How to Tell if Your “Expert” is Really an Expert

Isn’t it shocking just how high the prices of some
infoproducts are?

I mean, $500 or $1,000 or even $5,000 for words on a
digital screen, or audio recordings that are streamed
from a server… what’s the world coming to?!

That startled reaction is quite normal – in the start.

Once prospective buyers realize that what they are buying
is more than merely words on paper or tape or video,
once they understand the real value of what you are
selling them, once they appreciate the impact that it
can have on their life…

They’ll Happily Pay You What You Ask
But that depends upon TWO things.

Both are things that I myself learned only after many
long years of experimentation and failure.

Both are issues I see NOT addressed in the courses and
ebooks on the subject of infoproduct creation that are
priced at less than $67.00

And yes, I believe there’s a reason for it. Or many.

1. This information is just too valuable to give away
for a low price

2. This information is impossible to learn from others,
and needs an IMMERSIVE experience in selling information

So not many infopreneurs are teaching their students of
the importance of these 2 factors…

Because They Don’t Know It Themselves

I’m a heart surgeon. It took me 12 years of going to
medical school to learn how to become one. It then took
another 10 years of IMMERSIVE experience to actually
learn the bits that matter more!

In 1997, I was qualified – but not experienced.

In 2007, I was RICHLY experienced.

That’s the difference that’s worth paying for – and is
very, very valuable. (In my case, it saves lives!)

The principle applies to information marketing, too.

You simply cannot compare the knowledge a veteran
coach with 15 years of real experience creating and
selling infoproducts can bring to the table – with
someone who has been in the industry for less than 2
or 3 or even 5 years… and has gained most of his or her
experience from studying others’ methods alone, then
applied portions of them to their business.

Like investing in the stock market, it’s easy to profit
when the index soars. The real test of an intelligent
investor is how their portfolio reacts during DOWN markets.

Ask your favorite infopreneurs how their business fared
during the massive crash in September 2000, when the
“dot com bomb” happened.

Chances are, they’ll stare at you blankly and say:
“I wasn’t even around in those days!”

Nothing that has happened since then has had such a
devastating impact on online information businesses.

Ad budgets got slashed by 95% – leaving little money from
displaying ads around the content we published.

Confidence in the ‘Internet information business’ model
dropped like a rock – and ebook sales tanked.

Serious business people started looking at this ‘online
thing’ as a gimmick, a fad… and focused on conventional
business tactics.

It took a while for things to turn around. And only the
real smart players survived.

We did it because we adapted to change – and knew the
two factors needed to be successful in information business.

So, what are those factors?

The two factors we’re talking about are…

#1 – Expertise

#2 – Demand

Let’s talk about them.

I see a new bunch of teachers launch products and programs on
the theme of becoming “Instant Experts” or rapidly building a
platform or brand from which to launch products.

So I’ll ask you this.

If there was a program for “Instant Experts” in heart surgery,
and your local plumber joined it – would you, then, go to him
for your bypass surgery next year?

Or would you prefer to have your health managed by a true
specialist who invested 15 years into learning the nuances?

Just like ‘instant wealth’ and ‘overnight riches’, the very
theme of ‘instant expertise’ is a myth – which appeals only
to the very lazy, or very gullible.

Expertise CAN be acquired. But not easily. And not quickly.

Real expertise takes time to gain. Yes, you can become
‘expert’ at a few things faster – and get more competence
than others around you in a few others – and then start to
build an information business around your growing expertise.

This model is scalable.

You teach things you know very well… even as you learn more
things you don’t yet know. When you master them, you start
teaching them too.

Everyone benefits. Especially your students.

They gain value from what you teach, and begin to trust you.

You leverage that trust into gaining their attention, and
selling them more things that will benefit them… growing
your business into massive profitability.

That’s the RIGHT way to become an Internet Infopreneur.

It’s the model I teach in my homestudy course, “The Internet
Infopreneur SYSTEM”.

It’s exactly what I follow myself in my 15-year old business.

And it’s what most ‘gurus’ do NOT!

They teach ‘shortcuts’. Because they followed those shortcuts

Because they haven’t been around long enough, they haven’t
seen the downside of the inevitable CYCLE.
They are enjoying the upswing – not realizing that there’s a
DOWN-SLIDE… and that it’s harder to face and overcome!

Following their short-sighted plan places YOU at the same risk
of getting slammed when the tide turns.

True experts who teach ONLY things they know very well will
effortlessly handle any downturn. There’s little hype and
fluff in their methods, so those methods will still work.

Timeless wisdom lasts forever.

Now, let’s turn to the SECOND point – Demand.

This is another common ‘mistake’ made by beginners (and even
more advanced) infopreneurs – primarily because they are
eager to get going.

I recently mentored a young man in India who was keen on
launching an online information business to supplement his
day job.

Through the 1 month initiation process, our constant struggle
came from his wanting to start writing his first ebook – and
my obsession with getting him to first define his market

He didn’t like it… but went through with the exercise.

To his absolute surprise (but not mine!), at the end of 4
weeks, we discovered that the niche he would decide to explore
was something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from the one he had first
been excited about!

Related, yes. But totally different in scope, target
audience, and even nature of content.

Imagine what would have happened if he had followed his
whim and fancy! He was a REAL expert in the field. He
had been involved in it for almost ten years. Yet, by
ignoring market forces, he was setting himself up for

That’s something everyone teaching information marketing

Even the ‘new gurus’ teach this.

But only superficially!

You see, finding the right niche to get into is a little more
complicated than punching a few keywords into your favorite
tool, studying trends on Google Insights, and dropping into
a few popular forums and studying the topics of discussion.

Sure, these things help. But REAL infopreneur coaches show
you how to do MUCH better…

By Getting Inside Your Prospects’ Head!

I’m talking about PSYCHOGRAPHICS. Understanding the things
your audience THINKS about, worries about, obsesses about,
wonders about, cares about.

A keyword that mentions a specific brand of Nike shoes tells
you a lot more than the obvious fact that the searcher wants
to buy that model.

It points to other things – like a passion for running, a
concern for health, a desire for comfort and safety, a
curious attitude towards things she doesn’t know about…
and more.

Yes, simple keyword searches can reveal a lot more about
a person’s thinking, feeling, attitudes, and desires.

THOSE are the real gold an infopreneur seeks out – and
taps into… by creating infoproducts tailored to meet
the needs.

Now, tell me, do you think these nuances can be learned
from studying an ebook or two (or even from a high-priced
coaching program) – and trying out the concepts over a
year or two?

Can anyone gain expertise in this to the point they can
TEACH others how to do it right?

Did you say ‘No’?

You’re correct.

Yet every day I see HUNDREDS of ebooks, courses and even
higher priced programs sold that teach people how to
create infoproducts – ‘quickly and easily’.

Look, the CREATING part isn’t hard at all. It’s as easy
as falling off a log!

The difficult part is knowing WHAT TO CREATE – and WHY.

Those are things you’ll only find in the ‘best of breed’
courses… taught by the experienced specialists who have
done it themselves… for many, many years.

Those are things you’ll learn in the “Internet Infopreneur
SYSTEM” – and what you’ll pay for learning these secrets
is a tiny part of your potential profits that you’ll reap
by applying this powerful knowledge in your information

And because this course may be too expensive for those
who are just starting out, I distilled some of the most
important lessons in this (around 15% of them, but those
that are vital for a beginner, and that can prevent well
over 80% of the most common mistakes that will sabotage
your infopreneur success)… and I put them into a ‘short’
115-page ebook.

It’s called “Think, Write & Retire!”… you’ll find it here:

But no matter whether you buy either course, or not…

Learn to develop TWO KEY FACTORS of infopreneur success.

Then watch as your competition drops away – and you race
ahead to unmatched success in your information business.

All success


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