Got Brand? Be Like Mike and Get One!

Who’d have thought 10 years ago that we could sit at home
on the computer, market our services, and make a living
from home? The Internet has opened up a wealth of
opportunity for entrepreneurs by instantly opening up the
market from local, to global.

But the challenge remains of how to create a relationship
with strangers, build trust, and make the sale. In this
day of SPAM and con men, we as business people need
to create a relationship to build trust for new customers.

So how do you move from being total stranger to becoming a
trusted friend and vendor? Enter the personal brand. Personal
branding is the secret weapon of savvy entrepreneurs today.
By letting people get to know who you are and what you believe
in, you can effortlessly attract customers. Branding isn’t
just for Fortune 100 companies. Smart entrepreneurs are
realizing that personal branding is the key to attracting
a steady stream of lifelong, loyal customers.

Why Branding Works

The magic of personal branding’s strength is because it’s
about attracting customers to you. When customers choose
you, it’s because they resonate with your beliefs. They
feel good about doing business with you. You become part
of their inner circle rather than just a business from
which they get a product or service. The truth is that
people like doing business with people they like. By
communicating who you are in a powerful way, it let’s
potential customers build a relationship and trust
with you.

Think about how celebrities use their personal image and
persona to attract fans. You don’t see Michael Jordan
peddling the street asking people to buy his t-shirts
and other Jordan gear. Michael Jordan fans are drawn
to him because of his charisma and his incredible talent.
That’s why kids want to be like Mike.

Secrets to a Powerful Personal Brand

For a brand to be effective, it’s got to be real. When you
try to be something you are not, people see right thru it.
That dishonesty creates an atmosphere of mistrust. To create
an authentic brand look at your passions, personality,
experience, and philosophies and determine what it is
about you that people like. By communicating who you are,
what you do, and what you stand in a powerful way, you’ll
create a magnetic personal brand.

Communicating your Personal Brand to the World

The strongest personal brands are created by people who
are passionate about what they do. What they believe in
becomes a natural part of everything they do. You can
see it in their face, it’s in their voice; it’s even in
the way they carry themselves. Take Dennis Rodman for
instance. His personal brand is about attitude and
freedom. He dresses in outrageous clothes and creates
a media frenzy just by being his “bad” self. So think
about your personal mission and your passions. Why is
it you do what you do? What makes you unique? Then
find a way to communicate that in your marketing messages.

There are so many ways to express your personal brand.
By bringing your “voice” and personality into the writing
of your web site, the wording of your brochures, and your
company slogan, you reinforce your personal uniqueness.
Create a “look” that is cohesive on your web site, your
business cards, and your stationary. Think of it as
personal packaging for the product of you.

Marketing materials are no place for skimping. If you
want to create an image of quality, dependability, and
business expertise, then spend some money to have graphics,
copywriting, and web site professionals to create your

Benefits of Branding

Entrepreneurs can use a personal brand to become the number
one most recognized expert in their field. This positions
you miles ahead of your competition. By emphasizing your
uniqueness, it also sets you apart in the minds of your
customers. Instead of becoming a favorite choice, you
become the only choice for your product or service.
Remember, “Coke is it”? You want to be the “it” for
which they will accept no substitute.

Personal branding is helps entrepreneurs to even the
playing field with the larger retailers. By creating a
powerful bond with customers, they entrepreneurs can deliver
a personal kind of service that retailers could never
dream of offering. And by making your customers deliriously
happy, you are creating enthusiastic brand evangelists
who will eagerly tell their friends, neighbors,
and associates how incredible you are to do business with.

So if you want to create a powerful edge for your business,
I suggest you get to the heart of who you are, package it,
and create a personal brand. It will create a powerful
asset to launch your business into a more profitable future. (c) Kristie T All rights reserved. Permission is granted to reproduce, copy or distribute Branding Magnetism if you copy the article and authors contact information in its entirety. Kristie Tamsevicius is the publisher of “Branding Magnetism,” here this article first apeared. She is the author of the new book, “I Love My Life.”