Fire… Ready… Aim

Starting a web business correctly is one thing, but what
if you already have a business established and you’re not
seeing the results you had hoped for?

All is not lost. With a little work, you can turn your
business around. Here’s a step-by-step method for reversing
misfortune and beginning your journey down the road to marketing Mecca.


Finding keywords that generate quality traffic for your
product/service will be the first and foremost step for your
web makeover.

You can do this yourself but if you don’t know what you’re
doing — or just don’t have the time to do this research —
you’re better off contracting for this service.

For the do-it-yourself crowd, Wordtracker
is the best tool for the job. Start with a broad search
term for your product, like “Skiing”, and narrow it down.
“Water skiing”; “Snow skiing”; “Snow ski’s”; “Ski gloves”;
“Ski goggles” etc. Get the picture? Use Wordtracker to your
advantage by finding as many keywords as you can that
pertain, or are related to your product, that receive a fair
amount of searches performed on them.

Google those keywords!

This is important. Start plugging the keyword list you now
have into Google. This will reveal your competition. Make a
note of the “Results” numbers that will appear at the top
right of the page. Don’t worry if it’s a big number, many of
the pages indexed by Google are from the same sites. If it’s
a HUGE number it may be difficult to rank high but, you
should have a big keyword list to work from so it’ll be
fine 🙂

Visit the sites listed on Google’s first 2 or 3 SERP’s
(Search Engine Results Pages). Make some notes of what you
like and what you don’t like. Do NOT copy anything word
for word though — you’re just looking to get ideas to
improve your Website performance.

There’s a pretty cool tool from the Search Guild that helps
tell how difficult it will be to rank on the first page of
Google for your keywords. It’s not a perfect tool but it can
help you decide whether to keep or throw out some of your
“borderline” keywords.
(Note: You’ll need a free API Key from Google.)

Rewrite and add

The first two steps of your research will take some time,
but it will be well worth it. You will have found terrific
keywords for your business plus you’ll come up with some
novel and innovative ideas by looking at competitors sites.

It’s time to rewrite your old content pages using your newly
found keywords. This can be difficult because you don’t want
it to sound too stiff or forced. Keep working at it and soon
you’ll establish your own unique flow.

Aim for 8% to 15% keyword saturation. Now this isn’t a hard
and fast rule but it’s a good one to follow in order to have
enough visibility for your keywords, but not so much that
the search engines see it as spam. Here’s a wonderful
(free) tool I use to check keyword density…

Make sure to create new web pages for your Website using
the keywords you’ve discovered. Use these keywords in your
URL’s too. The search engines love this…

Incorporate the new keywords into your page title and header

< title.> New Keyword < /title.>

< h1.> New Keyword < /h1.>

(Note: The period < .> and the extra space is used so the
examples can be seen by everyone. Different email clients
may render the tags invisible.)

Test and Track

Now it’s time to take out a Google Adwords campaign for your
new landing pages. This is where the real fun begins. With
Adwords you can have a campaign running in as little as 3

If you get a high percentage of orders in relationship to
the hits you receive, keep the campaign going until you reach
page 1 on Google. If you don’t get a good CR (Conversion
Rate), stop the campaign and make some changes or start a
different Adwords campaign using one of your other new
landing pages.

As you add more keywords and landing pages to your Website
continue to run new Adwords campaigns. You can get in and
out of Adwords quickly so you will know quickly what works
and what doesn’t without wasting a fortune.

Keep on keepin’ on

Don’t stop adding to your site. Use those keywords to your
advantage. Some will be losers but more importantly, some
will be winners. Start with some of the less competitive
keywords and gradually move up the list. The more you do,
the more ideas you’ll get. The more you work it, the more
successful you’ll become.

Mark A. Ungvarsky has been in sales and marketing for over 25 years. Being ordinary will net you the ordinary results. Maybe it’s time to be extraordinary. Need help? A change? If getting started or doing better is your desire, contact Mark to discover your potential.