How to Destroy Your Chances of Getting a JV Deal

There is an old saying: the right Joint Venture with the
right Joint Venture partner can send your profits into
the stratosphere, in a matter of days (sometimes overnight)!

Please don’t think that Joint Ventures are limited to the
online marketing world either! Many big business names like
Donald Trump, Tony Robbins, Bill Gates and Richard Branson
have used JVs to pull in millions and millions of dollars.

In my years of studying and perfecting the art of the Joint
Venture deal I have seen 1 mistake repeated over and over
again. This mistake has shut down Joint Ventures before the
deal even took place and have also served to kill any
possibility for a long term partnership.

So what is this Joint Venture deal-killing mistake? The #1
mistake in JV deals is failing to create a Joint Venture
plan from the very beginning.

Many newbies to the JV world take a “spray and pray” approach
to Joint Ventures. They blast out emails to just about
everyone they know, hoping and praying to land that one
extremely lucrative deal.

Sorry – JVs don’t work like that. The reason Joint Ventures
are so powerful is because they are all about the relationship
and a great relationship starts with a great plan and
great execution of that plan in order to reach maximum

With that said, the planning doesn’t take much effort.
Like the old saying goes, keep it simple and straightforward
and above all else, make sure you show your prospective
partners how it will be a win/win situation for all
involved (especially them).

When you create a joint venture plan and stick to it, you
leave yourself open to one thing and one thing only:
massive success!

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