How Going Back to School Can Help Make Your Business More Successful

Education can be a valuable tool
for business owners, especially for those who want to further their career,
learn new skills, or improve the way they run their business.

Business professionals can
choose from a wide range of programs including business management, marketing,
accounting, human resource management, and finance. Most programs are offered
in a traditional classroom setting, online, or a combination of both, making it
much easier to accommodate the professional’s schedule and outside

Should You Go Back to


Making the decision to go back
to school isn’t an easy one. Time spent in the classroom can take the focus off
the business, not to mention the financial impact it can have with the rising
costs of tuition and education related expenses. Marv Dumon, a writer for,
recommends asking yourself the following questions when considering whether or
not to head back to business school:

       · How do I see myself
spending my professional time?
       · Is a degree a requirement
in my field to become successful?
     ·Are there other ways to
gain specific knowledge without going back to school?

Once you’re able to answer these
questions, your next step is choosing a program or course that can help you and
your business succeed. Do you plan on changing careers altogether, or just want
to add relevant skills to your repertoire? Does it make sense to obtain a
bachelor’s or master’s degree, or would it be more beneficial to take a few
courses at a local community college?

writer Joyce Rosenberg recommends not only
looking into traditional options like college or universities, but also trade
organizations and classes offered by chambers of commerce.

Adding New Skills


Just like technology changes
over time, so do the skills required to run a successful business. Even those
who already hold a degree may find it useful to further their education, to
fill gaps in their resume or take on new responsibilities. writer
Adam Toren recommends three lessons worth going back to school for: design,
search engine optimization, and web development. [Editor’s note: There are many
others in different disciplines.] The Internet has become an important part in
running a successful business, so learning new social media, web design, search
engine optimization, and content creation skills can be beneficial for
businesses with a presence on the Web. If you don’t already have a presence on
the Internet, adding these skills to your arsenal can help get you started.

In addition to adding new
skills, you’re also adding valuable industry connections by networking with
like-minded students and professionals. These are connections you can take with
you long after school has ended, opening the door to new business opportunities
and professional relationships.

Obtaining a Degree

As reported by Investopedia, the 2013 edition of the Graduate Management Admission Council’s MBA
Alumni Perspectives Survey reported that alumni who had gone back to obtain an
MBA in any program had reported a full return on their investment after just
four years.

not limited to an MBA or master’s degree, either. If you’ve never completed a
degree, starting with an associate or bachelor’s degree related to your field
could help you acquire the skills necessary to run a successful business.

of the areas you’ve struggled with and the courses you could take to enhance
and refine your skills. You don’t necessarily need to complete a degree if it
doesn’t help you in the long run. Enrolling in relevant courses at a community
college, or auditing a class you’ve already taken can be a good start.

The nature of business is always
changing, so it’s worth staying up to date and ahead of the curve. Successful
business owners are constantly refining their skills, challenging themselves,
and learning new areas of their industry.

Business owners unsure of where
to start can speak with a guidance counselor to discuss their motivation and

Brian Flax
is a freelance writer based out of the Washington, D.C., area. He is
experienced in a variety of topics including technology, Internet applications,
business degree careers.