How to Earn $19 a Month From Every Subscriber to
YOUR Newsletter!

Tips to help you make a profit from your expert e-zine.

I bet you would have never guessed it, but people are
bringing in huge profits by charging for subscriptions to
their newsletter! Here’s how…

Offering a free newsletter or ezine on your web site’s topic
of interest is one of the best ways to generate traffic to
your site and a build a reputation as an expert. But why
give something away when you can get paid for it? Print
publications charge a yearly subscription fee; why can’t you
do the same for your ezine?

You can–and it is possible for a paid-subscription ezine to
be extremely profitable. But with the Internet swamped with
free ezines on just about every topic imaginable, how do you
convince people to pay for yours?

Most ezine publishers are able to make enough money from
promoting affiliate programs and selling advertising in
their publication that charging subscribers seems silly.
They don’t want to limit their potential customers.

But done correctly, you can make more profit with fewer
subscribers with a paid subscription ezine. The key is
extremely valuable content. If something is really of value,
people will pay for it. To create extremely
valuable content you must:

– Become a complete expert on your topic and be able to
write original and exclusive articles for your ezine.

– Offer your subscribers information they cannot find
anywhere else.

– Network with others in your field to get ‘inside’
information first and be the first to tell your subscribers
about it. Speed can be a very valuable thing.

You may also consider offering payment for hot
tips/insider secrets/ideas to share with your subscribers. If
you show your subscribers you are investing for a
quality publication, it helps validate the subscription cost.

Another idea is to negotiate or joint venture with other
marketers to offer a product or service that your
subscribers would be interested in for a large discount (50%
off or above).

What seems to have worked the best for other successful paid
subscription ezines in the past? To start out as a free ezine and then later switch to a paid
subscription or start a premium (paid) version of it.

For example, Wayne Yeager started out with a free version of
his Trafficology newsletter (
last year. In which he offered over $1,300 each month in
cash for the best traffic generating ideas. After he built
his subscription base up to over 20,000 he released Super
Trafficology a paid newsletter that he includes the best
tips and tricks submitted. So far he has 325 subscribers
paying $20 a month. 325 x $20 = $6,500 monthly. A pretty
nice profit and more than he would have probably made
sticking in a few ads in the free version or promoting an
affiliate program paying 30%.

Monique Harris makes over $20,000 a month per month with
her paid newsletter. If fact she even wrote an ebook (along
with Terry Dean) on the subject called Paperless
Newsletters (

As you can see it is possible to charge your ezine
subscribers but you must go about it delicately and make
sure it is the right step for you to take. Will you be able
to create solid enough content to attract enough paying
subscribers? Would you make more money from 25,000
unpaid subscribers or 300 paying subscribers?

Wayne Ford is the owner of
where ANYONE can learn how to quickly and easily build a opt-in mailing list and milk it for everything it’s worth!
Subscribeto his free weekly Web Of Success Journal by sending a blank email to


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