Getting Clients – How to Pull Clients To You

Small Businesses that get clients contacting and reaching out to them find major success. When clients call you it saves you a lot of effort, plus it allows you increase your pricing due to your demand. Nothing creates success like success. Let’s talk about how to PULL clients to you.


It’s likely that your business is not the only one that a certain client uses. For example, someone hiring a web designer may also need a content writer. Certain fields go hand in hand. Start a Rolodex and put together a network of partnerships to serve clients. They will be very grateful for the referral.

Spread the Wealth

You have a lot of knowledge about your niche. Take the time to give out free information that will prove helpful to current and future clients. Write a newsletter or ezine.

Be of Service

When people are looking for a solution to their problem, they want to know what you can do for them. Focus on service and don’t publicize your needs.

Be a Good Listener

Yes, this works for your business relationships just like it works for personal relationships. Be aware of what is happening with the client at the time of the project. Listen closely, because sometime people can’t communicate exactly what they need.

Call Them to Action

Getting potential clients to read marketing material is only half the battle. You need to get them to contact you. Be clear about what you want potential clients to do. Give them a “call to action.” Make sure your “call to action” is visible on every page of marketing material.

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