionist you want to give it to the on-air personality yourself. Come as a fan, but be sure to give your business a plug. Don’t be surprised if the personality picks up the ball and runs with it, asking you on-air what you do, what services or products you provide, and how listeners can contact you.

Most web site owners and e-zine editors are also happy to consider worthwhile trades or valuable favors.

Some larger newspapers prohibit their reporters and editors from accepting gifts, but those situations are exceptions. Try this simple secret for getting FREE media publicity. And don’t be surprised if you turn a box of donuts into $1000 worth of high-profile publicity.

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