Four Reasons Mobile Websites Help with Author Promotion

In today’s world, we tend to be more connected than ever before, thanks to the dawn of mobile websites. From Internet browsing to video conferencing, a strong majority of today’s Web users tend to interact virtually through their smart phones. For the publishing industry, which once enjoyed income revenue from those who cherished a good book on a lazy day, it has meant a complete revolution in operations.

If you are an author – either in print or online – there are four good arguments in favor of having a mobile website presence.

#1 – A Continual Social Presence
A mobile website quickly turns into easy author promotion when you’re connected to potential readers wherever they’re at. Individuals check in on their favorite sites everywhere from bus stops to medical waiting rooms, and having your website jive with their smart phones will keep you relevant. Display upcoming book signings on a virtual event calendar, keep your blog updated or even ask readers to vote on upcoming articles or book jacket art. Mobile author promotion cannot begin until you’re accessible from handheld universe.

#2 – Stay Competitive
Lee Anderson, the Vice President of Technology for Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Agency (SBPRA) likes to consider the “3 Ms” when it comes to mobile websites for authors – Mobile Makes Money. With book formats like Kindle so popular in today’s marketplace, every author should offer purchasing e-book options. As recently reported by the Consumer Electronics Association, over 25% of site visits now come from smart phones and mobile tablets. Can you afford to risk 25% of your potential sales due to a lack of online book availability? Maintaining a healthy social presence and promoting your work is fruitless if you hinder people from making purchases.

#3 – Get Ahead
In an economy where bookstores are failing and people have fuller calendars than ever before, it’s important to show you’re adaptable both as an author and businessperson. In June of 2012, Gold Web Traffic reported, “While, for now, there are only about 5% current online businesses that have mobile compatible websites, getting ahead of your competitors is the most compelling reason why you should develop mobile compatible websites for your businesses.”
While authors undoubtedly must write well and produce quality, the business side of authorship now comes with heftier demands. Articles, eBooks and previews of upcoming work must be instantly accessible and easy to find in order to survive the current marketplace.

#4 – Enjoy Life With a Mobile Website
Despite typical aspirations of fame and popularity, you will truly enjoy the business of book making more once you are mobile. Your writing will reach new demographics – everyone from a tween relaxing with their parent’s iPad to a CEO looking for something new to read on a corporate flight. The Internet gives you such a deeper reach when it comes to potential readers, as you literally prepare an international debut for yourself. Still not tempted? Keep in mind that a mobile Web presence is also fun – you can quickly respond to questions, interact smartly with those who already purchase your work and even find inspiration for future projects as you participate in mobile communities.

Finally, mobile author promotion is simpler. You can edit your site wherever you’re at and enjoy instant revisions. You’ll find time for the things that originally mattered to you – quality writing and more income to enjoy other aspects of life.

About Paul:
Paul is a freelance writer based in California and is interested in Smith Publicity. He has a passion for helping readers find inspiration for new ideas via the Internet, and is especially interested in helping with author promotion.