How To Make Your Client Remember Your Website Details…Forever!

Imagine you’re about to talk about your website at a networking meeting.

And twenty two people before you have stood up, said what they do, and sat down. So that no matter what you say–the rest of the group is never going to remember your website. Or could you? Could you actually make prospective clients remember your website ten, twenty, even a hundred days after you’ve spent just five minutes telling them what you do? Is it really possible to burn your website information in a customer’s brain?

It depends how you construct your message. To give you an example: I was listening to an international station on the radio, the other day. And the ads droned on. Till one ad made me sit up and take notice. I was really interested in the product. I sure did want to call the company, but I couldn’t write down the name or the phone number because I couldn’t find a pen.

Yet this company still got me to remember their details.

Got that first time? Insurance companies are stupid. Yeah. That’s not what I’m saying. That’s what the guy on the radio said. Then he proceeded to give example after example of how insurance companies penalise you over nothing.

He brought out the problem in all its glory. He told me how insurance companies punish you even when you don’t have an accident. How some of them penalise you for just reporting an accident, even if you make no claim. How they raise your premiums based on your credit ratings. Yeah, he went on and on with the problems you could face with insurance companies

Then he told me the name of his website

“Insurance companies are stupid. So go to and you’ll find what you need and how we can help you. And suddenly he’d painted such a great picture that I didn’t need a pen to write down his address. Or his contact details. He didn’t even have to repeat the ad.

I just remembered the picture.

El cuadro grande (or…the big picture)

Si, you already have a website. And it’s got some name you chose for it. And that name was based on your company. Or your brand. Or whatever. And your brand has no picture. None whatsoever. But hey, what if I painted a picture with nice bright colours. Imagine a company talking about Miss Muffet—who sat on a tuffet (whatever that is). Until a spider came and drove Miss Muffet away. The product: Miss Muffet’s Revenge: Long-term interior and exterior spider control spray.

Now, would you remember that picture? Sure you would. What I’m telling you to do is have a second domain name. A second domain that costs less than $10 a year. A second domain that enables you to paint a picture of your company when you’re speaking on the radio. Or if you’re at a client’s place. Or at a networking meeting.

So that when your prospect or client can’t remember your company name, or has misplaced your address and phone number; or can’t spell your website right (try spelling our domain at ‘’) you can paint a picture and drive them to the picture you’ve just painted.

Your client can remember pictures

Well, at least her brain can. And when she goes to the picture you’ve painted, she’s magically arrived at your website. How cool is that?

One last thing

You need to put a re-direct on your new domain name. This can be easily done if you know how to go to your domain name and put in a redirect. Or you can ask someone to help you out. This task of registering a vivid, picture like URL and re-directing the URL to your actual website, shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. No, I’m not kidding, it’s really that easy.
And voila, you have a website domain name that’s unforgettable.
Try forgetting

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