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Shel Horowitz and his eighth book

Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green

were featured on this billboard

in New York’s Times Square.


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How to Flip Marketing on its Head: Five “Marketing Heresies” to Build a Business

Author/Copywriter Shel Horowitz Named One of “The World’s Top Marketers”

Prominent Media From CNNMoney to Woman’s Day Rely on Horowitz’s Frugal Fun and Frugal Marketing Expertise

German Business Owner Uses Shel’s Marketing Methods to Make A Million Dollars with ZERO Advertising Expenditure

Grassroots Marketing a Finalist for Book of The Year Award

Korean Edition of Marketing Without Megabucks Goes Into 2nd Printing

Horowitz: Effective Marketing is Like a 4-Legged Table

Author’s Firm Takes Over Low-Cost Marketing Book From Simon & Schuster


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