How to Get Important People to Notice You

I’ll assume that you’re interested in the various aspects of
Internet Marketing, including Affiliate (Associate) Programs,
or you wouldn’t be here … well, do you want to understand
how to figure out all of this stuff and get to the people who
have the best products and the best affiliate deals?

(And avoid the silly, nonsense deals that are a waste of time?)

You do? Then let’s see if it’s a load of ____ or not …

Lets’ go …

Can’t you just tell who’s pitching a deal and their only real
motivation is money? Their amateurish approach screams out …

“Beware! Beware!”

But – do you also notice the deals that seem to be ‘real?’

How to tell the difference?

Should you gamble on ‘unknowns’ or shoot for Big Players?

I’m glad you asked …

What I want you to think about now is how in the world can all
of the so-called gurus be right, when they seem to all say
different things and have different ways to reach your goals?

Isn’t that a little bit like one guru saying, “2+2=4” and
the next one saying, “2+2=5?”

What gives here?

Let’s find out …

Do you really think the Big Players got to be Big Players
over the years by ripping people off?

It’s a safe bet to nod your head “No” right there …

Do you really think they got to be where they are
because they just recycled the same ol’ people until the
people’s credit cards were maxxed out and they couldn’t
buy any more?

It’s also a safe bet to nod your head “No” right there …

Is there really some sort of conspiracy that eliminates
you before you get started … one that ignores and
disenfranchises you?

Yes – there is …


Yes …

Well … OK ­ but why?

Until you spend time with the Big Players, you’ll never
really understand them. Sorry … but that ‘s the truth.

Well, then … you ask, “How am I supposed to begin to
understand them?” I’m glad you asked …

To understand the ‘gurus’ get up out of your chair. Walk
down the hall. Go find the nearest mirror …

Look in it …

They all started in that mirror.

Do you really think they were born with an Internet silver
spoon? If so, lose that victim mentality of yours right now.

The gurus are just little guys who weren’t afraid to fail.

So don’t look at them like demi-gods who have the Midas touch …

As they say in Tennessee where I live, “It just ain’t so …”

If you ever acquire the skills to know how to begin right
relationships with the Big Players, you’ll see ‘you’ in them.

Do you like to be spammed to death every day?

Neither do they.

Take the number of spams you get and multiply it by 10.

You’re starting to get their picture.

Ever see the stars on Entertainment TV fighting with the
paparazzi? Getting the picture?

Imagine walking out in public at a live event, and you
cannot spend time with your other Big Player friends
you probably only get to see once or twice each year
because of all the little players who swarm you like
melting chocolate at an ant picnic.

Getting the picture yet?

OK – I won’t beat a dead horse here.

What do you do to overcome this?

I’m glad you asked…

Put in one sentence where everyone can understand it …

The Big Players all add value to each other. They know,
like, and trust each other. This developed over time …

How did they get to that point? They built wonderful
relationships over the years. They did not spam each
other with ridiculous emails telling each other that they
could be rich overnight and do zero work to get there.

They worked at it diligently. They were persistent.

If a campaign failed, they didn’t pack up their marbles
and sulk all the way home. They did not proclaim that
“All this Internet stuff doesn’t work.”

They learned their markets. They studied their niche. They
produced valuable products that will help you, too. They
kept on keepin’ on till they figured it out …

Do you?

Hey – why don’t you trust them?

Because some are frankly not trustworthy.

Sorry … that’s the truth.

What ­ now why do you say that? (Because it’s the truth …)

Hey ­ isn’t that the whole point in a relationship? Do you
always and immediately like everyone you meet? Do some
people have bad days? Are some people stuck-up? Some
arrogant? Do some people just ‘rub you the wrong way?’

OK – go back to the mirror …

The Big Players are you. If they were kind, gentle and helpful
before they gained notoriety, they probably still are.

If not … not …

But remember that they get bombed with every stupid, crazy,
unethical, goofball deal flopping around the Internet today.

Blame them for being a little testy at times? (Well … don’t …)

The Big Players are you … just further up the Internet path due
mainly to their persistence, diligence, and lack of fear to try
new things.

Be them … and you’ll understand them. Be them … and add
to their lives … and then they’ll notice you.

That great first contact is the beginning of the relationship.

Without it you don’t have a prayer.

With it, you have the Keys to the Kingdom.

Now ­ re-evaluate your own approaches and ideas, and get
yourself on the ‘right’ path … not the one most everyone
else travels. That path is noisy, overcrowded, and straining
at the seams. It’s a bit like trying to crowd interstate
traffic onto an old 2-lane backroad …

… whatever everyone else is doing … you do the opposite.

That’s what Jay Conrad Levinson teaches in Guerrilla Marketing.
Jay is one of my favorite contributors in FCS. You can learn
a lot from Jay. It’s also what Trout & Ries teach …

And they didn’t get where they are today by hawking silly deals
everyone else is beating to death at the same time.

So … be different … be a little crazy … marketing is not about
slamming your deal down innocent people’s throats and hoping
some sucker coughs up his or her credit card.

You’ll just get more refund requests.

It’s about relationships.

Over time.

Through relationships trust is earned. Trust is not a right.

It’s a privilege.

Are you earning the trust of the people you contact?

Which day do you think is the best day to begin?

Here’s one final thought …

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”

Carl Sagan

Best Wishes,

Chip Tarver

Author, “First Contact Secrets”

Copyright 2003 – 2020 Chip Tarver & FCS