How to Create the Ultimate Offer for Your Services

Unfortunately, your service IS resistible. Or at least it’s one that people can put off until later. How do we know that? Because if it weren’t resistable, your prospects would be standing in line to work with you.

So – how does an Offer differ from your Service. Shouldn’t you – as so many sales trainers teach – talk about the Features and the Benefits of your service?

An Offer is to your Service what a Frame is to a Masterpiece Painting. Imagine, the Mona Lisa rolled up in the corner of some abandoned warehouse. Only a true art connoisseur would know it may be an original. But place it in a worthy frame and hang it in a respected gallery and everyone admires it as incredibly valuable.

Or imagine the setting of a gemstone. You could take an incredible diamond and place it in a plastic “gold” setting, shrink wrap it in cellophane and stuff it into a Cracker Jack® box and it would likely be discarded. On the other hand, a manufactured stone in a Tiffany setting would be regarded as a prized possession.

So you see that the frame or the setting of your service is equally important if not more important than the service itself. Being the best just isn’t good enough if you don have any clients or patients to deliver your service to.

Here’s one example. I have a client named Frank. One of the things Frank teaches is how to match up hard money lenders with borrowers. He’s been able to make quite a bit of money and invest very little time.

He asked me one day to help him with an offer. At the time, he told people that he was teaching ‘How to Secure Hard Money Loans for Borrowers’. After finding out how easy this was to do and how little time it took, we determined that it was very defensible that Frank made more than $2,000 per hour in this area of his business and that it was clearly a part-time addition to his main work.

So we created the offer, ‘How I make $2,000 an Hour in my Spare Time in the Real Estate Business Without Buying or Selling a Single Property’. Isn’t that more compelling than proposing to teach someone the details of how to match hard money lenders with borrowers? Which of the two offers would you be most likely to respond to?

The Ultimate Profitable Offer promotes the outcome of your services – not what you put in. The amount of hours and energy that you put into providing your service is irrelevant to the price. Instead, base your price on what you are going to accomplish for your client.

Profit Exercise:

1. Identify your most successful recent client in terms of RESULTS from applying your service.

2. What would they NOT HAVE now had they not worked with you.

3. Your OFFER is that you keep others from missing out on the rewards listed in #2.

4. Talk about your RESULTS – not your processes as you move forward.

5. Adjust your communication and your pricing accordingly.

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